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Unearthly-Looking Clouds Over Nelson At Sunset on April 21

As the sun was setting in Nelson, New Zealand on Monday, April the 21st, 2014, the following photos were taken by Louisa Young, who posted them on Chemtrails over NZ on  They are in unusual shapes for clouds, particularly … Continue reading

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Fibers Photographed Falling From Sky In Golden Bay on Easter Monday

By Sarah Hornibrooke of Golden Bay, New Zealand. This is a cropped photo which shows fibres and colour in cloud I witnessed this Easter Monday at 12.12pm from Golden Bay, New Zealand.  The fibers only became visible against the sun, … Continue reading

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Unwitting Public Brainwashed During TV One Weather Report Of 21 March, 2014?

At the end of the weather report on TV One‘s 6pm news on Friday, March the 21st,  weather presenter, Karen Olsen stood cheerfully in front of a photo of uniform rows of ominous-looking clouds sent in by Robin Thomas of … Continue reading

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Bizarre Rippled Clouds Over Riverton At Sunset

This photo of a Riverton sunset was sent to us by regular contributor, Wayne Muntz.  It was posted on Facebook on March the 13th, 2014.

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Chemtrails In Grid Pattern & More In Satellite Imagery for March 17

Here are unnatural cloud formations seen in the satellite imagery over New Zealand and adjacent areas from Terra and Aqua, for March 17, 2014.   There are aerosol trails/ chemtrails, what appear to be circular indentations, holes and more to be … Continue reading

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Strange Cloud Formations Over New Zealand On March 15, Day Cyclone Lusi Over NZ

The following satellite images come from for March the 15th, 2014, the day cyclone Lusi moved over the North Island of New Zealand. As can be seen, there are a variety of odd formations of a kind we’ve seen … Continue reading

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Cyclone Lusi’s Arrival Coincides With Massive Aerosol Operation Over Parts Of New Zealand

On March the 14th, the day Cyclone Lusi was to first make its presence felt, there were reports from around New Zealand of aerosol spraying taking place and a massive amount of aerosol material being seen. While we had clouds … Continue reading

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Video: Was The Christchurch Flood of March 4th-5th A Man-Made Disaster?

This film examines evidence which suggests the flood in Christchurch, New Zealand of March 4th-5th, 2014 was a man-made disaster. The ability to create floods has been known about for at least 6 decades. The BBC and the UK Guardian … Continue reading

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Unnatural Weather Events Evident In Satellite Image for 3 March, 2014

Rain was forecast for much of New Zealand today, including parts of Northland, where it rained briefly on at least three occasions in Whangarei, but did not amount to much volume-wise again. This satellite imagery, taken yesterday shows there were … Continue reading

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A Straight Edge On A Cloud

This striking footage, shot in Louisiana in June, 2011, shows a straight edge on a cloud.   It would be interesting to know how the mainstream meteorological community could describe how this formed using their restricted knowledge of the electrical processes at work … Continue reading

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