Chemtrail Chemicals Confirmed: Barium & Aluminium Found in Whangarei Rainwater

By Clare Swinney


The smell of chemicals, the presence of chemtrails, aerosol material seen being sprayed from aircraft, distinctive wave patterns in clouds, man-made clouds, persistently cloudy skies without rain, plus the advent of strangely light rain, now seem to be the norm in Whangarei, while last year, they were virtually unknown to the region.  Yet in spite of this drastic change to the environment, the drought and seemingly obvious evidence of weather manipulation,  many still find it hard to believe that this form of secret warfare could be in play.   If it not on TV, then they don’t believe it could be happening.

Thankfully, it will now be more difficult for these Doubting Thomas’s to put their heads in the sand, as a test on rainwater collected in Whangarei in April, has proven that we do have chemtrail chemicals linked to drought-inducing weather modification technology right here in our skies.

On the 16th of April, shortly after making a short film with Jim Reece, which is at YouTube titled ‘Forecast – Toxic Rain Expected in Northland, NZ: Chemtrails & The Technology Of Death,’ rainwater was collected in Whangarei in order to establish if chemtrail chemicals were in the air – in particular, barium and aluminium, which have been linked to drought-inducing weather modification technology overseas. 

Barium, which is an immune-system suppressant, is a soft silvery metallic alkaline earth metal and it should not be found in rainwater, period.  It is believed to being pumped into the atmosphere in aerosols sprayed from aircraft around the world, where it is being used for a variety of stealth warfare purposes in a silent war that is being waged against humanity.

A big clue regarding barium’s uses comes from Bernard Eastlund’s patent for  HAARP. HAARP is a transmitter which can be used for a variety of functions, including heating the ionosphere.  It has the ability to direct a steerable electromagnetic beam at the upper atmosphere and effect rainfall patterns in a particular region and notably, the patent calls for large clouds of barium to be released into the atmosphere.

As well as barium, there is strong evidence to show that the massive aerosol operations that are going on around the world, include the spraying of aluminium.  Disturbingly, this is being found to have a devastating impact on eco-systems.  In an area of Shasta County in California, where a lot of research has been conducted into the impact of these aerosols, it has been established that aluminium is altering the pH of the soil from acidic to neutral and causing the trees to die.  Thus, Whangarei rainwater was tested for the presence of aluminium also.

In addition, I opted to test for boron and arsenic, as these, amongst other toxins,  have been found in high levels in Australian rainwater where chemtrailing is occurring.

R J Hill Laboratories Ltd did the testing.  It is accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand and the prices are reasonable. For example, it was only about $15  (including GST) to test for aluminium.

On the advice of Carole Rodgers-Carroll of  Hill Laboratories, I acquired a Pump water bottle, which holds 750 ml, to send the sample to the lab in, as she said these bottles are relatively free of contaminants.

Collecting 750ml rainwater was not a straightforward task, because rainfall has been uncharacteristically patchy this year.   I started collecting rain on April the 16th – a day during which it only rained a little.  After it appeared to have finished raining that day, and I had tipped the water into the bottle,  I noticed the rainwater had bright-white particles floating in it, of the same brightness seen in aerosols seen being sprayed in the region.

Rain was collected on three other days and the bottled filled on April the 27th – a day during which it rained quite heavily for some time.

Photo: Bright-white particles seen in Whangarei rainwater.

I secured the top of the bottle with tape and sent it via track and trace mail to Hill’s lab on the 27th.   When it arrived on the 30th of April, I phoned the lab and asked for confirmation that the tape was secure and that the contents was as I had seen it.  Carole Rodgers-Carroll did so and has  stated on the report that tape was applied and intact to the lid of the container when it arrived.

The results, which were reported on May the 5th, were as follows:

As you can see, barium was present, so too aluminium and boron.  As mentioned, barium should not be in rainwater at all and  it mentions on the WHO website that: “Boron is not present in the atmosphere at significant levels (Sprague, 1972). Because borates exhibit low volatility, boron would not be expected to be present as a vapour in the atmosphere to any significant degree.”

In light of the fact that aluminium is being found around the world in association with these aerosol operations, many of which have been witnessed in this area, it is fair to assume that at least a significant proportion of the aluminium that was found, originated from aerosols.

To conclude, this provides yet more evidence to show that weather modification technology is being used in this region. Barium and aluminium are hallmarks of chemtrail operations worldwide.

I encourage others to get the rainwater in their areas tested. The more evidence there is to show a criminal operation is taking place without our consent, the easier it will be to draw the public’s attention to it.


Chemtrails – Barium, Aluminum, Titanium Confirmed in Rainwater.

