Major Earthquake Strikes Near Christchurch – Was HAARP Technology Responsible?

Updated: 7 April 2011 For those who are new to this area who are wondering why this question is being raised on this website, it is so because chemtrails are used with HAARP technology, (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and this technology can be and is used to cause earthquakes. Furthermore, a chemtrail was apparent on the day of this quake, in the quake zone, during the TV3 news, plus sonic booms, which are an indicator scalar electromagnetic technology was used, were heard in the region, and there were numerous – let’s call them ‘coincidences,’ associated with the 6.3 magnitude quake that occurred in Christchurch on February the 22nd, 2011.

As this is a Northland-based site, and Christchurch is in the South Island of New Zealand, it is not covering the matter, other than posing the question, providing only cursory information about HAARP, and giving people the opportunity to leave information and comments in the comment section below.  (There are now many interesting comments below, including a link to an interview with investigative  journalist, Ben Vidgen, which is well worth listening to). Another New Zealand-based website, run by a South Islander, is covering the Christchurch earthquakes in more detail.

Rose of Kaikoura

Rose in Kaikoura, who operates the site in question – Issues That Matter Most site, in conjunction with the Pacific Chemtrail website, [since renamed The] wrote: “…[W]e got shaken out of bed this morning. I have opened the site up for you to see the above blog.  We will keep updates happening in there. The HAARP quakes are at a depth of – 10km and 33 kms. We have a 33 km deep quake here – a massive 7.4.  Buildings are down, power outages, grid, net – people are freaked down there – as you would be.   Please stay tuned.”  Refer: The site will be open for non members today.

RadioNZ: A major earthquake has struck near Christchurch, causing extensive damage to buildings and roads and cutting power to large areas.

The magnitude 7.1 quake occurred at 4.35am, 30 kilometres west of Christchurch, at a depth of approximately 10 kilometres. There have been several aftershocks, the strongest at 5.2 magnitude, GNS Science reports.

At least two people have been seriously injured, building facades in the central city have collapsed, bridges damaged, cars have been crushed and many homes have damage.

One man, in his 50s, is in a serious condition in Christchurch Hospital after he was hit by a falling chimney. Another man has serious injuries after being cut by glass.

The hospital has treated a number of people with broken bones, and others with minor injuries such as cuts and bruises.

A state of emergency has been declared in Christchurch city and the Selwyn District.

For more go here:

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Authority On HAARP, Dr Nick Begich’s Website.

Why Is Aluminium In The Rainwater (A Short Film made in Whangarei).

On 2010 Sep 03 UT, the 124 km diameter asteroid (28) Bellona will occult a 11.8 mag star in the constellation Gemini for observers along a fairly broad path of significant uncertainty across New Zealand, from Wairoa to Opunake, and across the southern tip ofTasmania. Note that the one sigma limit includes New Zealand from Auckland to just north of Christchurch, and most of Tasmania.

HAARP, Haiti, Brzezinski and the NWO

Haiti/Chile EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010

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197 Responses to Major Earthquake Strikes Near Christchurch – Was HAARP Technology Responsible?

  1. Clare Swinney says:

    From Dr Nick Begich’s site - Dr Begich is regarded as a world authority on HAARP:
    “…Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as to detect them, was part of the project named Prime Argus, decades ago. The money for that came from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA, now under the acronym ARPA.)

    ” World-recognized scientist MacDonald had a number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and he contributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist. When he wrote his chapter, “How To Wreck The Environment,” for the book Unless Peace Comes, he was not kidding around. In it he describes the use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilization, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave manipulation using the planet’s energy fields.

    Dr Begich appears in the Jesse Ventura episode about HAARP, during which it is mentioned HAARP is capable of causing earthquakes, amongst other things:

    • H .g says:

      Christchurch just hit by another 6.3 magnitude quake. Rather strange, this must be HAARP. Crazy heat period leading up to the event, maybe atmoshperic heating…..? The powers that be are trying to plunge the world into chaos to bring about world order.

      • Westfield Employee... says:

        Could Tesla Oscillators be bought into NZ from China, guised as locomotives bought by Kiwi Rail…

        There is a Kiwi Rail depot in Lyttleton…

        What is Westfield up to…?

  2. rose says:

    Hi Clare.

    I have a print screen from the Metvuw site. The images on this site are updated at three hourly intervals. The data from 3am to 6 am was not updated. I have written to Metvuw to ask why this important satellite image is missing.

    I’m unsure how to post the images here. Ive emailed some pics to you. can you either give me a posting lesson or post them for me. 🙂

    The aftershocks continue. They have experienced over twenty to date.

    Thank you for the updates.

    • Anti Illuminati says:

      Truth New Zealand
      Reference Number: 3572067
      NZST: Fri, Sep 2 2011 3:29 am
      Magnitude: 4.9
      Depth: 6 km
      Details: 10 km east of Lyttelton….check this,metVUW pissing with important data once again..the satellite images are updated every THREE hours..note,data missing (conveniantly) form the hours 3am_6am..images on the site go from..12am jump to 6am,where the f*cks the 3am one????????hiding HAARP activity,that’s what

      • rossmarsden says:

        The 3am (1500 UTC) image is missing for operational reasons.
        That is the MANual AMendments schedule for the operation of the MTSAT meteorological satellite operated by Japan Meteorological Agency, which is where the metVUW satellite images originate from (via MetService).
        Note in the SCHEDULE: section, the “1434-1500 F15 Full-Disk” will be missing on
        2 3 4 5 6 September 2011.
        No one is “hiding” anything. This is normal operation in spring due to the position of the sun in relation to the Earth from the point of view of the satellite.

      • Anti Illuminati says:

        how very convenient…if you don’t wana believe it’s up to you…just don’t go rocking up to peoples families wanting help when weve ALL tried to tell people such as yourself the insights to whats comming.put back on your shades of wool,walk amongst the blind.and dont bother commenting back ok.why are you even on this site which im wondering

      • Rose says:

        Ha ha ha Marsden.. We all have copies of this the offending missing data screenshot, the several emails sent to Met Service asking for information as to why this data was missing ~ all of which went unanswered. How curious that you would take this moment to finally answer a question put to your employers a year ago.

  3. rose says:

    AlJazeeraEnglish | September 03, 2010

    A state of emergency has been declared in New Zealand’s second largest city after a powerful earthquake rocked the south island.

    There are no reports of any deaths, but Bob Parker, the mayor of Christchurch, tells Al Jazeera there is widespread damage, as well as power cuts.

  4. rose says:

    Canterbury earthquake really three quakes?
    NZPA Last updated 21:26 04/09/2010

    Scientists are investigating whether the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck Christchurch and its surrounding communities today was actually two or three shocks in quick succession.

    The US Geological Survey (USGS ) in Golden, Colorado, has said that scientists are still trying to reconstruct the way today’s quake played out.

    “We think that this is a very complex event,” said geophysicist Paul Caruso. “We think that the main shock may have consisted actually of three earthquakes.”

    more here

  5. dope dj says:

    Kia ora Rose and all
    4 responses?

    damn, are people too scared to talk about these freaks now days?
    come on people, i need to know if anyone else saw some crazy lights in the sky????
    i know someone did !

    i feel for all my ever aware brothers n sisters out there,
    its scary being in an earthquake, for sure

    but how scary is it being in one that u know is an ATTACK, thats a whole nother level!

    Fucks sakes man i know that fool hon key and his faggot mates are all feeling like theyre GOD right now !!!!

    please, thats enought of that shit thankyou NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT
    yes yes jon , your the man, and so on, wow ur soo cool coz ur in that crew ur in! and wow, ur crew is soo cool that you can do that……is that what ya wanted to hear ?
    or did you want to hear nothing?
    was it meant to be an 8.0?

    LOVE TO ALL of US out there

    NONE FOR “THEM” and “THEY”

    • rose says:

      Hey ya – you’ve hit the nail right on the head – people are to freaking scared to open their mouths. What is the worst that can happen? There is a shit more to loose by kleeping your trap shut. Thanks for having the courage to speak up.

      See that our great leader and ex banker John Key had to cancel his visit with British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. They were meant to spent a weekend with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at her Scottish castle, Balmoral. Hmmm. What a joke.

      Aroha to you mate and thanks for jumping in to say your bit. The time is now and we need to stand up together and get those psychopaths out of our sky.

  6. Nina Fox says:

    Wishing all you Kiwi’s safety in all ways~this is a very curious EQ~I have been reading the reports on this one~and it has all the markers/signatures of a HAARP engineered quake~take good care all you you down there~your Maui cousins are sending love and support!

  7. rose says:

    Eyes are everywhere on this one Nina – the skies are blanketed in the metal filth again. I have more photos of the disgusting dawn, Pink glowing crap everywhere – which has become quiet ‘normal’.

    The east coast fog bank is where they operate out of – the fog never leaves… 100’s of people are awakening we see them and are monitoring. They are FOOLISH. Cameras and video footage are coming in from the most surprising places. They are also operating along the Alpine fault. Some friends have gone bush (into the mountain range behind us) to check some coordinates that we have taken. The HAARP activity fans out from three different locations. Two from the east coast fog line and one in the mountain range. The sleepers are in for the shock of their lives.

