Numerous Long Fibers Seen Floating Through The Air In Whangarei, NZ

By Clare Swinney

Today, a friend and I witnessed what looked like a steady stream of polymer fibers floating through the air from the suburb of Woodhill in Whangarei, New Zealand.  I have seen these fibers on a number of occasions this year, in the same area and believe they may be linked to the chemtrailing that is going on in the region.

In the last few weeks, virtually every time I have looked for these fibers, when the sun is behind them and the weather has been fine, I have seen them.

These photos were all taken between 2.00 pm and 3 pm today, looking towards the Western Hills Reserve from Kirikiri Road.  To see close ups of these pictures, click on the photo twice.

Research and development of electro-active polymer fibers is identified and described in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, documents.

Other polymer fiber types are mentioned in other government and military documents. For more information, refer:

There was a steady stream of them floating in parallel with the hills.     A nearby TV antennae had quite a number hooked around it.

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About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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25 Responses to Numerous Long Fibers Seen Floating Through The Air In Whangarei, NZ

  1. Carol K. says:

    I have been living in the Northland area for some time now and over the last 2 months I have seen the odd “polymer fiber” floating through the area. Today, the 3rd of June 2010 I saw an amazing sight, albeit a disturbing one. Tens of polymer fibers floating through the air in the Woodhill area, some at least 50-80 feet up in the air, only visible due to the sunlight behind them. Amazing and terrible all at once.

  2. ruapaka says:

    Kia ora Claire,

    Have you eliminated the possibility these ‘fibers’ might be related to spiders? There are species that ‘fish’ for food.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you for your question. Firstly as far as I know, spiders webs do not reflect the light like that from quite a distance. A lot of the pictures taken were taken about 40-50 meters away from the fiber and I did a zoom up to give you an idea of how reflective they are.

      Also, I don’t think spiders would produce tens and tens of long webs – perhaps hundreds or more, which end up floating through the air in a stream of webs- some of which appear to be many feet long. Also, some I watched today appeared to drop from the sky.
      I took more photos today of the fibers, which are here:

      May I suggest that you keep an eye out for them. Rose in Kaikoura has mentioned she has seen some too recently. I think it is best to look for them when the sun is going down, at about 2-3pm, with a hillside in between you and the sun.

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  4. Brian says:

    I also thought like Ruapaka these fibres might be spider webs, I have seen them in the past and not payed much attention but if I see them again I will most definatly take a photo

  5. Brian says: this is what I thought the fibres were, also if you google balooning spiders and only check pages from New Zealand there are some good pages full of info, I havn’t seen any photos as good as yours, I would suggest you send them to Ruud Kleinpaste TVNZ bugman and see if he can identify them

  6. Clare Swinney says:

    I am not seeing spiders on the fibers. They do not look like spiders’ webs to me. Is not spider-web like. It is more sophisticated technology-like, if you know what I mean.
    George Knapp, William Thomas, Clifford Carnicom and Mark Allin discussed chemtrails in December last year on Coast to Coast FM and they touched on the matter of polymer fibers. It was mentioned that Dr Bernard Eastlund, the HAARP array inventor, had mentioned polymer fibers was a means of aiding the effectiveness of HAARP.
    We have evidence HAARP-related weather modification technology was/is being used here, including that we waves formations in the sky regularly, we had a drought, and barium was found in the rainwater.

    The HAARP patent mentions barium.

    The talk can be downloaded here. (They talk about HAARP in Part 3 – after 20 mins).

    From William Thomas’ site on ‘Steering Katrina’:
    Nearly half a million tons of “angel hair” polymers poured into the storm’s rain bands. Cooled down by near-freezing, rapidly rotating rains, the corkscrew-shaped bundles of submicron strands were spun like “silly string” into long strands-effectively “wiring” the storm for HAARP. [Hank interviews; Chemtrails Confirmed by William Thomas]

    U.S. patent number 6315213, filed on November 13, is described as a method of modifying weather and should concern the public. A scientist from Wright Patterson Air Force Base acknowledges that planes are spraying barium salt, polymer fibers, aluminum oxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere to both modify the weather and for military communications purposes. The patent abstract specifically states: “The polymer is dispersed into the cloud and the wind of the storm agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below. Thus, diminishing the cloud’s ability to rain.”

  7. Brian says:

    I will have to take more notice next time I see some fibres and see if can catch one.

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  9. nick C says:

    It’s a spider migration. We have the same thing here in Arizona. The spiders are riding the wind to wherever they go.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      We know about spiders here, but as mentioned previously there was no evidence of spiders on the fibers. They did not look like spiders webs. I took photos of one that not only was too wide in diameter to have come from a spider, also was multi-coloured in sections, showing it was man-made.

      Also, watch this short film – it includes an interview with Will Thomas saying he received an e-mail from Dr Eastlund, the HAARP inventor, regarding polymers, (which are being found where chemtrailing is occurring). Thomas says the polymers are made in a facility near the Wright Patterson air force base in the US.

