Letter From The Mayor Of Kaikoura To The Minister For The Environment Regarding Chemtrails

Here is a copy of the letter the Mayor of Kaikoura, Kevin Heays sent to Dr Nick Smith, the Minister for the Environment regarding chemtrails.   The Mayor states that he made a genuine enquiry, in order to get a genuine response.  Disturbingly, the reply, which was received on the 27th of May and from Information Director Todd Krieble,  was evidently by no means genuine.

Thank-you to the Mayor for making his letter available to the public.  It helps to bring credibility to this issue and it represents a significant step forward for those who genuinely care about the environment and wish to cast light on the chemtrail issue.  Furthermore, the release of this letter is particularly well-timed, given that Ian Sinclair of  TVNZ’s Sunday program intends to cover the chemtrail issue for this week’s show.

The Mayor’s letter is also available at this link:  Kevin Heays to The Minister For The Environment.

From the Office of the Mayor – Kaikoura District

Kevin. J. Heays

03 3195026 www.kaikoura.govt.nz www.kevinheays.co.nz kevin.heays@kaikoura.govt.nz 0276296754


Minister for the Environment

Hon. Dr. Nick Smith

Freepost Parliament Buildings


Dear Dr Smith,

I have been receiving a number of enquiries from the community of Kaikoura and have personally been observing what has been commonly termed as the formation of “chem-trails” throughout our sky.

I have just returned from a time in California – USA, where the current topic of radio talk-back and community journalism is just that – Chem-trails.

I also had the opportunity to witness a concerted programme of such man-made formations resulting in consecutive days of intensive patterning of air traffic to ultimately attain a thin layer of “sky-cover”. This was followed by 2 days of no such formations and then again a period of two days of re-intensified patterning.

This clearly indicated that normal passenger and freight air traffic was not responsible for this phenomena.

Before and since my trip to California, the increasing incidences of similar deliberate patterning of our Kaikoura skies have been noticed, catalogued and photographed by a section of our community concerned with the reasoning for such activity.

As personal representations have been made to me, I am obliged to assist in finding answers to the community’s questions and enquiries so please accept this as a request for the Ministry of the Environments reaction to the questions….

  • For what reasons are these “chem.-trails” being formed?
  • What are the “chem.-trails” made up of?
  • Who is responsible for the programme?  And ……
  • From where is the financing coming, to pay for what must be an extremely expensive exercise?

I thank you in anticipation for your time in dealing with this enquiry.

Yours sincerely

Kevin J Heays – Mayor KDC.

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10 Responses to Letter From The Mayor Of Kaikoura To The Minister For The Environment Regarding Chemtrails

  1. Nina Fox says:

    Your wonderful Mayor Heays is a modern day hero! Good for him for actually caring about people and the environment and our rights as free citizens upon this earth to know the truth!

    Great Job Mayor Heays!~Keep it up~and keep your eyes to the skies!

    Much Aloha~
    Nina Fox

  2. Deborah Schrier says:

    It’s really nice to see someone of your stature asking the important questions. I salute you for your efforts to find out the truth. Keep up the good work.

  3. Craego says:

    A great start, kudos Mr Heays. Its great to see an elected local community representative representing the best interests of those who elected him to do so. I think it is somewhat denigrating for a mayor to be dealt with by anyone other than the minister to whom he addressed his concern. I note that the reply is the bog standard denial response that used to be given when overseas govt representatives were were questioned about the chem trails a few years ago. At least now they are admitting that something is in fact being sprayed in the skies. The reason being given that it is to in some way ‘prevent’ ‘climate change’ but with few details given. At least it is a start.

    NZ does seem to lag behind the rest of the world regarding awareness of issues like this and it is both revealing and sad to note that the kneejerk response is to deny/lie until a critical mass of people voice their concerns and then for the public servants (govt) to pretend they cared all along.

  4. Ross M says:

    “This week on Sunday: Conspiracy Inc
    Forget what you accept as fact because the truth, it seems, is not as you know it. That’s the message being peddled by one of the world’s fastest growing media industries. Conspiracy magazines are bringing you the stories that are too hot to handle, too hot for the mainstream media. So what is the truth?”

    It’s about the social phenomenon, not the actual conspiracies. Interesting.
    *sets a reminder in PDA*

  5. Baboshka says:

    Well done for getting your mp to question this issue. It is hard to get any to get anyone who is in parliament to question what chemtrails are.
    Best wishes Babo

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  7. Imran says:

    That’s good to hear, these chemtrails are definately not from normal commercial airplane because it would’ve been all over the sky, over here, i can see normal planes passing by sometimes but they don’t release those stuff.

  8. Nina Fox says:

    Just don’t give up down there in NZ~no matter what they throw against you! Never give in or give up~not on this issue anyway~it’s real!

    Much Aloha~Nina/Maui

  9. Ian L says:

    So the Minister For the Environment thinks that Chemtrails are a laughing matter (Sunday program). Is he truly ignorant of the matter or protecting his political butt by lying to us. It’s a pity we don’t have more public figures like Mayor Kevin Heays who truly care about their constituents and don’t just put their heads in the sand when an ‘ untouchable ‘ issue arises.

  10. Ben T says:

    I suppose this job pays you better than a trolley-boy eh Ross??. Awesome, a good man at the head of a town.Inspiring when it seems almost every person of politics is purposely denying and shying away from their ONLY real job. I think politicians should be paid just enough to take care of their familys, the attraction in the job being able to greatly enhance the community. The ridiculous amount of money they get paid behind backs just attracts corruptible people.

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