    It appears they haven’t finished with us yet. Main stream is burbling about the Alpine fault line – but there are awake people right across this area too recording every flight movement.

    Reminds some of us of the huge 1931 Napier quake when a US Navel ship happened to be sighted off the coast. My deceased Nana was involved in that one. This technology is lethal. We know how long they have been messing with this technology now – frightening stuff.

    Reports/pics from the North Islands East coast have the same filthy skies – chemical glow.

    My brain is addled from chemical assault, EMFs. Can hardly string two thoughts together but we wont let that stop us.

    Taking FILTERED water to Christchurch today – the outlying rural areas are still in a shambles. We are armed with recording devices and will share our ramblings later. Clare – please tell me how I can direct link photos to your blog please.


  8. rose says: After shocks happening every hour or so. Interesting depths.

  9. A Jaffrey says:

    Strange coincidemce.

    I live in Essex, United Kingdom. On Friday 3rd Sept 2010, I left my workplace at around 6.40 PM. As soon as I walked out I checked if the sky was overcast as there had been drizzle all afternoon. I look westwards, just about half a meter to the left of the setting sun I saw a strange circular lightly coloured blob in the clouds… my immediate reaction was ‘fuel dump’ from the aircraft… but dismissed it cause it was strange for aircraft to dump fuel. Suddenly I thought about the China earthquake and the strange lights in the sky… but thought nothing much of it. Drove my car out home. Next morning I switch on BBC to hear about the NZ earthquake. It was shocking. I kept asking all my friends if they say any strange lights in teh sky… but got a negative response. Quite frankly, how may times does one look up at the sky!!

    Since then I’m trying to find a link between HAARP and the earhquake in NZ, checking up the longitude to see links with UK and NZ…

    • rose says:

      Giday A Jaffrey

      What you saw was possibly the sun reflecting off newly laid chemical. I have photographed them here many times. The China quake reported rainbow skies from 500 km away. The UK is a little too far away for you to witness this phenomenon.

      Most of the planet is under trails and the UK is quiet possibly the worst. The UK has tested as having a whopping 60% less sunlight than was tested just 30 years ago. The trailing has been going on, largely unnoticed for decades over your country.

      The first thing that would have alerted us here would have been the rainbow skies but the the quake happened 4.35 am. Can’t see rainbows at night here. I have been told that the first quake was actually at 3pm by a local resident. The big one didn’t hit for another hour and a half.

      Thanks for sharing your story & keep looking up. You will soon realise that ALL of our weather is geo-engineered.

    • Ben T says:

      Hmm… i always watch… have you ever noticed that some stars blink randomly green blue red and stay mostly white. There is not really any pattern to them but primitive physics, its not possible for light to be blueshifted and then redshifted in milliseconds. Its one way or another. What are these? They are prolific they look like they sit in low orbit and they change position in the sky from time too time. Keep an eye out for them. I and a friend saw a ufo the other day, just a really shiny silver object sitting stationary in the sky. Still if people can ignore the fact the government is the most destructive establishment we have, then people can miss ships in the sky. psychologically its kinda like when you buy a new car and see that model everywhere!

  10. Clare Swinney says:

    Christchurch Earthquake Update Tuesday 7 September 7am

    Flashback to Saturday’s TV3 News
    Was it business as usual for the aerosol operations over Christchurch, even after the earthquakes? A chemtrail is evident 2.15 minutes into this TV3 news item from Saturday the 4th of September 2010, which shows residents of Selwyn, near Christchurch talking about what it felt like as the quake struck.

  11. jim reece says:

    When things like this used to happen, we used to say, it was caused by the hand of GOD – now we say, this may well have been caused by the hand of man, as it seems some want to play at being GOD?

    • Nina Fox says:

      Yes Jim~it does appear this way doesn’t it?~these entities that are spraying our planet with nasty, toxic chemicals must think they are gods~how high and mighty they must feel knowing they have the technology to manipulate the weather on a global scale~when you really understand just how far-reaching this is~it can feel so much larger than all of us. All I can say is that there are more of us than there are of them~this is why we do not give up on this issue~there will come a time when we have this fully out in the open and then the inhabitants of this planet might finally stand up and shout NO MORE! This is the only home we have~we must protect this pearly blue earth with all our might~or there will be nothing left for our future generations except total slavery and a robot race.

  12. Clare Swinney says:

    Mr Key called off a planned nine-day trip to Britain and France, citing what he called the quake zone’s continuing “instability”.

    He was to have met with British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and with his wife, Bronagh, to have spent a weekend with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at her Scottish castle, Balmoral.
    Quake rocks NZ’s north island (Craego lives here) Hundreds evacuated in Aussie floods
    More on the Aussie floods here

  13. rose says:

    Fiji and Tonga unscathed in earthquakes

    “The quakes occurred at a depth of 33 km .” Anyone seeing a pattern here?

  14. rose says:

    And Fiji’s quake was 10 kms

  15. Fire Fly says:

    First, thank you Rose for getting this out there. People absolutely must be aware of this before it’s too late!

    A point on media coverups: There were bigger quakes than that article referred to by the mainstream media agent. I heard people FROM THE AREA mention that there were at least 2 quakes over 7! Besides, I also heard that there were around 140 ‘aftershocks’. These things don’t happen with normal quakes. But if a few shots fired from a HAARP weapon were fired at an area of NZ then it could trigger as large an EQ as they wish to set their weapon at! Even if this area is not attached to any fault lines directly and is not known to have any real earthquakes before ‘they’ could cause this and worse I wreckon.

    The day after, when I arrived, there were rainbow clouds being seeded over the airport and a brown dust covering everything, everywhere I looked, regardless of what type of ‘pollen’ may have been around. It was in all areas, with or with out the certain tree that has a comparable looking powder as a pollen (I don’t recall the name mentioned – some type of pine I think), as a certain mainstream article attempted to silence these reports quickly.

    33 miles deep: depth of many of the earthquakes when looking at original reports and not what gets ‘officially’ reported by the end of the day. 33 is a symbolic and ritualistic number of the Illuminate btw (if that is not saying ‘too much’). I think I’ve said enough for a public forum. Let’s keep shining the light in the right places fellow friends and lightworkers! :))

  16. Maria says:

    I have just found your website as I have been very concerned with the latest earthquake event in Christchurch.
    As a very sensitive and spiritual person I had some very unpleasant and disturbing dreams just before the earthquake happened. I saw what I can describe as a satanic bible and people working on their rituals and I could clearly read the word occult in their book. It was as if I was observing everything. I woke up trying to make some sense out of this terrible dream and tried to go back to sleep. Only minutes later I woke up by this terrible earthquake!
    Having previous earthquake experience from my home country, Greece, in Athens, 1981, I knew instantly that this one felt stronger but I have been shocked to experience so many, powerful and frequent aftershocks. It does not feel like a natural event to me and my body on a DNA level, knows that something is very fishy!
    I have been feeling so tired and exhausted and my muscles, especially of the legs felt as I had been working for hours! I have been aware of HAARP for some time and I am wondering if the energy they are manipulating affects our cells and brains. I have been feeling something very heavy on the air around my head, too.
    Searching for some clues, I found that the day the earthquake happened in NZ, 4th Sept. 2010, is exactly 111 years from the first use of HAARP technology in Alaska from Tesla and it is supposed to be one of the secrets of the 33rd degree masonic Scottish rite. That date was 3rd Sept. 1899. Our 4th was 3rd UK time!
    Was the Christchurch earthquake, one of their masonic rituals to mark their important event of 111 years? Was the city chosen because of its name, Christ-Church, like Conception, another Christian “coincidence” in Chile?
    (I do not claim that Christanity represents the only right spiritual path and I am aware that it has been corrupted by the dark ruling forces).
    The two atomic bombs in Japan were dropped in the two cities with the highest Christian population.
    On 5 Sept. at around 5:35 pm I noticed some strange colours on the sky from my window in Beckenham. I took some pictures and I can send them if you let me know how. I was alarmed because I had seen the videos people had posted before the earthquakes in China and Chile. I felt that another big one was on the way.
    I do not know how long it takes but this morning (8th Sept) we had another big one.
    They said it was an aftershock, initially 6.1 but then they said 5.1.
    I do not believe them. It was definitely at least 6 and having so may aftershocks and my Greek experience, I know!
    I think it was a new attack and I would welcome your opinions.
    I also heard that in July they sent a new seismologist in Christchurch from the USA!
    Please let me know where I can send my photos.
    I think people in NZ need to wake up and demand a stop to this insane criminal activity. Come on Kiwis, you are the Best nation and strongest community I have ever come across. Don’t let the satanic, masonic, Zionist serpents to take over your beautiful country! The rest of the planet needs your spirit, warmth and good heart. It was not a coincidence that no matter how hard the reptilian demons tried, they failed to sacrifice even one of you! I am sure that you are protected and I make sure that I pray for this land and all inhabitants every single day.

    • rose says:

      You can post your images at this site also Maria. This site has been tracking the HAARP /chemical activity NZ & Hawaii.