New World Order Poisoning Rainwater (Australia)

About Clare Swinney

Committed to awakening those still asleep. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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13 Responses to Chemtrail Chemicals Confirmed: Barium & Aluminium Found in Whangarei Rainwater

  1. nosferatudj says:

    great blog you have got going on here… keep up the great work.


    the NWO elites fear the people it is only a matter of time before everyone wakes up and takes back control of the world…

    we have been living to long in the shadows being pushed around getting told what to do and how to act and what to say..
    it is time to stand up and say NO MORE!.

  2. Sandy collins says:

    I live in US inTN and the skies where I live are always full of these things.My trees are dying and the grass is on its way out also.There are different types of weeds takeing over and i wonder if these are more suited to the soil with the aluminum.
    I had a bad experience thhe last time I cut the grass I had a very hard time breathing and for 4 days after my heart was skipping contiuously.I don’t know?
    I did notice looking through old photos the difference in the skies.They were a bueatiful darker blue and no trails in the sky.Also watch old movies and old shows like the old Waltons and there are no trails and the skies are clearer.Have you noticed this?

  3. LittleNeko says:

    I compared the rainwater aluminium concentration with the drinking water standard. The reported Al concentration was 0.058 g/m3 = 0.058 mg/L. The drinking water standard, Al concentration guideline was 0.1 mg/L. So the reported rainwater is still below the drinking water guideline threshold, relatively safe in terms of Al concentration only.

    Drinking Water Standard NZ site:

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks for your comment LittleNeko. What is important to consider, whether the rainwater that day was safe to drink according to the drinking water standards of NZ or other matters?
      A few points to consider:
      1) Compare the properties of non-nano-tech aluminium and nano-tech. Find out if the drinking water standard relates to non-nano-tech or nano-fabricated aluminium or both. The reason being is that evidence indicates nanotech aluminium is being put into the atmosphere, not the customary form.

      At the American Advancement of Science Meeting in February 2010, Professor David Keith, who is regarded as a top geo-engineer spoke about the advantages of spraying nano-fabricated aluminium into the atmosphere. Refer: 1 mins 33 seconds into this clip of Keith on this matter.

      Also please refer:

      Quote: “…nanotechnology has never been proven to be safe for humans or for the environment…” Learn more:

      2) Another point to consider that is far more important than whether the rainwater was safe to drink that day according to the drinking water standard, is the accumulation factor. After all, aluminium is highly toxic to plants and environment as a whole. While it might be ‘safe’ to drink a glass of water containing 0.053g/m3 of Al, what will happen to an area that is rained upon for 20 years with varying concentrations of Al and other toxins, such as barium and strontium, which are being found in rainwater also.
      Surface water from the rain evaporates and leaves the aluminium and other constituents of aerosols behind.
      Interestingly, snow sampled at Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta, a pristine area, which is well away from industry, tested for aluminium at 61,000 ug/L or 61 times the maximum contaminate level (MCL) for aluminium in drinking water for the State of California.

      Plus, “after only 1-½ years of exposure to the atmosphere, a Shasta County pond (rubber lined) tested for aluminum at 375,000 ug/l or 375 times the MCL. This came as a surprise to the property owner because the pond tested “0” for aluminum when it was first filled and is in a “filtered location” (forested hilltop away from highway or industry). When a hydro-geologist was shown the tests, he stated, “unless you live near an Alcoa Aluminum plant, there is no way these types of metals (barium has also been detected) should be showing up in your pond or rainwater samples, in any quantity.” The Pit River sample tested at 4,610,000 ug/L, which is 4,610 times the MCL.
      Aluminum and barium are considered highly toxic to humans, animals and plants. The accumulation factor of these metals should not be discounted. To ignore them, we do so at our own peril.

      More at following link: Refer:

      What will happen to our ability to grow food?
      Quote: “Aluminum toxicity in acidic soils limits crop production in as much as half the world’s arable land, mostly in developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America.” Please refer:

      The primary reason I reported on the chemicals in the water is that it lent support to the theory that aerosols associated with geo-engineering were being put into atmosphere.

      eg. United States Patent 5,003,186, Chang , et al., March 26, 1991 for ‘Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming’ mentions that Al be put into the atmosphere. Refer:

      • LittleNeko says:

        Thank you Clare for very detailed info. I will look into the links. I am a student studying environmental engineering at Auckland University. So at the end of the day, we would need an environmental monitoring of both rainwater quality (Al, Ba) and accumulated concentrations of Al and Ba in our soil and water-bodies, especially within NZ boundary. This Whangarei sample test was the first and only actual test I could find in NZ.

