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Commercial Applications of Electromagnetic Climate Change Measures Confirm Military Agenda

ChemtrailsPlanet, Originally posted on June 25, 2014. Aquiess, Inc. uses powerful electromagnetic (EM) transmissions (radio waves) to “benevolently” steer huge reservoirs of atmospheric waters to force gentle rain in arid regions. But this same technology in the hands of a … Continue reading

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Clifford Carnicom’s Documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes’ Re-edited

Published on 26th May 2014, Carnicom Institute A philanthropic edit of the original documentary “Aerosol Crimes” by Clifford E Carnicom. Visit the Carnicom Institute at

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Timaru Rainwater Found To Contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium

Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are voicing their concerns about the aluminium, barium and strontium contaminating their environment in assocation with the issue commonly referred to as “chemtrails.”   While “chemtrails” have typically been portrayed by the mainstream media and politicians … Continue reading

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Aluminium, Barium & Strontium In Hamilton Rainwater Collected in March & April 2014.

Thank-you very much to Tom MacRae.  He collected two rainwater samples in Hamilton, New Zealand in March and April, 2014 and sent them to Hill Laboratories for testing for the three elements being found globally in association with sightings of aerosol … Continue reading

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America Is Being Conquered Through the Corporate Control of Water

April 25, 2014, The Common Sense Show Millions of children under five die every year due to toxic germ-infest unsafe drinking water. This mean that almost four babies a minute die from a lack of water according to UN-Water’s estimations. In the … Continue reading

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Massive Aerosol Operation in UK: Remember the 8th of September, 2012

Published on 19 April, 2014 by mercifully101 “Remember, Remember, the 8th of September” (2012) This shows 50 chemtrail videos all shot on the same day. A “Shock and Awe” attack up and down the country on what was reported to … Continue reading

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The Climate Engineering “Lump” No Longer Fits Under The Rug

More: Related: Can Geoengineering Save The World? Correction: Chemtrails, an “Exotic Weapon” is Not Geoengineering for Global Warming

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Sage of Quay Radio – Dane Wigington and the Global Geoengineering Crisis

Published on 16th April, 2014. Host Mike Williams interviews Dane Wigington. This show officially airs at 8pm EST on April 22, 2014 on the Pyramid One Network:…

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More airplanes needed for weather modification in Indonesia: BPPT

ANTARA News  March 26 2014 Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Agency of Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) required at least 15 airplane to optimally implement the weather modification technology across Indonesia, an official said here on Wednesday. “We now … Continue reading

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Many Aerosol Trails West of North Island For April 1

The following images are screen shots taken from the Aqua satellite image for April the 1st, 2014.  They show numerous conspicuous aerosol trails sprayed to the west of the North Island ahead of rain clouds over the Tasman sea. When … Continue reading

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