      We and many others in my town have been recording chemtrail activity and the associated health issues since October 2009. The spraying was obvious for a long time. They were hammering the Alpine fault line. There is a fog visible right along the East coast of the South Island. This fog never moves and they are operating from behind there. There are two point that the HAARPing takes place from out on the coast and another behind the mountains.

      When they realised how many were on to it here the game changed. The planes were less visible for a month prior to the quake and the spraying was heavy and low at night. They went covert, started using a different mix. The ‘contrailed’ instead of obvious chemtrails. The contrails are full of spray too. Don’t be mislead by these Government agencies that contrails are normal. THEY ARE NOT and anyone with half a brain can work out the science doesn’t work. We witnessed & recorded untold chembows and visible electromagnetic waves.

      Two weeks before the quake our community started experiencing headaches, lower back pain (nerves around the spine/hips), upper respiratory issues went through the roof, feeling faint, lethargy. We know what happens when they wind up the electromagnetic frequency now. People became anxious, irritated, many are reporting mood swings.

      A yellow powder was visible on everything, it is in the water ways, covered cars. They have this covered as pollen as Fire Fly mentions above. I have lived here a very long time ~ this is not pollen. People have HEPA filters gathering the particles for testing. The other clue is the excessive dust. All that metal they are throwing into the air must go somewhere.

      We drove to Christchurch the day after and the skies were filled with very telling stories. While the city was in chaos, people in fear and pain, the media was concentrating on what was happening at the ground level. The skies were speaking volumes. We have recorded some incredible skies this year, but I have NEVER recorded so much telling info.

      We are being EMFd to all hell. Kiwis are way to sheepy to snap out of it. They really cant believe that it would happen here. My heart goes out to them because I remember feeling the same way. Never happen in NZ and chemtrails/HAARP are a myth, our Government are not that corrupt. Well what a fool I feel now.

      While this quake is happening, they are tying up all the high country water rights. You will remember the government take over of ECAN recently? Also people will now be quick to forget the billion dollar bail out made to the South Island even more recently.

      Thank you for sharing your view of kiwis mate. They don’t call this Gods Own for nothing. We have been blessed to call this our home. The people are generally laid back and the smart ones are self sufficient. We are not so far from our roots that we cant survive.

      No deaths yet (at least none the media are telling you about. I know of two) but our intel says they haven’t finished. The have set the ring of fire alight. Fiji and Tonga took hits last night. Fijis depth was 10 km (a frequently used HAARP quake) and tongas were both 33km. They change the data of course as you mentioned. It is almost amusing to see these people scramble to take control of something that is so out of control.

      Aoteoroa (NZ) means Land of the Long White cloud. Takes on a whole different meaning now. We look forward to connecting with you & also seeing your images.

  17. Clare Swinney says:

    Thank-you for sharing your experience Maria. Send photos to clareswinney@

    In regard to effecting how you feel, undoubtedly. I understand the technology was used during the first Gulf war. Troops from Iraq gave up without a fight.

    Check out Brooks Agnew’s work on HAARP.

    Dr Nick Begich talks about what it is capable of during Part 6 of the Jesse Ventura program about HAARP on YouTube:

    It is best to watch the whole program.

    I believe the contamination of the atmosphere with chemicals used with HAARP technology which are known to be harmful to humans and to the environment, constitutes high treason by the governments permitting this to occur in their sovereign air space.
    It is no secret that barium was mentioned on Bernard Eastlund’s patent for HAARP and that it is being found in rainwater tests in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.

    HAARP—the Pentagon’s use of Tesla technology!!

    These notes, which appear to be a work in progress, regarding Tesla’s work for Sept 1899 do not mention work being conducted on the 3rd:
    Colorado Springs Notes – September 1-30, 1899,%201899
    Can you please post a reference for the date related to his work. Thank-you in advance.

    On the occult side of things, I have heard Freeman of The Freeman Perspective, talk about the symbolism the NWO psychopaths seem to relish using. He was able to predict 9/11 on the basis of it apparently.
    Freeman’s website:

    His comments sprang to mind when I read about Bellona passing over NZ around the time of the earthquake.
    As a friend on the Forum pointed out:

    “Bellona’s shadow is sweeping over the earth? Wow, what symbolism.

    Bellona was an Ancient Roman war goddess. She is believed to be one of the numinous gods of the Romans (without a particular mythology and possibly of Etruscan origin), and is supposed by many to have been the Romans’ original war deity, predating the identification of Mars with Ares. She accompanied Mars into battle and is taken variously as his sister, wife or daughter. She is also (as at her temple in Ostia) syncretized with Magna Mater. She is also the mother of Romulus and Remus, The legendary founders of Rome.

    Bellona’s attribute is a sword and she is depicted wearing a helmet and armed with a spear and a torch.

    Politically, all Senate meetings relating to foreign war were conducted in the Templum Bellonae (Temple of Bellona) on the Collis Capitolinus outside the pomerium.

    Bellona’s festival was celebrated on June 3. (three months ago)”


  18. rose says:

    From a bloger in Christchurch:

    Check this out this will explain why people are seeking medication in Christchurch.

    Another blogger in Christchurch just reported “unfortunately I am in the middle of all of this. Living in st Albans, close to city center. Most my possessions destroyed. Car had half a tonne of chimney bricks land on it. All safe and physically unharmed, psychologically is another story. House has been deemed unsafe and has been condemned. Large and powerful after shakes continue to rattle us, had hundreds so far. Only had power etc resume yesterday. Have been told to anticipate an 8 magnitude quake in the coming days from second fault line.”

    If you have any way of getting to another safe place (where ever the hell that is) please do so.

  19. 100% No Brainer says:

    Love to everyone here for being awake, sharing and educating. I’ve learned more in the last few months, watching the sky and researching this subject, then I have ever learned in school.

    Thanks to you all for actually caring enough to blog, research and share. We are close to the action in Christchurch and are under the chemtrails big time. We are having a bit of trouble doing normal things like thinking, acting, breathing 🙂 The world has become very different. Are you all ready for the next big thing?

    Shame John Key has to miss his visit with the Queen this month, how sad for the sad little man. Not enough blood sacrifice for them maybe?

    Why is everyone saying there are no deaths? I know of two. That is not many but is it weird they aren’t telling you.

    Time to love one another. This world has gone crazy. I actually think they have lost control of this. When will those poor people (and us) get some relief from HAARPing?


  20. ashleypog balm says:

    i live in ChristChurch. immeadiatly after the quake i had to run to my garage to get a torch, the sky was a red colour.

    the day before the quake i saw chembows.
    the alps were heavily sprayed the days prior to the quake, the crap thins out and blankets the city most eveinings.

    i also noticed for months they had stopped their heavy spraying, but the week before they were spaying hardcore. only the alps tho. i havnt seen a trail over the city for months.

    i also noticed trails in the days after the quake, but we had alot of misty rain and only during breaks in the cloud could i see the chem. its so obvious what is chemcloud or natural cloud when you have been watchn for years.

    my house had hardly any damage (psalms 34:7) and no 1 was hurt.

    this could very well be an attack using a haarp tesla type weapon. they do exist and have caused the ring of fire to be activated. i was daily looking at usgs maps and nz was quiet for soooo long while everywhere else was highly active. i warned all my freinds after the chilli quake to prepare. and i taught my safety months before the quake. this time period was predicted in matt24.

    put your faith in Christ Jesus and repent. for times will get worse.


    oh yeah. on wed the gns quake site map had an upside down cross on the north island or it was an inverted southern cross(our flag) meaning distress. wellington, the naki, gisborne, and a quake up north.

    occult is written all ova this one

  21. Clare Swinney says:

    Maria, who posted a comment on 08/09/2010 at 10:48 pm, kindly e-mailed the following message on the 9th of Sept:

    Thank you for your comments and references, which I will study in the near future.
    I found the information regarding 3rd September in a comment on a youtube video, if I remember correctly and I thought it was interesting in the light of the earthquake we had!
    I copied the comment for further research but had no time to do so.You might have more information.
    Please find this comment below:

    Re: Secret of Scottish Rite 33rd Degree Quote

    BEFORE HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI. THERE WAS YAKUTAT BAY AND TUNGUSKA. NIKOLA TESLA MADE THE FIRST WMD. THAT IS WHY HE IS NOT IN YOUR TEXTBOOKS. THAT IS WHY HE DIDN’T RECEIVE THAT NOBEL PRIZE. THE FIRST WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION WAS DELIVERED TO ALASKA FROM KNOB HILL IN COLORADO SPRINGS IN 1899. September 3, 1899 at 3:03 p.m. Epicenter Time. 3h 3m 27s and 3h 3m 28s. That is why Tesla spent last 10 years and died in The Hotel New Yorker in Room #3327 – #3328. Mark Twain Named His Last Novel Schlhouse Hill after Knob Hill to tell this symbolic tale of the Freemason 33rd degree. He changed it to No. 44 The Same Day writing Tesla but it was rewritten and kept hidden until 1969. The Colorado Springs Notes were kept hidden as well so a world could not tell a 44 was a Colt weapon of the time but the symbolism is clearly Tesla’s big gun…the first weapon of mass destruction.
    (I believe this guy has a link if you google Secret of Scottish Rite 33rd Degree )

    I am sending the photos I took from my house on the above date -time. As you know we had another strong one and new aftrshocks soon after this sky appearance!

