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Nano-Robots That Compute With DNA Installed Into Living Cockroach

Source from Douglas Main April 9, 2014 Scientists have inserted DNA-based nanobots into a living cockroach, which are able to perform logical operations. Researchers say the nanobots could eventually be able to carry out complex programs, to diagnose … Continue reading

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RadioNZ TED Talk Next Sunday, April 13: Do We Need Humans?

RadioNZ Coming up 4:06 pm Sunday 13 April: Do We Need Humans? A fascinating look at what it means to be human in the age of robots. In this episode, four TED speakers consider the promises and perils of our … Continue reading

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BBC Flashback: Air pollution stops rain

Above: Image showing aerosols taken from TV One news story, which aired on March the 8th, 2014 regarding the Waikato drought. BBC  10 March, 2000.  By BBC News Online’s Damian Carrington Urban and industrial air pollution can stop rain and … Continue reading

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WeatherWar101: Sofia Smallstorm on Red Ice Radio On Use of Nexrad Radar Stations To Produce Storms

Published on 28 Mar 2014, WeatherWar101. Sofia Smallstorm remains the only genuine individual (of note) that I’ve encountered in this field… to date. As remarkable as that sounds, facts are facts. There’s an extremely easy way to illustrate that reality… … Continue reading

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Myth of the HAARP Ring – Nexrad Radar In Centre of Man-Made Storms in US Related: WeatherWar101: Sofia Smallstorm on Red Ice Radio, 3/19/14      

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DARPA’s New Biotech Division Wants To Create A Transhuman Future

George Dvorsky April 3, 2014 The Pentagon’s advanced research wing has announced its latest budget — and whoa, does DARPA ever have some ambitious plans for the future. Their new Biotech unit will be harnessing biology for national security, … Continue reading

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High Strangeness: Wingless Craft over Whangaparaoa Projecting An Image of A Plane?

By Mazza Pratt, [real name known, but withheld on request]. Your talk of wingless aircraft was of interest to me, as I believe that I have a photo of a wingless aircraft projecting an image of a commercial jet on … Continue reading

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Triangular Craft Spraying Aerosols Over Texas

Sunday, March 30, 2014.  Advanced technology.

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Chemtrails In Grid Pattern & More In Satellite Imagery for March 17

Here are unnatural cloud formations seen in the satellite imagery over New Zealand and adjacent areas from Terra and Aqua, for March 17, 2014.   There are aerosol trails/ chemtrails, what appear to be circular indentations, holes and more to be … Continue reading

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The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing & Much More

March 15, 2014 by Dave Hodges The Malaysian airplane is not missing.  It is exactly where somebody has designed it to be. Also, with regard to the 80,000 Russian troops poised to invade Ukraine and with NATO moving forces into … Continue reading

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