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Eyewitness Report: Aerosol Spraying Seen Occurring Over A Populated Area In The Bay of Islands Twice In January

Michael Kriz, a 59-year old ex-US military veteran, who has studied the issue of chemtrails for some time, said he saw a “silver” plane, that “was not a commercial aircraft,” spraying an aerosol over a populated area on January the … Continue reading

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Geo-engineering: Chemtrail Poisoning of The People – A Shocking Compilation

The following compilation of material is from a forwarded e-mail. Hello, I am a Nevada artist, a business owner and a veteran. I am deeply concerned with what I see happening to America. I present this information on what are … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Over Lower Hutt In November 2009

Jade Tuckwell took these photos of chemtrails in Lower Hutt, which is a city in the Wellington region of New Zealand, on Tuesday, the 17th of November, 2009,  at about 9.20 am and 9.25 am.

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Caller To NewstalkZB Talks About Chemtrails – Says The Government Owes The Public An Explanation

On Monday night, shortly after 8.30pm,  a middle-aged man named Grant phoned NewstalkZB to bring up some  concerns he had about the rarely-mentioned topic of chemtrails with talk show host, Kerre Woodham, and was on air for approximately five minutes. … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Are Real

For Part 2 click on:

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Chemtrails Expert, Rosalind Peterson Talks To Alex Jones,

This interview, from the 9th of April, 2009,  is well worth listening to, as Rosalind Peterson, who operates  California Skywatch,  is exceptionally well informed on the complicated issue of chemtrails. She talks to Alex Jones of, who is also … Continue reading

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Cloud-Splitting Chemtrail Seen Over Whangarei on the 11th of January

Colin Edwards of Parua Bay e-mailed this interesting photo for posting on the website on the 21st of January.  He wrote: ‘Thought you might be interested in the attached photo which is obviously a chemtrail. It was taken at about … Continue reading

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Uncensored Editor, Jon Eisen: We’ve Got to Wake People Up To Chemtrailing Before It’s Too Late

Jon Eisen, the editor of  Uncensored magazine, which frequently publishes information related to chemtrailing,  is asking for suggestions on how we can get New Zealand authorities to acknowledge that it is taking place. Eisen, who resides in Auckland where chemtrailing … Continue reading

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Air Force Pilot Admits Spraying

WillThomas People continue to become ill as high levels of chemicals show up in random testing of soil and water supplies, after witnesses photograph KC-135s and KC-10s outfitted with what appears to be a “spraying device.” The circular device is obviously … Continue reading

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Chemtrailing In Petone, New Zealand Caught On Video

This video footage was shot in March, 2006 from Petone, Wellington.

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