Chemtrail Spraying In Whangarei In The New Year

Jim Reece

To watch a short film regarding the aluminium that was found in Whangarei rainwater, link here.  To watch films about the  evidence that shows weather modification technology – otherwise known as “geo-engineering,”  is being used to induce drought conditions in Whangarei  click on the link here.

To watch a short film about weather warfare link here. And to learn more about weather modification technology link here.


There have been reports of chemtrailing taking place in Whangarei, both on New Year’s day and on the 2nd of January.  Chemtrails are aerosols, sprayed from devices on aircraft which leave distinctive trails, quite different from condensation trails, although they are often mistaken for the latter.  It is believed such spraying has been used for a variety of purposes, including weather modification and population reduction, [1, 2, 3].

Chemtrails have been studied extensively in the US, [1],  where they have been found to contain a variety of  chemicals, as well as live biological materials, [1,2, 3].  Research by Clifford Carnicom supports a likelihood of increased barium precipitates in rain water collected in areas where chemtrail spraying has recently occurred.

Posted below are photographs that were taken on the 2nd of January.  The first one was taken approximately 4-5 minutes after the plane flew over Woodhill, in Whangarei.  The second one was taken about 15 minutes after it had flown past. They show the same chemtrail.  The plane, which was heading in roughly a north-westerly direction, was described as being white and flew at “high speed” across the sky at about 8.45 am.   Trails were also seen on the 2nd of January at Maunu in Whangarei.

A former pilot, Geoff McColl of Parua Bay, who saw the plane emitting the aerosol on the 2nd of January said:  “What I saw coming out was far too low to be a vapour trail. I guess it was at about 4,000 feet.  The trail was coming out in puffs, as you’d expect if a piston pump was being used.”  McColl was certain that it was not a condensation trail, which are smooth and even.

Notably, the chemtrail overhead at Woodhill seemed to be being sprayed over a residential area.  The spray trail clearly stopped at the Western Hills reserve, suggesting that it was intended for a populated area.

There is a report from a reliable source that a trail was left in the same place, at the same time on New Year’s day also.  A plane flew overhead at 8.45am today, the 3rd of January, seemingly on the same flight path, and it did not leave a visible trail this time.  It did not look like a commercial aircraft. It seemed to be painted white or light grey.

To learn more about chemtrails, listen to this radio broadcast with Dr Bill Deagle of January the 5th, 2010 at the link here.

There is a short news clip from the US about them here, and  this 5 minutes-long YouTube clip here compares contrails and chemtrails, plus there is a chemtrails’ data page at the link here.

Photo taken on 2nd of January, about 4-5 minutes after plane had emitted the aerosol. The plane flew over Woodhill at 8.45am. 

It is quite different from the condensation trail from a plane.  It stays in the air for extended periods and exhibits different properties to the clouds.

This photo was taken about 15 minutes after the first photo. It shows the same trail. Note the trail tapers off in the bottom of the photo-this was above where the Western Hills reserve begins. 

The same chemtrail shown in pictures one and two. Note the ‘fingers’ of substance(s) coming down from the main body of the trail.

It is easy to discern where the chemtrail and the cloud meet 

The same chemtrail seen drifting towards the city centre

The Western Hills Reserve is in the background. Although it is not shown in the picture, the line of spray stopped above this reserve. You can see how it tapers off in the second photo. The plane flew over the hill, in a direction parallel with Kirikiri Rd. 

By 10.30am what looked like another chemtrail drifted across the sky. (See below).

At 10.30 am, what looked like another trail drifted across the Woodhill sky. 


[2] Chemtrails – Delivery System For Dept. Of Death’s Toxic Cocktails

[3] William Thomas on Working TV,  A Lecture entitled ‘What’s Wrong With Our Skies?’


New Hollywood Film Covers Chemtrails: See the ‘Toxic Skies’ Trailer. It is Closer to the Truth Than Most People Realise

Toxic Barium In Chemtrails – What it means

Why Is Aluminium In The Whangarei Rainwater?

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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17 Responses to Chemtrail Spraying In Whangarei In The New Year

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  2. ZRow says:

    Wow, those are some gorgeous photos.
    One of the best series I’ve seen

  3. Michael Kriz says:

    spraying all morning over bay of islands

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  5. Shane Kanara says:

    we need to find out who is doing this to us and stop this operation.

    This is deliberate sabotage of our climate and health

    Thank You to whoever put a poster up at countdown, otherwise i would never have realised.
    I have been an avid follower of the NWO and their antics in America but I never dreamed that it would happen in our country, silly me.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Shane,
      A friend and I noticed our lungs felt quite clogged up today. I wonder if this clogging of the lungs with these particulates will make us more susceptible to flu viruses?
      The nano-sized particles cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain damage. And with one of the particulates being aluminium, I bet you there are a lot of people who are suffering from short-term memory loss, who do not realise why.
      I took a photo yesterday of the particulates in the atmosphere as it seemed to be as thick as pea soup. How ironic that there is so much anti-smoking who-ha, yet this “geo-engineering” aka genocidal engineering, is permitted to go ahead full steam.

  6. james says:

    Thought you maybe interested to know that wellington has had extensive chemtrailing for the last 2 days now. They are exactly like the photos above and I observe them carefully. Have been aware of them for a few years now but this is the most extensive I seen. Beautiful orange sunset to follow and before that the sun was so so bright through the cloud which I suspect was laden with aluminum and barium.
    Is there a blog I could join?

    Cheers James

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi james, Sorry you have been inundated with aerosols.
      You could post material at the – there is a chemtrails thread there. Also, I understand the mysteriousnewzealand site has a chemtrails’ interest.
      You are welcome to e-mail your photos to us for posting if you want, – and a report on what is going on there.

  7. Sadie Styx says:

    ….you have got to be sh!tting me.

    I went to the Saturday morning grower’s markets here in Whangarei the other week, and saw a poster saying simply: THE DROUGHT IS MANMADE: GOOGLE WHANGAREI + CHEMTRAILS.
    So…I did. Just now.

    Seriously??? What the hell is this!! I thought chlorine and fluoridation in our water was bad enough – but purposefully poisoning the air? And it’s not even a byproduct (e.g. car fumes)…I am going to go crawl into a corner and have a paranoid breakdown.

    Incidentally…might this be a harbinger of ‘bottled air’? ( )

  8. Shane says:

    even people that i thought would never notice have been, the clouds and sparse rain patterns.

    I even pointed out the grey haze close to the sun in front of a lot of the sheep, in the hope they would squeeze an iota of caring out of their latte’s but to no avail.

    Wake up you stupid people.

    i think we should organise somewhere where we can meet and come up with ideas about what to do about this.

    Ideas people

  9. Clare Swinney says:

    Putting up posters is a good way to wake people up. It doesn’t take long and it’s cheap – cheap and effective.

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  12. Sharee says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job keep it up!

  13. Sharee says:

    Hi. I have been investigating chemtrails, weather modification, etc. for quite a few months now and have amassed a huge amount of data. I would like to join and assist your organisation. Please email me details.

  14. levy says:

    Actual saw a plane going into a cloud over Whangarei , and when it came out it had turn on the chem trail trying to hide it my guess.Wish i had filmed it, lasted about more than an hour, turned into a huge misty cloud. Im surprised people don’t even notice…..?

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