    I am concerned, as they are still talking about “the big one” and I have a feeling that their evil mission has not been acombished yet, especially in the light of no direct fatalities i.e sacrifices to their Occult masters.
    May the Univeral Divine Forces of Light and Compassion protect and shield this country once again from any further attempts or other evil plans.

    Thank you for standing up for the truth and trying to educate and protect your fellow humans, animals and this planet.

    Kind Regards


    P.S: Please feel free to post and spread widely to all appropriate sites.

  22. ashleypog balm says:

    today is the 11/09/2010 and i see high altitude chemclouds, they mite have restarted their attempt at gettn another to happen. keep your eyes peeled and watchn for any tells.

  23. Rose says:

    Heres some more from Craego (who is trying to save his band width so sent them to us to post. 4 quakes hit the area. These pics were taken on September 5th in Hastings. This is the day after the Christchurch quake and 2 days before the first quake hit Hawkes Bay.

    The Quakes hit on Tuesday, 7 September 2010 at 10:03 am 3.6 magnitude.
    Wednesday, 8 September 2010 at 11:53 pm 3.3 magnitude.
    Thursday, 9 September 2010 at 4:18 pm 5.2 magnitude
    & another at 8:25 pm, 4.3 magnitude. Scroll down to see photos.

  24. Rose says:

    To speed up these slide shows hover over the bottom of the clip and turn the clock icon up.

    Rainbow clouds facing Nor-West from Christchurch on 5th September after the Quake. Chem Plane laying rainbows

    East Coast on the Trip to Christchurch 5th September

    Day after, Christchurch Sky

    The skies in the lead up to the quakes – several months of chemical sunrises, sunsets, chemtrails. To view the slide show click on the view slide show icon on the left hand side.

  25. ashleypog balm says:

    did anyone see the upsidedown cross (or inverted southern cross) over the north island?
    13days after the 8.3chilli quake they had their biggest aftershock 7.2
    i still expect a 6.0 unless our quake wasn’t a 7.1, but was 3quakes at once, if it was 3quakes at once then i don’t expect the 6.0. unless they’re heatn up the faultline again.

    • Rose says:

      Missed the southern cross here – cant see the skies very often at night due to the heavy spraying that happens during these hours.

      There has been a land slip which is blocking the coastal main state highway route. The traffic to and from from Christchurch has been diverted through inland road. The road is blocked at Puketa but the slip which conveniently covers the rail way tracks & the road. Scientists have been working in this area (prior to the slip). The slip is several kms past this point south of Oaro and a couple of kms north of the road tunnels.

      The slip wont be cleared until Monday. We went down to take photos last night.


  26. James Yaretyk says:

    In the video below you will notice criss cross lines in the ‘clouds’ and a few other weather anomalies too…

    Cloud Lines Near France (IR Weather Satellite – 10 Sep 2010)

  27. James Yaretyk says:

    Chemtrails arent contrails, it is geoengineering…

    Part of comments to above video:

    “Chemtrails are actually called geoengineering.

    Aluminum Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide are added to jet fuel or sprayed by commercial wide-body aircraft at ~$0.3/pound (in dollars adjusted for 1997 inflation), leaving those giant white trails in the sky. After enough are sprayed, the sky turns to overcast. …”

  28. James Yaretyk says:

    a quote from the link ( shared by Rose:

    “…Tesla’s earthquake machine!! ..

    Inventive ideas flowed from the mind of Nikola Tesla like water over Niagara Falls…. He was by nature a peace loving man and never envisioned that his inventions would be used for military purposes.

    One of his inventions was a MECHANICAL oscillator or resonator which could be used to locate ore or oil deposits far beneath the earth:

    “This system of TELEGEODYNAMICS, using mechanical vibrations, Tesla declared, would make it possible to determine the physical constant of the earth, and to locate ore deposits far beneath the surface, This latter prediction has since been fulfilled, for many oil fields have been discovered by studying the vibrations reflected from sub-surface strata” (O’ Neill, Prodigal Genius, pp. 164-165).
    One day while testing his MECHANICAL resonator, he actually caused an EARTHQUAKE in lower Manhattan:

    “Quite unmindful what anyone thought about him, Tesla carried on his vibration and all other experiments. Just what experiment he had in mind on this particular morning will never be known. He busied himself with preparations for it while his oscillator on the supporting iron pillar of the structure kept building up an ever higher frequency of vibrations. He noted that every now and then some heavy piece of apparatus would vibrate sharply, the floor under him would rumble for a second or two—that a window pane would sing audibly, and other similar transient events would happen—all of which was quite familiar to him. These observations told him that his oscillator was tuning up nicely, and he probably wondered why he had not tried it firmly attached to a solid building support before.
    Things were not going so well in the neighborhood, however. Down in Police Headquarters in Mulberry Street the “cops” were quite familiar with strange sounds and lights coming from the Tesla laboratory. They could hear clearly the sharp snapping of the lightnings created by his coils. If anything queer was happening in the neighborhood, they knew that Tesla was in back of it in some way or other.
    On this particular morning the cops were surprised to feel the building rumbling under their feet. Chairs moved across floors with no one near them. Objects on the officers’ desks danced about and the desks themselves moved. It must be an earthquake! It grew stronger. Chunks of plaster fell from the ceilings. A flood of water ran down one of the stairs from a broken pipe. The windows started to vibrate with a shrill note that grew more intense. Some of the windows shattered.
    “That isn’t an earthquake,” shouted one of the officers, “it’s that blankety-blank Tesla. Get up there quickly,” he called to a squad of men, “and stop him. Use force if you have to, but stop him. He’ll wreck the city.”
    The officers started on a run for the building around the corner. Pouring into the streets were many scores of people excitedly leaving nearby tenement and factory buildings, believing an earthquake had caused the smashing of windows, breaking of pipes, moving of furniture and the strange vibrations” (O’ Neill, Prodigal Genius, pp. 159-160).
    Tesla also claimed that his OSCILLATOR could knock down any building and even split the earth in half:

    “So powerful are the effects of the telegeodynamic oscillator”, said Tesla in reviewing the subject in the thirties, “that I could go over to the Empire State Building and reduce it to a tangled mass of wreckage in a very short time. I could accomplish this result with utmost certainty and without any difficulty whatever. I would use a small mechanical vibrating device, an engine so small you could slip it in your pocket. I could attach it to any part of the building, start it in operation, allow it twelve or thirteen minutes to come to full resonance. The building would first respond with gentle tremors, and the vibrations would then become so powerful that the whole structure would go into resonant oscillations of such great amplitude and power
    that the rivets in the steel beams would be loosened and sheared. The outer stone coating would be thrown off and then the skeleton steel structure would collapse in all its parts. It would take about 2.5 horsepower to drive the oscillator to produce this effect.” (O’ Neill, Prodigal Genius, p. 165).
    The principle of operation was like creating stationary waves in water by means of a plunger bobbing up and down at the correct rhythm. ”

    …. The article continues to explain how this technology has been abused by HAARP and it’s puppet masters to cause earthquakes around the world, besides altering the weather and ‘bombing’ our brains and bodies with it’s EMFs!

  29. Bill Blyth says:

    Hi all. Living 15km from the epicentre I would like to add some interesting observations. At the point a normal earth quake triggers, there are 2 waves lengths that are produced – P wave and S waves. The P wave travels at 5000 ft per second – the S wave at 3000 ft per second. Now this is were it gets interesting.. There was something odd about these waves. When we were woken by the quake, both my wife and I said. “That’s a strange earth quake. As time passed we both said.” That’s not an earth quake”. While photographing the fault at Highfield road I started a conversion with one of the Geonet staff who were taking measurements. I mentioned that ground at our place moved up and down not sideways. She was alarmed by this information and had no good answer for this observation. Continuing search>>>>>

    • Rose says:

      Watching with much interest Bill.

      I noticed a shuddering sound before the quake, and was hearing this same noise before the quakes happened in Christchurch. I would wake in the middle of the night to an unearthly sound that was not familiar in my home. One night it came three times. This is the same noise I heard before the quake.

      If you happen to strike up a conversation with the metvuw office can you ask them what happened to the missing data on the night of the quake? The 3am-6am update was never made. I have a screen print of this in case they change the data again.

      We are thinking of you. How you are holding your addled brains together is beyond me. 497 shocks since the last quake last time I looked at this link.

    • Alan Byde. says:

      I saw TV presentation of the aerial array in Alaska, a few nights ago. I Googled HAARP and found this blog spot. I came across the comment p23(?) that the quake had a vertical component. Sometime about a year ago I was in my workshop standing on the concrete floor when there was an almighty thump underneath, I felt myself lift momentarily. It sound like when I use a 12 pound hammer to strike concrete. It took a micro second, like an auctioneer’s gavel. That was it. No rumbles, no shaking. I live in Picton NZ.

