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Look At Climate Change A Showcase for Globalist Propaganda in New TV Series, ‘Years of Living Dangerously’

By Clare Swinney, 13th April, 2014. Actor Harrison Ford, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Conservation International, a foundation funded by the globalist’s Rockefeller Foundation,  came out as  a climate change fearmonger who meant business in 2008, a … Continue reading

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Agenda 21 News: If Feds Take Your Cattle & Property, YOU Become Cattle  April 10, 2014 The US Government is using environmentalism to confuse the public and the Left/Right paradigm to divide the public so they can enslave us in an Agenda 21 future where we have no property and no rights. … Continue reading

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Planners trained by the CIA?

Northern Age,   April 10, 2014. Far North-based Labour list MP Shane Jones is beginning to wonder if the North’s planners were trained by the CIA. “It’s a fair question, given their propensity for assassinating opportunities for economic growth,” he said. … Continue reading

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Waking Up Dargaville Farmers To The Likely Cause of Their 2014 Drought

On April the 2nd, the Northern Advocate quoted Nathan Guy, Primary Industries Minister, who has advised that Northlanders were to expect more dry spells owing to climate change.  As is to be expected, the corrupt mainstream media failed to refer … Continue reading

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The Sage of Quay Interview with Clare Swinney of Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch, March 29

Here’s an interview, recorded on Saturday, March the 29th, 2014 between well-informed activist, Mike Williams of the U.S.,  ‘The Sage of Quay’, with myself,  Clare Swinney, who runs the Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch website.   The topics covered included the use … Continue reading

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Summit To Be Held in Paris in 2015 “To Avert Ever More Floods, Droughts”

OtagoDailyTimes, Feb. 24, 2014. Small volcanic eruptions help explain a hiatus in global warming this century by dimming sunlight and offsetting a rise in emissions of heat-trapping gases to record highs, according to a new study. Eruptions of at least … Continue reading

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Flashback: Australia snubs global climate talks, as Greg Hunt stays home to repeal carbon tax

Is this, in part, a reason why parts of Australia have been subjected to severe drought conditions using weather modification technology?  To help to convince the public that there is “climate change” and they need to pay carbon taxes?, … Continue reading

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Flooding: Somerset Levels disaster is being driven by EU policy   By Christopher Booker, Feb 8, 2014. EU directives actually require certain plains to become flooded Aerial view of the flooded village of Moorland in Somerset Photo: JAMES DADZITIS/ It was obviously somewhat reckless of Lord (Chris) Smith to visit the … Continue reading

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Geoengineering: Atlanta Storm Leon – Origin of Nika

WeatherWar101, Published on 5 Feb 2014

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The fatcat ecocrats exposed: Web of ‘green’ politicians, tycoons & power brokers who help each other benefit from billions raised on your bills,  14 December 2013. David Rose Four of nine-person Climate Change Committee, official watchdog that dictates green energy policy, are, or were until recently, being paid by firms that benefit from committee decisions Other industries would stand accused of damning … Continue reading

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