      • It is a shame that that is the only report you could find.
        There is an account at MysteriousNZ, regarding finding Al and Ba in fibers that appeared on Arapawa Island. Read what happened on this small island, which was sprayed heavily with aerosols. The test results are here:

  4. Demetrius Skortou says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder if you have been aware/interested in unmarked aircraft/helicopters (mentioned below), which are being used as spy planes to eavesdrop on personal mobile phone conversations & the Internet?

    These noisy unmarked aircraft/helicopters have become a nucsance and a huge environmental problem to many residents around our estate & other areas where these unmarked planes are flying, like; Forest Hill Vauxhall & Westminster.

    I have just put in a Freedom of Information request to the MOD to try and find out who first authorised these planers to fly so low around our estate and who exactly is funding all the different costs, for these aircraft?

    It seems to me, no one in authority, has the tenacity or courage to investigate why these commercial passenger type planes, which are being used as spy/surveillance aircraft, have been flying around in circles for nearly 10 years now.

    The usual replies I get is to write & complain to the CAA/NATS & MOD. However, has I have continuously pointed out….until I’m blue in the face, these aircraft belong to the military, and are therefore not the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Authority nor the National Air Traffic System…….including the Ministry Of Defence, who have been deliberately ignoring my E-Mails!

    It seems that these aircraft, which just have these bogus flags on their tail fins, (see Telegraph article & other E-mails attached below, I have sent to various individuals) I have been pointing out for years, are not commercal passenger aircraft, going into land at Heathrow, they are being used as surveillance/spy aircraft….why?

    No one in authority, is either aware of this, or they just don’t bother trying to find out why so many residents are constantly being woken up 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, by these huge low flying aircraft, that begin flying from 6:00am until 11:00pm at night, that’s 18 hours every day…………..365 days a year, around Tabard Gardens Estate, London, SE1!

    I could perfectly understand if these aircraft were genuine passenger type aircraft going into land at Heathrow or Stanstead/Gatwick….but, their not, theses are surveillance/spy planes that have been coming from Farnborough Airbase.

    I have just written again to Southwark Council, The Surveillance Commissioner & Simon Hughes MP for Southwark/Bermondsey about this problem, for more times than I can remember………….However, I am not holding my breath!!!!!!

    The Telegraph article below, however, only mentions the 3 aircraft that a police officer would admit to, each costing £3 million pounds to buy, including the overall operating costs to the British Tax payers which have never been made public.

    What the Telegraph article fails to mention is all the other unmarked aircraft/helicopters (mentioned above) that I have been writing/complaining about for nearly 10 years now!

    I have just written, once more to Simon Hughes MP, to try and get a proper investigation/enquiry into this matter, underway…….chance, would be a fine thing though…wouldn’t you agree?

    Yours Sincerely,

    Demetrius Skortou

    Dear Mr Miliband,

    So, the government want to give even more powers to the security services to spy on anyone they like, how convenient. Terrorism has been a gift, to the intelligence services. The new laws, rules & regulations, have allowed these faceless people to intrude into all our personal lives, and the government doesn’t have to confirm nor deny whether someone is under surveillance either.

    The established order of this country don’t really care about acts of terrorism, if they did, the government would not allow so many people to pass through our border controls, so easy! Consider the E-Mail & the Telegraph article below. For 9 years I have sent over 300 e-mails to every newspaper, relevant government dept, Prime Ministers offices, Home Secretaries (that didn’t seem to last long every time I wrote to them about these mysterious unmarked aircraft) Southwark Council, Valerie Shawcross MP, James Cleverly (who sits on the London assembly) Liberty, HACAN – Clear Skies, CAA, NATS, Simon Hughes MP for Southwark/Bermondsey and the MOD.

    I have come up against a brick wall of silence over this matter. It seems no one in authority or the press & media are the least bit interested in these commercial passenger type aircraft, that are actually being used as surveillance aircraft.

    These unmarked aircraft/helicopters have been flying constantly around our estate of Tabard Gardens, SE1 for at least 9 years now, causing so much unnecessary levels of noise & pollution, from 6:00am until 11:00pm at night……….why?

    Yours Sincerely,

    Demetrius Skortou


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m not sure whether this E-mail will interest you. However, after reading an article of a white unmarked jet flying over New York on 9/11.

    I thought you may be interested in the article I sent below to our Local Police Authority, at the London Mayors Office at Tower Bridge, South London. The residents of a South London apartment block have had to endure the constant noise/pollution flights of these unmarked commercial passenger type aircraft, that have been flying around our estate, for nearly 9 years now. The British government have been keeping a tight lip about all of this.