      • Cheto says:

        I live in Arizona and quite often see these strange fibers all over everything plants, buildings trees…everywhere! even in the winter, when there should be no spider migrations.. and i have noticed them everywhere I travel…. how may spiders can there be!


        “Bernard Eastlund, [the inventor of HAARP], wrote me an e-mail…and he said that to heat up the atmosphere with HAARP was very difficult, it would go right through the atmosphere unless you put some element in that airspace that it could heat and he suggested that polymers would work very well in allowing HAARP to be directed to heat certain sections of the atmosphere. And in fact, we’ve been seeing…cobweb like material, polymer material all over the United States and other locations, in conjunction with airplanes flying overhead emitting something out of the back end of them. And Eastlund went further and said that heat generation works by adding magnetic iron oxide to the polymer…” –William Thomas on Coast To Coast AM with George Knapp, December 20, 2009.

        I heard that a well-known research took fibers to a lab, with the patent she suspected was associated with them, and the lab was shut down.

        Also, a woman called Betty Rowe had fibers tested and they were found to be high in aluminium and barium. Refer:

  10. Lee Clarke says:

    We had the same thing happen on a few Central Coast Beaches in Australia in early December 2010. Thousands of web-looking strands just floating onshore. We caught a couple (on North Avoca Beach), but there were no spiders in them, although a few people at other beaches (Terrigal) said there found really tiny spiders in a few. Very strange.

  11. corene says:

    Last summer I took my children on a walk (mid-morning) and noticed the sky was full of web like fibers. I’ve lived in California all my life and Never have I seen such a thing. The spider theory sounds ridiculous to me based on what I saw. The fibers were filling the sky as far as the eye could see, not breezing by low to the ground. It was raining thin strings of webb-like material. I took my children inside and it lasted for 5-15 minutes. Afterward I found clumps of fibers on bushes and vehicles, it grabbed together like silly string (thickish and creamy white) not like spiderweb (thin and transparent relatively speaking). It freaked me out, but I have not seen it since. I was surprised to not find any info on the news or internet as I thought weather folks would have something to say about it.

  12. marsha says:

    This stuff is not just outside.It is in our homes also.I first saw it in my home and then outside.I now know that it came from the outside.I just don’t know what to do about it,if anything.It’s everywhere.!!!!

  13. Joan Bartlett says:

    I just saw these fibres in Bungendore, near Canberra, Australia this afternoon at sundown – looking west with an escarpment as the background. We’ve been here 17 years and I’ve never seen these before. They were floating north to south on the breeze. I thought they looked like spiders’ webs, but some were several meters long. Some were the size and shape of birds as a kid would draw them.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks Joan. You have to be aware they are there to notice them and they are too readily dismissed as cobwebs. I understand that a researcher took fibers in US to be analysed, and the lab was shut down. If you have the patent for the fibers you suspect they are and can match this to the chemical composition of the fibers, you can name a company – which would be threatening to those who want to remain anonymous.

  14. Bundy says:

    Hi I’m in South Canterbury New Zealand and about an hour ago I was watching what I thought was lots and lots of spiders webs,some over 2 meters long in length floating past.Some were extremely high up in the air and it was the sun that was shining on them that made them sparkle.It would of been about one o’clock here,but I also noticed a huge one go past me about noon.We do have lots of baby spiders hatching out here at present too though,which I did think was odd as its coming into winter and I thought they hibernated then,but perhaps they don’t.After reading your story I’m not sure what to make of it really,as we were blitzed by chemtrails a few days ago. It’s May the 7th, 2012 today.

  15. Marian says:

    I have shared some photos I took of fibres (which looked and behaved just like those you have on this page) very recently on the “Chemtrails Over NZ” Facebook group. I saw some again yesterday and have more videos and stills,plus a single strand sample I directed into a small glass jar from a tree branch.I have sealed it in with the lid,and put it in a plastic bag with details of time,date etc plus I have photos of it in situ.When I look at the jar,holding it up to the light ,it looks like there’s nothing there! I have noticed that again today,there are still a few fibres clinging to the TV aerial and powerline,but haven’t seen any in the air . It’s a clear day with no sign of chemtrails …yet!
    I appreciate all the good info you have on this site and hearing the experiences of others.

  16. Margaret Napier says:

    Sorry to see you are getting these fibers over there too. I have been highly distressed over the fibers in my yard, garage, and house. They are so deviously disguised. I did develop morgellons.
    The fibers are in the food supply too. They are part of global warming agenda and also depopulation. These are toxic and poisinous. I want to run away, yet nowhere to go it seems. (San Diego, CA) Fibers in the patio and trees killing the butterflies, webbing up on snails, the birds have little food supply. This is horrific and so tragic.

  17. Renee says:

    Yep, noticed them today in the midwest. Yesterday was extremely windy and up above they were doing major, major chemtrailing. How long does it take for this stuff to travel? I’m thinking fairly quick. Do these strands of ?? ever melt or decipitate somehow? What happens if you touch one? If chemicals leach out of them how far do you have to be from them NOT to be affected?

  18. Anna says:

    Anything that has fibers your breathing these things in! I think they are everywhere! I’ve noticed all over house

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