    • Ben T says:

      I live in linwood, and that is exactly what i noticed about the quake. The earth jolted upward, a vertical movement. It was the only quake i had trouble walking in….

  30. Clare Swinney says:

    Rose kindly e-mailed this link:
    It is mentioned at that link:
    The NZ CHRISTCHURCH earthquake is definitely a sign from God to the CHURCH OF CHRIST. The time 4:35 AM has been mentioned several times by the doves. However, no one seems to notice the coordinates: 43.55°S, 172.18°E (link). The number 435 is in the coordinates as well — 43.55°S!

    What is more, 29 cubits is 43.5 feet — a direct link to NOAH and our ESCAPE at the rapture !!!!!! The remaining digit 5 & the number 172.18 form two numbers that suggest HARPAZO (518 Greek gematria, from amalgam of digit 5 and .18°; link) on the 17th day of the 2nd month (from 172°) !
    Originally from:

    A sign from God, a coincidence or an indicator occult worshipping loonies of the military industrial complex are behind it?

  31. Quake sensitive says:

    I have been an earth sensitive for many years. I knew when the whales beached here near to us in NZ…that there was something big coming…and I was determined to unravel this mystery…I was then guided to find then contact a scientist online in India who has been investigating this beaching phenomena…
    Did whale beaching foretell disaster?
    He said watch…there is a window of 1-3 weeks for earth activities to occur as they pertain to the Pacific plates in this case. I have never been in so much pain and for so long as with this quake, and have been negatively impacted by EMF at various locations.

    Then there was a dormant volcano in Indonesia went off within days of beaching, next the Christchurch quake, and so many hundreds of aftershocks, over so many days, big ones.

    I also went within to meditate to ask about this, and was told a technology was used as it pertained to the sea that directly caused many whales to die and that evoked the quake here, then the following week I see this website and these posts.

    So in addition to posts what are we going to do about it?

  32. THADOPESTDJ says:

    kiaora kiaora Rose and all,

    was just wondering if anyone foresees a biological attack?

    we can run from the quakes and storms but how do we protect ourselves from airborn deseases?

    thanks in advence

    • Rose says:

      There are many methods that we use when the biological stuff comes in. Mostly we stay inside on a heavy chem day – the cloud hangs low on these days. We have experienced skin diseases (doctors don’t know what they are) upper respiratory disorders right through to pneumonia. Burning eyes (from soem of the rains). Also last year they chemically sprayed our gardens which left a thick white spray across the plants… after this the aphids were gone along with numerous other insects. My tomatoes fell over dead after this spraying which is the first sign to me of chemical interference. Heirloom seed (natural seed) does NOT LIKE CHEMICALS. How long has it been since you sat in a paddock of clover and saw a number of honey bees? Didn’t happen last year. A handful of bees ;( This is what gets my blood boiling. They are messing with the eco system, our food chain, water and air supply and our immune systems. Total insanity.

      We get as much sunshine is as humanly possible OR use Vitamin D3 (sunshine hormone that keeps our immune system healthy) and 3% peroxide in the ears on heavy spray days (until the bubbling stops). Pretty much nothing will survive the peroxide. It bubbles until there is nothing left to attack and is quiet safe.

      There are many chem detoxes available. If you are serious about detoxing give me a shout. I have some information on this. There is a great deal of hogwash on the subject so it is something we must be careful with. Many times people detox incorrectly and it does more damage than good.

      If you can afford to look at an air cleaning system – do it. There are many technologies available today. I use an OZONE machine in my home but there are better technologies than this now.

      When gardening take precautionary steps ie wear gloves. Our water is contaminated also so look for a good water filter. I have been told I can get one inserted at the gate… some money to Fulton Hogan I believe (in my area). Filtering at the gate is a much better option. The water you garden. shower, drink is all taken care of instead of filtering each tap. Heavy metals in our gardens is the next nightmare… but fear not, MONSANTO have aluminium resistant genetically modified seed at the ready. (that was sarcasm 😉

    • Bill Blyth says:

      Hi i live on the Canterbury plains 50km SW of CHCH and have noticed aircraft chemtrailing in short strips west of CHCH, this spray drifts into the city. At times it is very accurate and well calculated taking wind direction wind speed into consideration. There also seems to be a very close relationship between aircraft and local weather forecasting, as certain cloud formations seem to favour the spread of the aerosol. One could make the conclusion that there is something in the aerosol that we are meant to sniff on. The video below was taken recently of an aircraft spraying west of CHCH.

  33. ashleypog balm says:

    Thurs 15th sep. heaps of chemtrails over the mountains (southern alps) which are floating towards the city (chch)
    2day baja mexico had another big quake, chilli a few days ago. japan fiji and even a red sea quake. the earth is very active and the plates are moving. the sun is entering a peak in sunspot activerty and sunspot effect the ionsphere, which has a weird relationship with big quakes. haarp is known to heat the ionsphere.

    i still believe we could have a high5 to 6.3mag secondary quake. similar to aftershocks but after a calmer period, or the alpine fault could snap. has anyone got any data on the direction of movement of the area. chilli moved up to 11m towards nz at its max point.

    can anyone get pics of the trails over the mountains

  34. ashleypog balm says:

    kaikora quake, depth 0km at 4:15pm 15thsep

    depth zero km? wtf
    was it a scalar em explosion?
    were having some real weird things happening,
    mite see project bluebeam sometime soon.

    • Rose says:

      Nice spotting mate – and yes these are 100% HAARPed. They had 0 km deep quakes in Aussie last year (and earlier this year) in areas that don’t even have fault lines.

  35. Rose says:

    We have just had another. I felt the quake at 5.02pm and it was SHARP – they have deliberately had the roads blocked off – both sides of Kaikoura, both east and west. Have not seen a truck for days. They usually move the so called slips within a day – they have sat on the southern slip since last week! We knew that this was not right so we slipped into the area to take photos. They had laid gravel over the railway tracks with a bulldozer BEFORE the slip came down.

    Let me check my family is ok and I will get back to you.

  36. Rose says:

    I have just contacted our very aware Mayor. This is gonna cost them dearly!

  37. ashleypog balm says:

    kikora is activated. theyre having heaps of ruptures, it in the ocean. if a biggy happens goto high ground.

  38. Rose says:

    We have felt 4 strikes – they have only told us about three. We are blocked in here – landslips (deliberate) either side. I have film that I took and will upload later. It is eerily quiet here now so it is time to move. Thanks for your support.

    I will be in contact when we are in a safer place. They would be bloody foolish to do anything now. Too many eyes recording/watching. Stupid bloody fools.

    To protect your privacy, some of the images in message have been blocked. Display images
    this just came in from Will Ryan from Nelson Clear skies action group.
    I have linked the image back to a site – because I still dont know ho w to insert them here.

    The attached article was in the Nelson Mail today. Seems the government is using the quake to push through the NZ version of the Patriot Act. Classic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ scenario here. Everything they decide to do as a ‘clean up’ of Christchurch is beyond investigation, beyond public scrutiny; just a mini fascist regime based on the flimsy excuse that it is an emergency situation so in need of draconian powers.

    to slow or speed up the data hover over the bottom of clip.

  39. Peter Cooper says:

    I live in Christchurch and was here when the quake hit.
    It was two quakes hitting at the same time only 10 kms apart.

    The following earthquake has been recorded by GNS Science:

    Reference number: 3366146/G
    Universal Time: 3 September 2010 at 16:35
    NZ Standard Time: Saturday, 4 September 2010 at 4:35 am
    Latitude, Longitude: 43.54°S, 172.23°E
    Location: 30 km west of Christchurch
    Focal depth: 33 km
    Richter magnitude: 7.4

    The following earthquake has been recorded by GNS Science:

    Reference number: 3366146/G
    Universal Time: 3 September 2010 at 16:35
    NZ Standard Time: Saturday, 4 September 2010 at 4:35 am
    Latitude, Longitude: 43.55°S, 172.18°E
    Location: 40 km west of Christchurch
    Focal depth: 10 km
    Moment magnitude: 7.1

  40. Gary says:

    I saw no lights but right after the Quake I was looking out the window towards the West where the quake happened and I did see a satellite cruising over-head if this helps any.

  41. Concerned says:

    Any more news from Kaikoura? This is some highly troubling stuff!

    Was in Chch for the quake, the only thing bothering me was the sulphur smell and the sulphur dust everywhere, and no explanation for it? I would put money on it that we are not being told the truth.

  42. Jake NZ says:

    While i sit up here in Auckland feeling, reasonably safe i feel something isn’t right in ChCh.

    I found this interesting story dated July 2010:

    Scientists plan to drill deep into Alpine Fault
    By PAUL GORMAN – The Press
    Last updated 05:00 27/07/2010

    I quote from the article:

    “The Alpine Fault offers great opportunities to investigate pressure, temperature and chemical conditions in the heart of the `earthquake machine’,” Townend said.

    “The Alpine Fault’s geometry, rapid rate of slip, and well-studied surface exposures make it a site of real global importance for fundamental research into the evolution of large faults and the conditions under which earthquakes occur.

    “Funding applications … have been submitted in Germany, the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, as well as New Zealand, and we await the outcomes of these and future applications.”

