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Aerosols Seen Being Sprayed & Man-made Clouds Over Whangarei on the 30th of April

Here are a few photos of what was seen between  about 9 am and 10.35 am.  The sky was fairly clear at around 9am, but started filling up with man-made material as the morning developed. The first three show a … Continue reading

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Chemtrails In Hamilton

Miyuki, a reader from Hamilton, sent the two photos below and this message: “I have just found your website and it is great to know there are people out there who has got the awareness.  Please see the attached photos, … Continue reading

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World’s most comprehensive nanoparticle system launched

By Doubleclique HANNOVER, Germany, and CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Thursday 22 April 2010 ‐ Izon Science today launched the Variable Pressure Module (VPM) for its qNano and qViro instrument range. The extended capabilities now provide Izon with the world’s most comprehensive … Continue reading

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Aerosol Seen Being Sprayed From Fourth Ave In Whangarei On April 29th

At about 8.50 am, an aircraft spraying a bright-white aerosol was seen from Fourth Ave, which is in the suburb of Woodhill, Whangarei.  It appeared to being sprayed in the Abbey Caves Rd area.   The aerosol, which is shown in … Continue reading

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Reader Reports Seeing Cloud That Looks Like One Described As “Trimethylaluminum” Overseas

A reliable Whangarei reader has reported seeing a cloud comprised of very bright material approximately 2 weeks ago and said that it looked very much like this shown in this photo: Refer:

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New: ‘Chemtrails Over NZ’ On Facebook

A new group has been started on Facebook for New Zealanders to register their sighting of chemtrails.  It is called Chemtrails over NZ.  Go and join up. Say NO to CHEMTRAILS. SAVE OUR BLUE SKIES.

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Chemtrail Report From A Reader In Tikipunga

A reader in Tikipunga has reported seeing two straight chemtrails which stayed in the sky for at least 45 minutes this morning. She did not have a camera with her, but is going to start carrying one with her from … Continue reading

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TV1 Reported Whangarei Was Sunny All Day When It was Cloudy All Day

The weather report on TV1’s  6.00 o’clock news on Wednesday got it wrong by claiming that Whangarei had been sunny all day.  Perhaps it would have been if  the sky had not been covered with what looked like man-made chemcloud … Continue reading

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Electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the brain: An insider speaks out

‘What does this have to do with chemtrails?,’ some may be asking themselves.   As researcher Clifford Carnicom has pointed out, the atmosphere of the planet has been turned into a plasma.  Plasma is an ionized gas. It’s electrically neutral over … Continue reading

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Rain In A Substantial Quantity In Whangarei Township In April At Last!

Good news! It rained a little in Whangarei township during the very windy early hours of the 27th of April, and then it rained in substantial quantities throughout much of the day today. It was a significant change from the … Continue reading

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