Freeman’s Comments About Chemtrails

New World Order researcher Freeman of The Freeman Perspective, made some very  interesting comments about chemtrails during the Truth Frequency Radio show with Chris Geo and Sheree on August the 29th, 2010.
Download the program from here:

The statements mentioned were made from 1 hour and 5 minutes into the program.

Freeman told Chris Geo that he’d identified two main functions for the chemtrail program on the basis of their main ingredients: aluminium and barium.  With aluminium in your system, you become a receptor for the electromagnetic frequency devices being used, such as H.A.A.R.P (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and E.I.S.C.A.T, (European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association technology) he offered, and if you breathe in barium, you will shine like a beacon on the X-band radar, making it easier for those using the technology to know when people gather.  It was openly admitted during the first Gulf War that barium was being fed to the insurgents using chemtrails, as this enabled them to be tracked, he added.

Freeman also told Geo he usually went to the Rainbow Gathering, which is attended by about 10-20,000 in the middle of the woods two weeks early and didn’t see any chemtrails overhead in the area, until the official start up day.   Furthermore, he said when he went to a Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona, where people only used cash, the area was “chemtrailed heavier” than he’d ever seen and everyone became sick.  Freeman concluded that chemtrails, coupled with H.A.A.R.P., bestow those in control of this technology with “the power of Gods, so that they can bring on the end of the world, and make it appear so.  They can cause earthquakes, floods and all of these things.”


Freeman’s website:

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4 Responses to Freeman’s Comments About Chemtrails

  1. rose says:

    Hey ya Clare.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Freeman & Max Igan of the Freeman has been staying in Aussie collaborating with with Max on his new film which is due for release around March 2011. Filmaker, Ben Stewart of Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica and the Hanged Man Project, has also been in Aus working on this film. One to look out for.

    All of these men have made huge steps in awakening the masses. Max is working get many community projects operating in his area, which includes initiatives such as permaculture. He has his feet firmly on the ground and is someone on our side of the planet that I have much respect for.

    Thanks for posting this interview.

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    Hi Rose,
    What an interesting interview. Max does have his feet firmly planted on the ground. It must be nice to be his neighbour. Thank-you for drawing my attention to the interview.
    Freeman predicted 9/11 would happen. He seems to be very well informed and what he said about the barium and aluminium makes sense. What the elite are setting up will be so unpopular, a prison system for all, that they will find it difficult to get people to do their bidding – so what better idea than to set up a system that can be controlled by a few using tyrannical, inhumane methods.

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