    Researchers at GNS Science, Otago University and Victoria University are co-ordinating the work in collaboration with colleagues at Canterbury University and Auckland University, and organisations in Germany, Britain and the United States.

    Does anyone in the area planned for drilling know anything about this?

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Ask John Townend about it, He was the project leader:

      Scientists eye drilling alpine fault

      International scientists have descended on the West Coast to discuss a plan to drill several kilometres into the Alpine Fault in a bid to learn more about earthquakes.

      The project, touted as first of its kind in New Zealand, should provide an important insight into how big earthquake faults evolve, and generate quakes.

      From Sunday, 60 scientists from seven countries will gather at Franz Josef Glacier for a five-day workshop, and develop a drilling plan.

      Project leader John Townend, of Victoria University in Wellington, said lowering instruments into the heart of the Alpine Fault would enable scientists to investigate processes not normally accessible.

  43. ashleypog balm says:

    sulfer smell> what suberb? i wana look in2 this, it is poss we mite have lava underneath, I hav no doubt these eugenic cotrol freaks want mass depoulation, so they wouldnt tell us. look at the gulf of mexico mass poisoning thats happening. they didnt warn the people there that the dispersant ruptures cells and is carcinogenic and will end up being fatal.

    May the Lord Jesus rebuke them.

    • Concerned says:

      Spreydon, smelt it bad after 5.1 quake last Wednesday, also was smelt in Riccarton. I have a friend that works out at the prison and he said the sulphur smell was strong all that week. Yellow dust covering whole city. Have been told it is pollen???

      • Rose says:


        I have been to Christchurch and have collected samples of the yellow powder that was all over everything, not only in Christchurch , but right across the island. and was reported in the Hawkes Bay also. This yellow powder was across cars, in water ways – so thick that it looked like paint spill. The mainstream called it pollen. We’re not so plugged in and brainwashed that we will will be sucked in.

        Thanks for your information. I have handed a sample to the authorities.

  44. ashleypog balm says:

    we have had northwest winds for a few days now. it could be pollen, but until it is lab tested we wont know. they have been chemtrailing the foothills tho, which floats over the city.
    ashleypogbalm youtube channel has a few ChristChurch chemtrail clips.

  45. debra hiddleston says:

    We too noticed the sulphur smell in Brooklands but we had lots of liquefaction, so I would think that had alot to do with it and as for the yellow dust covering the city it is pollen, we get it at this time of the year it’s nothing new and nothing to be worried about.

  46. Clare Swinney says:

    Here is a short radio interview here with the GNS seismologist, John Ristau, saying he was surprised an earthquake hit Christchurch. Interview: September 6, 2010 09:00:46:
    Seismologist surprised by location of NZ quake

    Photos Of Cloud-Matter Taken In Beckenham, Christchurch On The 5th September

  47. Clare Swinney says:

    E-mail from Jennifer of GeoNet Data Centre
    GNS Science in reply to queries:

    The reference numbers that you see associated with each earthquake event are called CUSP identification numbers. CUSP stands for “Caltech USGS Seismic Processor” which is an interactive software used for the analysis and location of earthquakes recorded on the New Zealand digital network. The i.d. numbers you see are based on the New Zealand earthquake catalogue and are assigned to each event under the control of CUSP (in sequential order). GeoNet locates around 15,000 earthquakes in and around New Zealand each year; most of these are small but around 250 are big enough to be felt. Earthquakes are posted on the website if they were felt by several people or are of a significant magnitude (generally 3.5 and above) which explains why CUSP i.d. numbers are not sequential on the ‘recent quakes’ page. Unfortunately I cannot say whether there was a theoretical number 1, as the New Zealand earthquake catalogue extends before the commencement of GeoNet and the use of CUSP.

    The letter “G” after the reference number means that the earthquake has been posted (and reviewed) by the duty officer in Lower Hutt. GeoNet used to be located at Gracefield (where the “G” comes from) in Lower Hutt. We’re now in Avalon; this just hasn’t been updated. Sometimes the letter “W” will be listed instead. This means that the earthquake has been posted by the duty officer out of the Wairakei office.


    GeoNet Data Centre
    GNS Science

  48. Clare Swinney says:

    Rose, who runs the Pacific Chemtrails website, was contacted by a chap who thought the facility at Birdling’s Flat at Akaroa, 75ks from Christchurch may be linked:
    Here is a photo:

    There is another photo posted on the Mysterious NZ Forum:

    where is mentions that the coordinates of the facility are:
    Lat – 43°49’9.29″S
    Long- 172°41’17.57″E

    Google: Birdling’s Flat HAARP and you will come across a page that relates to research projects around the world. It mentions a project done in collaboration with the US, which states:

    “The centerpiece of this project is the continuation of year-round operations and calibration of a high resolution Fabry-Perot spectrometer at the University of Canterbury’s Mount John Astronomical Observatory, NZ (44 deg S) that the PI has been conducting for the last 14 years. These observations will lay the foundation for the derivation of a statistically meaningful long-term mesospheric and lower thermospheric climatology including both winds and temperatures for the Mid-latitude Southern hemisphere atmosphere. Comparison between Mount John (southern hemisphere) and Fritz Peak (northern hemisphere) wind and temperature climatologies will be used to investigate inter-hemispherical differences in atmospheric dynamical behavior. Additional objectives that will be explored as part of this project include: comparison between simultaneous common volume observations of winds with the optical technique and both meteor and MF radar techniques at and near Mount John; combining radar and optical techniques to determine and characterize airglow altitude dependencies; and comparison with planned optical imager investigations at Mount John to investigate short-periodicity wind and temperature oscillations that have recently been discovered in the observations. The planned activities will be conducted as part of an established U.S.-New Zealand international cooperative project. In addition, through international cooperation and collaboration under the aegis of the Antarctic Aeronomy Consortium the observations in New Zealand (Mount John, Birdlings Flat) will be combined with observations in Australia (Adelaide, Beveridge), Argentina (El Leoncito, Buenos Aires) and Antarctica (Scott Base, Arrival Heights, Mawson, Davis, South Pole) to extend the climatological studies of planetary-scale and tidal wave activity to cover large fractions of both the midlatitude and high-latitude Southern Hemisphere. Collaboration with a theoretical modeling scientist to further interpret and investigate the implications of the observational findings has also been established. Graduate and undergraduate students will participate both in the observational and data analysis parts of the planned research program. Knowledge of atmospheric behavior at Southern Hemisphere latitudes is an important ingredient in fully understanding Global Climate Change and its human implications.

  49. Quake sensitive says:

    They are at it again…THOSE DAMN HARPIES.

    Stranded whales right now, an hour ago, today, a 45 min drive from me.

    This is a precursor once again as you say (window of 1-3 weeks) to massive quakes in Pacific!!! Same location, exactly a month later this occurs again. This is NOT natural.
    Watch it will probably hit the north island this time…could be within the week!!!



    • Rose says:

      Alana, I have had headaches again, started yesterday with a vengeance. I had these headaches from the time the whales beached in August last month until two days after the Christchurch Earthquake. Fatigue was another new symptom. We keep very good health so this was way out of character,

      There were mass standings in Australia late last last year (over 500 whales and dolphins) and several quakes in the same time period in areas that had never quaked before. We have all seen the satellite radar like pictures that were gathered over this period (now people like metvuw just delete the three hourly updates when they have something to hide, like they did on the night of the Christchurch quake).

      Dead yellow finned tuna and all array of fish were washing up on our East Coast beaches all through the year – and no one tested. Let nature take care of it – and nobody asks WHY? Nobody asked why the East Coast sea raged for six hours on Kaikoura’s coast – then just stopped like it had never happened.

      People need to start asking questions and not just accept the drivel fed to us from the idiot box – like the yellow powder collected in Hawkes Bay, Kaikoura and Christchurch. All of these places had earthquakes and they fobbed the powder off as pollen – BOLLOCKS. No one heard about Kaikouras quakes – that wasn’t on the news that night, nor was the fact that they had blocked main state highway 1, coastal road (conveniently) with a ‘slip’ that could have been moved in hours. They waited a week to move it – WHY??? and then cleared it directly after the quake.

      I wish I could understand why? Why the hell would anyone allow governments to annihilate populations with electromagnetic frequency? Why are we allowing this?

      Thanks for the heads up. If I was on your island I would be neck deep in wetsuit and whales. They are calling for volunteers to assist. Take a tent and wetsuit.

      On another topic, thanks for posting the Birdlings Flat info Clare. We will certainly be making further investigation.

  50. Rose says:
    Find more photos like this on Pacific Chemtrail

    Here’s the skies of the east coast of South Island NZ – while the biggest storm on the planet raged over NZ, the weather gods held it back from the South Islands East Coast – Christchurch could not have taken another hit so one presumes the powers were impressing the NZ Government with their ability to manipulate the Australian sized storm away from quake stricken Christchurch.

    These skies were glowing on the horizon over both Wellington and the Southern Alps. The skies in the east were clear (during daylight hours) for the first time since the day after the quake.

