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Brisbane, Australia hits coldest temperature in 103 years

Chris McMahon, Sharnee Rawson  July 12, 2014 The Courier-Mail If you are lucky enough to be reading this from the comfort of your blankets, it might be best to stay there, as Brisbane has hit its coldest temperatures in 103 … Continue reading

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“Global Warming:” Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded

by Eric Worrall | Temperature was 11.9F degrees lower than normal Antarctica continues to defy the global warming script, with a report from Meteo France, that June this year was the coldest Antarctic June ever recorded, at the French … Continue reading

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US Government Caught Fabricating Data On Global Warming

From Mike Adams, the editor of Natural News in the latest newsletter. Dear NaturalNews readers, As an environmentalist, I get really concerned about pollution, heavy metals emissions and toxic chemicals sprayed on our food. But I get even more frustrated when the … Continue reading

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Pentagon wrestles with bogus climate warnings as funds shifted to green agenda Ten years ago, the Pentagon paid for a climate study that put forth many scary scenarios. Consultants told the military that, by now, California would be flooded by inland seas, The Hague would be unlivable, polar ice would be … Continue reading

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Look At Climate Change A Showcase for Globalist Propaganda in New TV Series, ‘Years of Living Dangerously’

By Clare Swinney, 13th April, 2014. Actor Harrison Ford, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Conservation International, a foundation funded by the globalist’s Rockefeller Foundation,  came out as  a climate change fearmonger who meant business in 2008, a … Continue reading

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Waking Up Dargaville Farmers To The Likely Cause of Their 2014 Drought

On April the 2nd, the Northern Advocate quoted Nathan Guy, Primary Industries Minister, who has advised that Northlanders were to expect more dry spells owing to climate change.  As is to be expected, the corrupt mainstream media failed to refer … Continue reading

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UK Ministry Of Truth: Crackdown Ordered On Climate Change Skeptics

Ben Webster  April 3, 2014 Sourced from Ministers who question the majority view among scientists about climate change should “shut up” and instead repeat the Government line on the issue, according to MPs. The BBC should also give … Continue reading

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Profiting from Climate Change

March 31, 2014 by Common Dreams by Gary Olson A recent Bloomberg View (2/24/14) headline reads, “Profit From Global Warming or Get Left Behind.” In his new book, WINDFALL (New York: Penguin, 2014), veteran journalist McKenzie Funk traveled the globe … Continue reading

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The Sage of Quay Interview with Clare Swinney of Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch, March 29

Here’s an interview, recorded on Saturday, March the 29th, 2014 between well-informed activist, Mike Williams of the U.S.,  ‘The Sage of Quay’, with myself,  Clare Swinney, who runs the Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch website.   The topics covered included the use … Continue reading

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MUST HEAR: James Corbett on the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report

All anti-aerosol/geo-engineering activists should watch this brilliant report from James Corbett  on the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report.  Please take the time to listen to the entire report and understand that it is this particular global body that is aiming to … Continue reading

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