Message From Peter Vereecke To Chemtrail Fighters

Dear fellow chemtrail-fighters,

This is my last communication before our international symposium [in Belgium] takes off

For almost nostalgic reasons I insert for the last time the video-clips :

For those amongst you who can’t be present I have good news : you can follow everything on the internet because we managed to organise a life streaming . Just go to this website and you can be connected with us all day :

Obviously this symposium will not be the end of our struggle but a very strong call to keep our positive fight going on :

·      By lodging a complaint with your local police. In attachment I send you a document that can be useful.   Link here.

·       By spreading the scientific report as broadly as possible. We will put it on our websites and some others. Here you have the link to one of them ( available from 30 th May )

Dear friends,

I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for coming and supporting us in so many ways.

I’ll come back to you next week !

On behalf of the Belfort-team,

Peter Vereecke

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