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Flashback: Chemtrails Health Effects worrying to Arapawa’s Goat Lady, Betty Rowe

Chemtrails Special Interview April 2005 Interview by John and Melody Anderson Arapawa Island, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand In 1969, Walt and Betty Rowe sold up their lifetime’s possessions and left their dream home in Richboro, Pennsylvania to bring their young … Continue reading

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White Haze Over Whangarei Seen From Parahaki – Is That Due To Aerosol Particulates?

Those who have read previous posts may be aware that huge amounts of highly-reflective aerosol material has been introduced into the Whangarei sky over the last few weeks.    Two nights ago this first picture was taken from Parahaki and … Continue reading

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Stunning Research Shows High Potential for DNA Damage from Nanoparticles

Nano-sized particles of Aluminium oxide are used in  aerosols that are being pumped into the atmosphere in the name of “geo-engineering.” (NaturalNews) Nanoparticles may be able to damage the DNA of cells without ever coming into contact with it, according … Continue reading

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Auckland heading for driest quarter in more than 50 years Auckland is headed for the driest three months since records began more than 50 years ago. Companies supplying tank water to rural areas around the city say the past few weeks have been the busiest they can remember.

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Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info Talks About Drought, Chemtrails & Weather Modification

End the electrical intervention – end the Western drought. It truly is that simple, writes award-winning TV weatherman Scott Stevens on his website, Weatherwars.Info.  This YouTube video presents an excerpt of an interview Stevens had with Kerry Cassidy of Project … Continue reading

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Chemtrails At Dusk In Whangarei

This photo was taken not long before 8pm from Woodhill on March the 27th and indicates weather modification technology is still being employed.  To learn about what this/these kinds of chemtrail(s)  could be used for go to the informative and … Continue reading

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Flashback: Obama’s Plan To “Geo-Engineer” The Planet Mirrors CFR Policy Documents

Radical terraforming programs come from elite Internationalists // // // Steve Watson Thursday, April 9, 2009 The Obama administration’s announcement that it is to consider radical planetary “geo-engineering”, such as “shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect … Continue reading

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Minister of Health, Tony Ryall States He Is Advised Chemicals Are Not Used To Influence The Weather or Control The Population

Don’t worry, chemtrails are just another baseless conspiracy theory according to the Minister of Health, in spite of the fact it has been mentioned on many official websites that aerosols will be used to influence the weather, and it has … Continue reading

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Eyewitness Chemtrail Report: Stratford Is Getting Hit Hard Today

Writes Steve of Stratford in an e-mail he sent today:  “Wow! Getting hammered here today‏.  I got some beautiful shots – two planes heading straight for each other, with an x to the side.” The photos are below. The first … Continue reading

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Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Finally Explained: Too Many Chemicals

David Gutierrez  Natural News Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 A combination of toxic chemicals and pathogens are probably to blame for colony collapse disorder in honeybees, according to a study conducted by researchers at Washington State University. Researchers conducted careful studies … Continue reading

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