Bill Gates funds cloud factory

This is propaganda.  Geo-engineering is planet destroying technology, which is probably why Gates has funded the doomsday seed vault also.
The planet-saving billionaire just funded a new geoengineering project which seeks to stop climate change. But some environmentalists are very worried.
Geoengineering — the science of altering the Earth’s life support systems — is officially a reality. San Francisco-based research institute Silver Lining just received $300,000 of seed funding from Bill Gates to test a “cloud whitening” technology that could prove a cost-effective method for slowing the effects of global warming.
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2 Responses to Bill Gates funds cloud factory

  1. Omega2 says:

    I have seen and watched the chemtrails being sowen in the sky’s over Southern Arizona many times during the year. They criss cross many flights, one after the other, in all directions. Eventually these trails hook up and form a light cloud hiding the sun somewhat. Being a former Air Force person, working with the aircraft, I know that these trails are not from the engines. Engine contrails tend to stay straight and disappear shortly after the aircraft has disappeared. We are being CHEMICALIZED for sure. The real answer is, DON’T FOOL WITH MOTHER NATURE, period.

  2. Bill Gates funding chemtrails in New Zealand!

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