    The question is, why would the intelligence services use unmarked passenger jets to just fly around in circles, for 18 hours a day? And why was their a similar white unmarked passenger jet, circling around New York City, the same day that both Twin Towers, were destroyed…by Al-Qaeda?

    Yours Sincerely,

    Demetrius Skortou

    The Metropolitan Police has secret spy planes capable of eavesdropping on mobile phone calls from the sky. The existence of the fleet of planes – each costing at least £3 million to purchase and hundreds of thousands more to operate – has never been publicly disclosed.

    The police have being using the planes since at least 1997. The disclosure of the spending, which is not detailed in official accounts, comes as the police face 20 per cent cuts in their budget, creating fears that hundreds of support staff will lose their jobs and the number of officers reduced. Despite the cuts the Met’s secret fixed wing aircraft fleet is still flying regular sorties over London from a base at Farnborough airfield, in Hampshire.

    The planes have apparently been fitted with secret surveillance equipment capable of intercepting mobile phone calls or eavesdropping on conversations. They are understood to be similar to surveillance planes available to MI5 which have been used in anti-terrorism operations and were used to help West Midlands Police track suspects connected to a plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier.

    One of the planes is a Cessna F04, which can carry up to 14 passengers or be fitted with specially integrated patrol mission packs. We have been asked not to disclose full details of the aircraft on security grounds. The twin engine craft are operated separately from the Met’s Air Support Unit which has three helicopters and flies hundreds of hours a month in support of police operations around the capital at a cost of £3 million a year.

    Last week a Metropolitan Police spokesman refused to discuss its use of the fixed wing aircraft but insisted it has gone through a “full” procurement process. However members of the Metropolitan Police Authority, which scrutinises the force’s spending said they had never been told of the existence of the aircraft. According to Civil Aviation Authority records, the aircraft is registered to a firm called Nor Leasing.

    There is no trace of the firm on any other official record and its business address registered with the CAA is actually a branch of Mail Boxes Etc, which offers a virtual office services and mail forwarding, in Surbiton, south-west London. Another Cessna was also previously registered to Nor Leasing at the same address and at another service address in Kensington, west London. In 1997 one of the original individuals listed as “trading as” Nor Leasing was John Carnt who at the time was a senior Metropolitan Police detective.

    Superintendent Carnt was the then head of the Serious and Economic Crime Group, which was set up to combat major fraud, money laundering and art and antiques thefts. The pattern of hidden spending is believed to have been established by Tony Williams, a former assistant finance director at Scotland Yard, who established a secret web of companies for use in specialist undercover operations. But Mr Williams also used the same techniques to steal millions of pounds from the force to set himself up as a bogus Scottish “laird”. Williams was accused of stealing more than £4 million from Scotland Yard. He was jailed for seven years in 1995.

    Metropolitan Police Authority member James Cleverly last night said he was totally unaware that the Met had any fixed wing aircraft.

    Mr Cleverly, who also sits on the authority’s counter terrorism and protective services committee, which examines the force’s covert work, said: “This is not something that I have been made aware of or have had the opportunity to scrutinise. “In the light of the tight financial situation we are facing and the cuts being imposed on the police service it is imperative that we examine any assets that could be construed as a ‘luxury’.

    “I would expect full disclosure of details of this to the MPA to enable us to examine whether it represents good value for money for the police service.”

    Mark Demery
    Head of External Relations
    020 7983 5769 07973 191 635
    Visit the London Assembly

    Follow us on Twitter: @LondonAssembly

    Follow us on Facebook: London Assembly


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have written to the London Mayors Office, the Prime Minister & many other institutions/organisations, about these large & smaller unmarked aircraft/helicopters, that have been flying low, around in circles, over our estate, from 6:30 until 11:00pm at night, for nearly 9 years now.

    All I have encountered, is a government wall of silence, over this matter. How can these huge commercial type aircraft (which are obviously being used has spy/surveillance aircraft) be allowed to constantly wake local residents up, every day, for nearly 9 years? Exactly, how much has this really cost the British tax payers?

    According to a recent Telegraph article regarding these mysterious unmarked aircraft, the Met would only admit to just 3 aircraft, that they have been flying around London since, 1997. However, I have counted over 20 different types of unmarked aircraft/helicopters, including 4 main commercial type passenger aircraft, that have been used since 1997. they are; 2 x 727’s, 737, & a 747 passenger type planes.

