Photos of Chemtrails In Golden Bay In January & February 2010

This is from Oliver M.  of Golden Bay, who sent a letter and photos that arrived on the 18th of February, 2010.

Oliver wrote: “Got heavy chemtrails Xmas day. Activity every 3-4 day intervals.  I’m starting to collect rainwater samples. have to get a pH kit. I…am starting to inform the people, the best website I’ve found is  Hope pics are helpful.”

He continues: “Bit of an ominous situation with pH soil levels rising…” [Oliver is referring to the information in the interview at this link, with Dr Bill Deagle and Dane Wigington of the 5th of January, 2010, during which Wigington says the pH in forests is no longer acidic in an area of California he has studied, it is neutral].

“…A bigger faster jet has just arrived on the skyline…” he concluded.

It certainly does seem rather ominous, particularly given what is known to be found on the ground after these aerosols are sprayed.

Oliver sent these photos below of what are clearly aerosol trails, not condensation trails.  He advises that this first one shown was taken in February, 2010.

These following three photos are of the same aerosol trails and taken on January the 25th, 2010.  He used close up shots of the same two trails, that he took at the back of Port Tarakohe. “Note heavy puffs falling off main plume,” Oliver wrote.  Thanks Oliver.

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