Strange Cloud Formations On The Day Of An Aerosol Operation In Whangarei

Clare Swinney

On the same day as the aerosol operation in Whangarei, of the 15th of February, there was what could best be described as an unnatural-looking meteorological display that developed in the evening.   Strange cloud formations formed in the sky above Whangarei. I had never seen anything like it before.   There are some photos of these, which were taken  at about 9 pm, at the links to Photobucket posted below.

1. Cloud that has distinct parallel lines in it, that seem to cut through the cloud.

2. Parallel Lines of Clouds Floating in the night sky

3. Parallel Lines and Choppy Waves in cloud.

For those interested in looking at more strange-looking clouds, check out the YouTube video at this link at Scott Stevens’ site,  Stevens  is an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, began investigating the claims of Lt. Col Tom Bearden, that North America was being subjected to full-time weather modification. During the course of that personal investigation, he discovered the primary reason for the now global chemtrail phenomena.

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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4 Responses to Strange Cloud Formations On The Day Of An Aerosol Operation In Whangarei

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  3. I see the exact same type of bizarre chloud formations where i live in coastal california

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