    These particular aircraft are flying low over Tabard Gardens & toward London’s Heathrow Airport. However, these unmarked aircraft are not flying to Heathrow or any other airport, all they are doing, is just going around in circles, over our estate, for 18 hours a day. How in gods name can this be justified? Who is paying for all these aircraft to just fly around in circles, for 18 hours a day? I am not getting any answers, from any of you in authority.

    Who, within this government, gave authorisation for these noisy/polluting planes to fly around our estate, constantly waking up local residents, every day, including every weekend? With all the cutbacks, the Met Police are going to be facing (simply, because the Government/EU eventually want a smaller European type police force) massive cuts in their budget. How, therefore, can the government/intelligence services, justify this kind of lavish spending on these types of aircraft. Or, is it, that an American military organisation are mostly funding these costly surveillance procedures, that a local resident told me only the other day?

    I am writing to everyone in the media. I will not stop until I get some answers, from all of you within the government. I know the security forces have to protect our citizens from possible terrorist activities. However, can’t they just be satisfied with using just a couple of helicopters, packed with their eavesdropping equipment? Why are the intelligence services using these huge commercial type passenger aircraft, that are so noisy as well as create so much more unnecessary levels of pollution, over our estate? This is totally bizarre! Because of the unusual nature of this situation, we at Tabard Gardens

    Estate Community Residents, demand a proper public enquiry into this matter, for the first time in nearly 9 years, come April.

    I am also sure, the British people/taxpayers will & eventually get to know, exactly how much these hugely expensive, aircraft are costing & who in government, authorised all of this.

    Local residents, are sick to the back teeth of being woken up at early hours of the mornings, by these huge unmarked aircraft. All of this has become intolerable, to all the residents of Tabard Gardens. We will eventually be sending a letter, to her Majesty the Queen and the whole of the media. Quite frankly, the residents of Tabard have had enough.

    If these aircraft were genuine commercial type passenger aircraft, going into Heathrow, then we would just have to put up with it all. But, these unmarked planes (that are not even registered with the CAA nor The NATS) are not commercial aircraft…….they are spy planes!

    I will await your earliest reply,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Demetrius Skortou

    • Could these be training pilots? Every plane could be a spy plane. Short wave radio may pick up some information. I would have thought these planes get in the way of normal flights. Why don’t you photograph one of them? Are you sure about your facts?

  5. Pingback: Blue Skies Are A Rarity In The Land Of The Sun | The American Musket

  6. iain carstairs says:

    I live in Bedford, UK, a very heavily chemtrailled town for the last at least 4 years. My rain sample last year showed 480 micrograms per Litre, and this year we found 100 micrograms per LItre of Boron.

    There is no doubt they are changing the chemicals for increased and ongoing toxicity – possibly monitoring the hospitals to see who comes down with what. Oral cancer is prevalent here in Bedford, while our magnificent MPs – Richard Fuller and Nadine Dorries – refuse to do anything about it. Fuller thinks it’s all quite amusing while Dorries is busy chasing fame.

    • Demetrius Skortou says:

      Iain Carstairs,

      I’m not surprised that MPs have done nothing about these high altitude aircraft emitting chemicals that are so dangerous to one’s own health & safety.

      For 12 years I have been writing about 16 different unmarked aircraft/helicopters that are being used by the Intelligence services (all paid for by the American government), of which 4 in particular have been just flying around our estate (Tabard Gardens SE1) in circles for over 12 years now.

      These are commercial type aircraft who begin their flights from 6:30 am until 11:00 pm 365 days a year!!

      None of these unmarked aircraft are registered with either the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or the National Air Traffic System (NATS).

      I have been writing to everyone in authority about these noisy/polluting aircraft, to try and find out who owns these unmarked aircraft and why they are flying around in circles for 18 hours every day!

      The fact is Iain, the government just don’t care about mass pollution or the tremendous noise these unmarked aircraft are causing.

      Conservative/Labour/Lib Dems can kiss my back side at the election in May!

      There has never been a proper democratically accountable government dept that has had the kind of clout to do anything about unnecessary levels of aircraft noise and pollution.

      If fact, both Con & Lab governments have been wasting, £60 billion pounds of tax payers money ( every year) on thousands of quangos, that are as useful as a lump of turd floating in a swimming pool!!!!!

      • People in politics may be compartmentalized and perhaps advised by bureaucrats to stay within specific bounds of operation. I was advised that the matter of chemtrails/weather modification is a “forbidden” issue.
        Thanks for sharing your frustrations.

  7. Tui williams says:

    Hi Claire , I had rain water tested for aluminium and barium.I live in a town called Runanga on the West coast in the South Island
    Results were
    Total aluminium 0.0032
    Total barium 0.0053
    Results sent 25th August 2016

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