Bank of Aerosol Material & Aerosols Seen Being Sprayed Twice From North Whananaki On the 21 March

By Clare Swinney

Above: Photo from Kauri, shot in morning of the 21st of March. Spot the aerosol.

On Sunday morning there was a large amount of aerosol material seen floating in the sky from Whangarei again.  This seems to be becoming the norm, rather than the exception.  A friend and I decided to drive in the direction it appeared to be coming from.  This took us to north Whananaki, from where we witnessed aerosols being sprayed from what we assumed were two aircraft into the sky at about 1.25pm over the sea.

It appeared cloaking technology was used to conceal the planes, for while the two trails were clearly visible, no form of aircraft was.

We watched how these two aerosol trails transformed over half-an-hour period, and sank down into the massive body of material below.  See the pictures below.  The first six photos show the first aerosol we saw appearing.  Unfortunately, the memory card in my camera became full when the second one appeared.  It appeared within minutes of the first aerosol and I witnessed the second trail being sprayed in what seemed to be the same flight path as the first plane had gone, almost suggesting they were mixing the aerosols in the air.

This first picture shows where the aerosol was seen.  Blow the first picture up by clicking on it.  The aerosol trail can be seen near the middle of the photo.  Also, note that at the bottom of the picture, there appears to be a large body of aerosol material, of a slightly orangey colour.   The aerosols we saw developed into this color and the material we saw being sprayed, sank towards this body of material.

Here are a series of pictures of the first aerosol being sprayed, blown up below, followed by what the trails looked like shortly afterwards:

This photo below shows how the two trails, that ran in parallel, expanding.

This photo below was taken at about 1.55 pm, about half -an-hour after the two trails had been sprayed.   They had expanded hugely and were sinking into the large body of what-looked-like aerosol material below.


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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