  51. Clare Swinney says:

    Here is mention of the Birdlings Flat facility. Sounding like HAARP – firing pulses at the ionosphere:

    MAIN BRANCH MEETING Wednesday 4 March 7:45 pm

    Lester Tomlinson, will talk about the ionasonde at Birdlings Flat. This device fires pulses straight up at the ionosphere on 2.5Mhz and measures the time taken to receive the return pulse, thus the height of the reflecting layer can be calculated..
    One of the ways in which HAARP is thought to work is similar to firing a cap gun in an avalanche area. The snow is built up, ready to collapse and even the slightest disturbance causes an avalanche. That’s one way that HAARP works. In key areas where seismic pressures are ready to shift, HAARP bombards the already sensitive area with an incredible amount of energy in the form of a beam that reflects off the ionosphere. The earth’s tectonic plates vibrate and an earthquake results.

  52. Raymond Collecutt says:

    Its not really that much energy Clare. 3.6mega watta is less power than what a 4 sec drag car has! do some math.

    The earth will move when it wants to. Only a nuclear bomb could maybe help make it move sooner not some radio waves.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Raymond, refer the science of resonance – Tesla technology.

      You can get good leads on what is behind the man-induced earthquakes today by viewing this program that was on TV in the US, late last year, Conspiracy Theory on HAARP with Jesse Ventura:

      Also note – this is an indicator of how little initial energy is required to set off an earthquake:
      Excerpt from the New York World

      Telegram, July 11, 1935 –

      Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which “you could put in your overcoat pocket.”

      The bewildered newspapermen pounced upon this as at least one thing they could understand and “the father of modern electricity” told what had happened as follows:

      “I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound.

      “I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher. “Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium.

      “the police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That’s all they ever knew about it.”

      Some shrewd reporter asked Dr. Tesla at this point what he would need to destroy the Empire State Building and the doctor replied: “Vibration will do anything. It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down. That’s why soldiers break step crossing a bridge.”

  53. Pingback: Did The Christchurch Earthquake Have The High Level Freemasons’ Signature Upon It? | OneWorldScam

  54. Made Man says:

    This has got the HAARP stink all over it..

  55. Peter says:

    Just some facts about HAARP. This stands for High Frequency Active Auroal Research Project. It is a US military, and I believe also The New World Order who command this ‘Research Project’. This was designed as part of the ‘Star Wars’ project when Russia was a threat, and the likes of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and aircraft could easily be shot down with ‘plasma technology’ which is the forth state of matter. It also was designed with communications in mind, it could penetrate the oceans and reach submarines, and GPS use, but there is also a more sinister side to it. There are 180 72 foot tall radio masts in a complex that can send one billion watts of power up into the ionisphere. The ionisphere is heated up to such an extent that electrically charged particles can be brought down a thousand fold stronger back down to the earth. I have been told they can direct it anywhere they like. I have seen that the sky above can turn to a pinky red, blue and white colour.
    The most dangerous things they can achieve with this machine is alter the jetsteam above, so the weather can be easily manipulated, storms like hurricanes can be moved anywhere, create yes, earthquakes, and even be used for mind control. These are cold facts. You can check all of what I have stated on youtube, or tap in HAARP on google.
    This type of device should be stopped. It is also very disturbing to know that they intend to to build another 180 radio towers.


    • Raymond says:

      Sadly though all this is just speculation. All indications point to it being 3.6mega watts not 1 billion watts(big difference). The rest of what you have said cannot be backed up first hand so it is just speculation and Not fact!

      One of you should go to an open day they hold there every two odd years.

      The conspiricy industry only seems to ask questions within there own groups(because they won’t believe what the eficials have to say)so the knowlage doesn’t get better it gets more destorted.
      You think your feet are on the ground but really your taking part in the biggest chinese whispers game ever known.

  56. Ross M says:

    The only “fact” there is that HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroal Research Project.

    And Clare, that saying does not work in writing, which is why it’s called a “saying”.

    • Rose says:

      And who is the above poster? Hand on the bible Marsden…

      Instructor breaks down in tears at canyoning inquest
      JOHN SELKIRK/Dominion Post
      INQUEST: Witness Ross Marsden of the MetService is sworn in prior to giving evidence.

      I’m sure all the families that lost children in the above incident are hanging off your every word.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      I’m sure you know it is


      Research Program, not Auroal. Needless to state that is the only fact – a chemtrail is evident in the TV3 news of Sept 4th in Christchurch.
      Bernard Eastlund’s patent for HAARP technology mentions barium and Tesla’s work.
      Evidence shows barium is being put into the atmosphere via planes spraying aerosols, (chemtrails). and found in rainwater.
      Earthquakes have been caused deliberately before

      Gordon MacDonald, who is quoted by highly influential advisors, published papers on the use of environmental-control technologies for military purposes and stated: The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.

      MacDonald developed ideas for using the environment as a weapon system. He wrote, “How To Wreck The Environment,” for a book Unless Peace Comes and describes the use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilisation, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave manipulation using the planet’s energy fields.

      He speculated these types of weapons would be developed and, when used, would be virtually undetectable by their victims.
      He was quoted in the book co-authored by Obama’s Science and Technology advisor, John Holdren and by New World Order proponent and co-founder of the Trilateral commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who mentions MacDonald’s ideas in his book, Between Two Ages:

  57. Concerned says:

    4 quakes within an hour, 3 of them centered in the city! All around mag 4 and less than 10km deep. Seems to me the quakes are creeping closer and closer to the volcanoes. Sulphur gas has previously been smelled after somes quakes, and hows that “pollen dust” going in the lab, any results yet.

  58. michael says:

    volcanoes? What volcanoes? Is there a dormant one near Christcurch, or are you referring to some other part of NZ?

    • Alan Byde. says:

      Lyttleton Harbour, blown out volcanic caldera. Rhyolite lava 70% silica, viscous, holds gases until magma nears surface, explodes. Krakatoa, Mount St Helen have rhyolite. Quail Island in Lyttleton harbour is ancient volcanic plug of rhyolite. Is magma moving up through many cracks in crust? The epicentres seem to be less deep. Diamond Harbour 6 kms deep. Locality Quail Island, hot springs smelling of sulphur, more flow recently.

  59. Ross M says:

    Oh, I spelt “Auroral” incorrectly! I only copied and pasted, then edited a bit. In the original comment “Auroral” is spelt incorrectly as well. So even THAT statement was not a fact. There are NO facts in the entire comment!

    Apparently you agree with me that (if Auroral was spelt correctly) “HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project” is the only fact. Needless to state …

    Are you sure that TV3 news item showed a chemtrail? It looks to me like a contrail, but it’s barely visible in the video. And then you go on to use some of the non-facts about HAARP to suggest that the Canterbury Earthquake was engineered? Have you run this by the guys at GNS? Mayor Bob Parker? What do they think about this?

  60. Concerned says:

    Let’s not get into a banter of semantics and personalities. Ross you seem to be an unquestioning sort of fellow, that’s fine. However we are the questioning type and seek the truth. If you believe everything the media and government tell you then I’m afraid you are in the wrong discussion. The government has already shown us they are either covering up chemtrails or criminally ignorant to whats going on. So many photos and videos that it should at least be investigated. Then you have the strange earthquake itself, up and down movement which has not been explained, sulphur smell which has not been explained, “pollen dust”? Lastly, can you remember the quake, how the shaking was? To me it seemed almost mechanical at some points, and this is a leap, not natural!

  61. ashleypog balm says:

    chemtrails or persistent contrails are real, i have video evidence of them being sprayed and persisting, slowly spreading out to form a high altitude mist/fog. the only clouds that were over christchurch o saturday were chemical clouds that were put there by planes!!!
    i think the mayor should put a poll out asking ‘was the christchurch earth quake caused by a tesla type device?’ to the christchurch people. i think many would say yes

  62. Ross M says:

    This is an interesting application of spacecraft based radar to map earth surface movement between two times. This one shows the movement that occurred during the Canterbury Earthquake.

  63. ashleypog balm says:

    this is a classic chem trail with the authorities spewing some bad science to naturally explain this away, their close up of otago is edited, they took away the chemtrail line that is barely visible on the large image. this is blatent disinfomation
    Bob McDavitt you are lying. may the lord Jesus rebuke you.

  64. Clare Swinney says:

    • Rose says:

      been removed Clare… however we saw the clip last night and found it incredibly interesting. The trees even parted

      Quakes/shocks science 4th Sept (NZT) 1560 total

      The last 24 hours
      4.2M, depth: 12km 8/10/2010 06:29
      4.4M, depth: 5km 8/10/2010 06:17
      4.2M, depth: 5km 7/10/2010 23:09
      2.8M, depth: 14km 7/10/2010 20:23
      2.4M, depth: 4km 7/10/2010 19:13
      3.3M, depth: 4km 7/10/2010 17:58
      3.9M, depth: 12km 7/10/2010 16:33
      2.6M, depth: 7km 7/10/2010 15:40
      2.9M, depth: 12km 7/10/2010 14:33
      2.7M, depth: 12km 7/10/2010 13:49
      2.5M, depth: 5km 7/10/2010 12:56
      2.5M, depth: 12km 7/10/2010 12:40
      3.2M, depth: 2km 7/10/2010 12:07
      2.8M, depth: 12km 7/10/2010 11:56
      3.1M, depth: 21km 7/10/2010 07:49

  65. So where is a link to the NZ chemtrails video as I posted to a mail group assuming the link was there and it was not…and also to my Facebook…people will be looking for the link to view that video…all I saw when I clicked on the ones were were the Issues that matter most – links to blogs!

