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Research proves vitamin D really does prevent cancer, autoimmune disorders‏

NaturalHealthNews A new study out of Oxford University pinpoints vitamin D deficiency as a culprit in serious illnesses like cancer and autoimmune disorders. According to the report, which was recently published online in the journal Genome Research, genetic receptors throughout … Continue reading

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Flashback: What to Do? Geoengineering!

AgendaStevePaikin Is geoengineering the answer to the world’s climate change woes? Guests:  John Stone is adjunct research professor at Carleton University. Alan Robock is distinguished professor of Climatology, director of the Meteorology Undergraduate Program, and associate director of the Center … Continue reading

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Gates Foundation invests in Monsanto: Could aluminium resisitant seeds and geo-engineering be the motive?‏

By Michael Murphy Connecting the dots.  The following is info about the aluminum resistant seed and also an article about the Gates Foundation investing in Monsanto.  Gates has been funding geo-engineering programs.  Could their be a connection? •  Aluminum resistant … Continue reading

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Nelson’s Clear Skies Action Group’s Report On Friday Night’s Meeting

Will Ryan of Nelson’s Clear Skies Action Group e-mailed on the 29th of August and advised that unfortunately there was “a very low turnout” for the Friday meeting and Nick Smith, the Minister for the Environment, did not attend.  Will … Continue reading

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Links To Aerosol/Geoengineering-Related Documents

These links were all posted at meushubris YouTube channel.……… http://climate.envsci.rutge………

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Unnatural-Looking Northland Clouds

Jim Reece and I went drove to Kaikohe from Whangarei today. Here are some photos of odd-looking cloud material that was seen on the way.

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Chemtrails In Official Visitors’ Guide For Wellington

By Michael Zhang   26 August 2010 Today, I picked up an information booklet called the “Wellington Official Visitor Guide 2010” from Wellington airport. You know what I saw? To my amazement, I saw the photo on the back cover clearly … Continue reading

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Chemtrails or Contrails? By G. Edward Griffin

This week, I had a chance to review some video clips to be included in the documentary now in production entitled What in the World Are They Spraying; An Investigation into Chemtrails and Geo-Engineering, which will be released by The … Continue reading

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MS & Arthritis may be linked to lack of sun, say scientists

Vitamin D found to exert an influence over genes associated with certain diseases more common in the northern hemisphere Insufficient exposure to sunshine, resulting in low levels of vitamin D, could play a part in a wide-range of diseases, from … Continue reading

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Photos Of Chemtrail Over Tauranga

Ian in Tauranga kindly sent us these photos and wrote: Friday 6th Aug  11.30am. The trail lies W to E across the suburbs of Matua and Otumoetai….or possibly a bit further out along the coast line. These suburbs are  to … Continue reading

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