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Whangarei Sky Loaded Up With Man-Made Material On May 31

The Whangarei sky was again loaded up with man-made clouds.   These pictures were taken in the early afternoon. See the pink and green in the cloud matter below?  According to Weatherwars.Info the colours are refractions of barium and aluminium, the … Continue reading

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Wave Formations Over Whangarei On Friday May 28

These photos were taken on Friday afternoon on May the 28th, 2010, from Woodhill in Whangarei.  I  saw man-made cloud material bearing distinctive wave formations and an oily-looking man-made cloud in which smaller waves and the colour pink could clearly … Continue reading

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Infowarrior Alex Jones Making A Eugenics Film, About Chemtrails

Alex Jones, the filmmaker and radio show host of, who made Endgame, Terrorstorm, Fall of The Republic and The Obama Deception, amongst a number of other ground-breaking documentaries, announced on his radio show today that he has been quietly … Continue reading

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Message From A Reader About Chemtrails Over Nelson On May 20

Will Ryan sent this message on the 28th of May:  “Attached are some pics I took during the last major chemtrail attack over Nelson on the 20th of May. Couldn’t take pics of all the trails, but there were heaps … Continue reading

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The Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic Warfare

Imagine the future – a strange new weapon is detonated high over a large city. There is no explosion, no visible destruction, but everything electronic within the range of this weapon will go out … permanently. Every electronic gadget in … Continue reading

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Aluminium Aerosol Chemtrails Poisoning Life. Scientific Proof

This YouTube film, made in the US,  includes interviews with Frances Mangels and Dane Wigington. 

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Peter Vereecke: Lodge Complaints With The Police About Chemtrails

This is from Peter Vereecke of Belgium and came via e-mail on the 27th of  May, 2010. Important international investigation ! On 17th August 2009, I lodged a complaint with examining magistrate Jean-Claude Claeys of Gent, Belgium, against “the intentional … Continue reading

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Message From Peter Vereecke To Chemtrail Fighters

Dear fellow chemtrail-fighters, This is my last communication before our international symposium [in Belgium] takes off For almost nostalgic reasons I insert for the last time the video-clips : For those amongst you who can’t be present I … Continue reading

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NEW TRAILER: “What in the World are They Spraying?” Chemtrail/geo-engineering documentary

World renowned author and political activist G. Edward Griffin in partnership with Michael J. Murphy and Paul Wittenberger is producing an in-depth chemtrail/geo-engineering documentary.  The film covers test results from around the world that reveal shocking evidence that these programs … Continue reading

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David Keith On Spraying Aluminium Into the Atmosphere

For those who missed it, this is a MUST HEAR!  In this short YouTube clip, David Keith, one of the top geo-engineers, talks about spraying aluminium into the atmosphere. Spraying aluminium is “cheap,” says Keith.  But what about the risks? … Continue reading

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