More Reflective Fibers Seen Floating In Whangarei Air On June 4

By Clare Swinney

Further to yesterday’s post of the 3rd of June regarding the host of long, reflective fibers that were seen in Whangarei, more were seen on the 4th of June.  The following pictures of fibers floating through the air, were taken from Kirikiri Road, Whangarei, looking towards the Western Hills Reserve between 1.50 pm and 2.35 pm on Friday the 4th of June.

Let us know if you can see them in your region.

To see more photos, click on:

The following three pictures show the same fiber.

Possibly related:

Hopi prophesy refers to cobwebs in the sky.

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on and exposing deceptions in order to help others to awaken to what is hidden in plain sight. A bright light shone makes clear what does not belong. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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13 Responses to More Reflective Fibers Seen Floating In Whangarei Air On June 4

  1. rose says:

    Clare, after reading a simalar post from you a couple of days ago, my daughter and I went out to inspect our place – today was the FIRST CLEAR DAY in a fortnight! We are drowning down here while you guys are screaming for rain.

    Anyway – these things were stuck all over our trees and shrubs – infact they were hanging from the railings of fences – I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Paige has horrendous allergies now, eyes constantly weeping, sneezing but waking today was particularly bad… anti-hysts dont releive it and I bloody resent give the paharmecutical companies anything anyway. Both of us arrived home from our walk with burning noses.

    WHAT IS WRONG with these bastards!?

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    Yes, I have thought that. What is wrong with them. What they are doing to the environment and all that is in it, is unspeakable.

    I believe if people start looking for these fibers they will find them floating through the air where chemtrailing has been seen.

  3. Tom says:

    Have you taken some samples of these so you can get them tested?

    By the way whats it cost to get the water tests done?

  4. Clare Swinney says:

    No, I have not collected any. I was advised by Jon Eisen, the editor of Uncensored Magazine who was sent a fiber from Stratford, NZ, that he made enquiries to find out how much it would be and told me the cost was “prohibitive.”

    Re: Rainwater tests – Hills Laboratories is very reasonable and has a good reputation. This is their website with their contact details:

    To test for Al and Ba, including a digestion to break down the particles in the sample, is about $40 I think. You can phone them and ask for a quote beforehand so you do not get any unwelcome surprises.

    Send the sample in a Pump bottle, as it is relatively free of contaminants according to Hills. Also, check your rain collecting container after you’ve tipped the water out into the bottle. I found that after the collecting dish had dried, many bright white particles became visible. Make sure these are included in the sample you send.

  5. Clare Swinney says:

    Polymer fibers are used with weather modification technology by the looks of it.
    We have had the worst drought in decades here. Were these fibers up in the sky and used to facilitate HAARP technology, which can be used to cause drought?

    George Knapp, William Thomas, Clifford Carnicom and Mark Allin discussed chemtrails in December last year on Coast to Coast FM and they touched on the matter of polymer fibers. It was mentioned that Dr Bernard Eastlund, the HAARP array inventor, had mentioned that the use of polymer fibers was a means of aiding the effectiveness of HAARP.
    The talk can be downloaded here. (They talk about HAARP in Part 3 – after 20 mins).

    From William Thomas’ site on ‘Steering Katrina’:
    Nearly half a million tons of “angel hair” polymers poured into the storm’s rain bands. Cooled down by near-freezing, rapidly rotating rains, the corkscrew-shaped bundles of submicron strands were spun like “silly string” into long strands-effectively “wiring” the storm for HAARP. [Hank interviews; Chemtrails Confirmed by William Thomas]

    U.S. patent number 6315213, filed on November 13, is described as a method of modifying weather and should concern the public. A scientist from Wright Patterson Air Force Base acknowledges that planes are spraying barium salt, polymer fibers, aluminum oxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere to both modify the weather and for military communications purposes. The patent abstract specifically states: “The polymer is dispersed into the cloud and the wind of the storm agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below. Thus, diminishing the cloud’s ability to rain.”

  6. Clare Swinney says:

    This film mentions that polymer fibers that have been found in association with chemtrails are used as a binding agent for dessicated red blood cells, peppered with a variety of pathogens known to be harmful to human health.

    I need to get one under a microscope.

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  8. jeremy jeffs says:

    can anyone help me please? i’m in a wheelchair living in salt lake city, utah and whatever these things are i’ve been exposed to them for over five years now. they are wrapped around me and my wheelchair so bad, every day is worse. they continue to get thicker and they have like some sort of energy in them causing them to move very fast and tighten up. they won’t break or burn and they hurt so damn bad, they can be freezing cold.when i first noticed themthey were like a spider web just smaller than a human hair but over the year now they have become thicker than a 1inch rope as long as far as i can see, posibly miles. as far as i can tell there is not any space in the air around me that is not free of them. they are everywhere. i can’t get them off of me, and the worste thing of all is nobody else can feel them or see them. everyone incuding the doctors thinks there a halucination. if you know anything that might help i would be grateful there really starting to scare me. there is a lot of other stuff i could tell you about them it would freak you out

    • Clare Swinney says:

      That sounds pretty weird Jeremy. I haven’t heard of anything like that before. All I can suggest is that if going outside is this stressful, stay indoors – which is pretty useless advice.

  9. jeremy jeffs says:

    thanks anyway. we must not be talking about the same thing cause whatever my fibers are that are coming from the sky, i don’t think there from the planes it looks like they come from a even higher altitude. i know i may sound crazy and all i can say is i’m not. maybe one day soon you’ll be hearing about it.

  10. elaina says:

    Jeramy message me at
    Ill talk to you and im sure together we can beat this let me at least try to help you

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