Audio: Dr Bill Deagle Talks To Dane Wigington About “Aerosol Armageddon”

Dr Bill Deagle

For those who missed it, Dr Bill Deagle of, spoke with Dane Wigington and Dr Mike Castle during the third hour of his show on the 5th of January, about the aerosol spraying activity – also known as chemtrailing, that is taking place around the globe in the name of  “geo-engineering,” and the massive damage it is causing to the environment.

Dane Wigington, who has a background in solar power, having worked on the construction of one the first commercial solar electric facilities in the United States in the early 1980s, has investigated the diminished solar charge capacities that have resulted as a  consequence of the persistent aerosols in Shasta County, California.  He has also investigated the impact the toxins in the aerosols are having upon ecosystems in Shasta County, and talks about the changes that have been observed in water quality, the change to the pH in the forests and the significant decline in some animal numbers that have been observed, plus more.

Download the hour-long program in MP3 format at the link here, or listen to it via YouTube in the 4 parts below.

For more information go to

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Documentary About Chemtrails: Sky Lines

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4 Responses to Audio: Dr Bill Deagle Talks To Dane Wigington About “Aerosol Armageddon”

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  2. Ray Lindsey says:

    I’m from Athens, Tennessee and we have seen this down here every day. We have seen different forms of clouds and they spray differently all the time. I did not find out about this until 8 months ago. This woman in Maryville, Tennessee showed me your documentary. I did not believe it until i saw your documentary but now i do. But I have noticed over the years about the planes looking odd and the weather changing. I have told some people about this but they do not believe in this, but I work outside all the time every day and see this all the time. Some people I work with outside have seen this too and they want to know why they are doing this. When it’s real cloudy after they are spraying, it sounds like the planes are even lower. Some planes look like you can take a rock and throw it and hit them and the clouds look like 3-D also. There is something that needs to be done about all of this. Is there some way to let the people know on TV on all stations? The people need to know what the government and geoengineering is doing to us. I know it might cost a lot to do this ask people for donations that know about this to get this all started. Thank-you. God have mercy on our souls.

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  4. Ray Lindsey says:

    I was in florida last week at Clearwater and the skies were clear until the planes started going across the sky and it looked like a big ball of cotton. it just sits there not moving. the president is talking about meeting a budget at a certain time how much does it cost to put each plane in the sky to spray these chemicals? Does it cost a million dollars when they have hundreds of planes spraying each day? they need to stop and think about that kind of budjet instead of taking peoples jobs and tax money and throwing it away. the government and president are bankrupting us all and we and our kids have to suffer from this. it is time for the people to take back what’s rightfully theirs and their rights. if they don’t we are looking towards a bad depression and there will be a nation wide war in the united states. it is going to be all the governments fault. it is time for people to make a stand before its too late.

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