Chemtrails Over Perth, Western Australia

By Abi W. (Name withheld), Perth, Australia, May 20, 2013.
Here are photos I took on May the 14th, 2013 from Perth, Western 
Australia. They show an aerosol dispersing over time. 
I noticed later the intersecting one near the horizon. 
This is East of the city, over the hills.
 I came to know about chemtrails after contracting Lyme Disease
this time last year, then I stumbled upon information 
regarding Morgellons, which led me into the hellish realm of 
Geoengineering and weaponized diseases.
My world as I thought it was, has been destroyed and being a 
passionate lover of our planet, I have been devastated. 

Since becoming aware, I have seen milky skies with chembows and 
chemtrails more often, particularly recently. Since we don't 
get  the grid formations over the city, I believe they spray 
West over the ocean and East, inland depending on the wind, 
so it carries the aerosols over the city. 
I have a contact in Pingelly in the wheatbelt, who says they 
spray a lot of aerosols there and she has seen the planes 
actually laying the trails. We have had a lot of 
drought too. 
Here in Perth last year there was huge excitement when a large 
trail was lit up at sunset over the ocean. They said it was 
a meteor or a contrail. I actually saw the plane leave it and 
watched it persist and widen for ages. 
It was certainly not a condensation trail.

I heard about the drought in your North Island and have read 
that the Christchurch earthquake could have been induced 
using a techtonic weapon, such as HAARP. 
I thought you Kiwis must be getting chemtrailed and did a 
Google search; unfortunately I was right. I have family 
from and in New Zealand and it so very sad to see this 
crime being committed in such a beautiful country.
I am becoming more active in raising awareness here.

Good luck and keep safe!

imageimage (1)image (2)image (3)
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