  66. Clare Swinney says:

    The question has been asked of MatrixVaporizer – why did he/she pull the video:
    5 hours ago

    @MatrixVaporizer Whyd ya pull the vid??

    tc, Mary – dolph

    Here is another video regarding the event:

    Also refer:

  67. Kay says:

    Rose, try singing to relieve some of the symptoms you are experiencing.
    Singing creates an internal vibration, it also uses heart and lungs together increasing oxygen flow and releases endorphins. It blocked the ELF signals for me and interfered with the communication within the colony. It will ease your breathing, relieve some of the fatigue and may well help with the headaches too. A few drops of Manuka oil in your bath will prevent the fungal component taking hold. Bin Inn stocks it at a reasonable price.
    For all of you under Chem trail attack, change to a lavender or lemon grass essential oil soap. I have a lady that makes them for me, she has an organic farm in Ngarawahia and supply’s by mail order.

    • rose says:

      I would love a link to your friends site Kay and a big thanks for your advice. We are keen natural health people in our houshold. The manuka oil… good tip!

      Aroha my friend 😉

  68. Kay says:

    Her site isn’t up and running yet Rose. I’ll post a link when it is.
    Kia manawanui.

  69. Rose says:

    Just when you think it is over (only one jolt in CHC yesterday)…

    Now the people down there are reporting that the jolts (like the 4.4) are not being reported truthfully. They have experienced so many now that they are the experts. If they are collectively saying the quakes are bigger than the reports, then so it is. 1911 quakes to date!

    3M, depth: 9km 18/10/2010 14:44
    4.1M, depth: 12km 18/10/2010 14:11
    3.7M, depth: 8km 18/10/2010 11:39
    4.4M, depth: 8km 18/10/2010 09:28
    3.1M, depth: 8km 18/10/2010 09:24
    3.6M, depth: 5km 17/10/2010 19:20

    The following is dawn over Kaikoura (today 18th October) (The Whale town two hours North of Christchurch) The photos pan from East (over the sea) to west (over the mountain ranges)

    While you are sleeping…

    These skies frequent the dawn/dusk. Both horizons glow – WHY? ASK WHY?

  70. Rose says:

    This is bloody ludicrous – 24 quakes in the last 24 hours?! It had all but stopped a couple of days ago.

    A magnitude 5 was reported this morning… this is what a Christchurch blogger had to say…

    Reply by XXX 2 hours ago
    This was a huge one!!! I am wondering what are they going to report…
    Reply by XXX 1 hour ago
    only 5 !!!??? I cannot believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3.8M, depth: 5km 19/10/2010 13:24
    3.7M, depth: 5km 19/10/2010 11:41
    5M, depth: 9km 19/10/2010 11:32
    4M, depth: 15km 19/10/2010 10:54
    3M, depth: 6km 19/10/2010 10:01
    3.3M, depth: 6km 19/10/2010 09:43
    2.8M, depth: 8km 19/10/2010 07:48
    2.5M, depth: 18km 19/10/2010 05:27
    3.6M, depth: 10km 19/10/2010 04:20
    3.3M, depth: 16km 19/10/2010 03:31
    2.8M, depth: 9km 19/10/2010 03:19
    2.5M, depth: 5km 19/10/2010 00:14
    2.7M, depth: 18km 18/10/2010 23:16
    2.9M, depth: 6km 18/10/2010 22:56
    3.2M, depth: 13km 18/10/2010 22:22
    3.3M, depth: 20km 18/10/2010 22:21
    2.7M, depth: 13km 18/10/2010 21:43
    3M, depth: 8km 18/10/2010 19:42
    2.6M, depth: 7km 18/10/2010 18:37
    3.3M, depth: 5km 18/10/2010 16:51
    2.8M, depth: 5km 18/10/2010 15:42
    3.2M, depth: 5km 18/10/2010 15:04
    3M, depth: 9km 18/10/2010 14:44
    4.1M, depth: 12km 18/10/2010 14:11

    Hang tight friends. They are HAARPing the hell out of the skies up the coast. Tripods set up.

  71. Aroha says:

    Im sorry – I can’t work out how to post these pics here but I loaded them on Pacific Chemtrail. Here is the link Click on the images to enlarge. This is the HAARPing going on since about 12.30 today. It was happening all morning too but that has become pretty normal around here!

    I hope you guys are ok down there. I’d better ring my family and check in.

  72. ashleypog balm says:

    NAGOYA, Japan – In a landmark consensus decision, the 193-member UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will close its tenth biennial meeting with a de facto moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments. “Any private or public experimentation or adventurism intended to manipulate the planetary thermostat will be in violation of this carefully crafted UN consensus,” stated Silvia Ribeiro, Latin American Director of ETC Group.

    The agreement, reached during the ministerial portion of the two-week meeting which included 110 environment ministers, asks governments to ensure that no geoengineering activities take place until risks to the environment and biodiversity and associated social, cultural and economic impacts have been appropriately considered. The CBD secretariat was also instructed to report back on various geoengineering proposals and potential intergovernmental regulatory measures.

    • Rose says:

      Excellent article

      Japan had better watch it’s back. How dare they not follow the flock!?

      I don’t trust the UN as far as I can kick em. Watch the wording carefully on anything related to bans on geoengineering.

  73. N says:




    • Kay says:

      I don’t think even the Big I am has a cure N.
      The money given by the CDC to investigate this was less than $400,000.
      Research shows they’ve known about this for years before being pressed to investigate. But there are ways to divest the body of much of what strips us back. I’ve been fighting back nano bugs, detoxing daily for the past 7 months.
      I’m happy to share what I’ve learnt and what has worked for me.
      Here’s a link to an American friend of mines site.
      Lots of good info there, but we disagree about the amounts of oils he suggests. (In early detox any oil that covers the skin can cause a severe Herx reaction.)
      Not willing to post my info online N. But if Clare is willing to pass me your email and that’s sweet with you. I’ll do my best by you and yours.
      Hang in there.

  74. Ben Vidgen says:

    The facts Part One

    1. Sept 4th go look at seismic activity for Anchorage Alaska.

    2. Meteorite and subsequent explosions in Sandiego and South America both occur in location also hit by seismic activity on same day. In Sandiego mas report of radios on blink half an hour before quake hits.

    3. Several aircraft and helicopters go down in South Island NZ month Sept 4 -15 (approx) caused by sudden massive electrical failure.*

    4. Mass orange balls sighted similar to sighting witness in weeks before Tsunami Boxing day quake (and filmed) through out South Island from October 2 including Boxing day Christ Press photo take by Lloyd Mcfadden – who during phone interview confirm US military conducting research into sprite blue jet phenomenon on NZ skies back as far as 1990’s.

    5. Haarp relay stations in NZ matter of public record see TIGER (INVERCARGILL) AND CEDAR WOOD STATION, CHRISTCHURCH also Macquarie Island where electrical abnormally recorded and observed week before boxing day Tsunami stations.

  75. Ben Vidgen says:

    The Facts Part Two

    6. Otago Daily Times published in Dec 11 an on line multiple photo of chem trail spraying over Dunedin even mainstream reporters moved to file OIA’s with NZ Defence Department.

    The photos shows the vapour trail coming from a plane identified and confirmed (by ODT) as US military aircraft head ign to Antartica after left US base in Christchurch Operation DEEP FREEZE and breaking up into cloud within 15 minutes.

    This author has personally seen these clouds over Oamaru where a thin mist could also be observed as raining down as jet vapour trail turned into cloud. Observed in sky at same time a Helcipoter NZ chopper fitted with radar monitoring equipment (Helicopter NZ has extenive contacts with US military). Wintess to this event include my p.a. at the time and local pl;oice constable who had pulled us over part of routine traffick check being conducted at the time.

    7. In 2009 German metrological expert karl Brandt took Federal military of Germany court over chem spraying after clouds appeared on radar following spraying. This year the United Kindon goverment also admitted this practice as common.

    8. Journalists have written extensively on operation Clover Leaf and the film of aluminum now coating the planet as result of technology used to enhance or block signal transmission. (see also Chemtrails: Aerosol Madness Above the Earth
    July 14, 2010 By Belitsos) you however will not find any mention of chems trails or Haarp or Karl Brnadt (also interviwed extensively by German media) on the internet if you conduct a news search of mainstream papers. You may wish to try to closed data base system in libaries and university which tend to be immuned to filtering and cleansing than the net.

    9. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinch. Unsuccessful Space Preservation Act of 2001 drew legislation specifically against the following

    Electronic, psychotronic and information weaponry
    high altitude ultra low frequency weapons

    Plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons

    Laser weapons (used to largely to blinf troops the logic according to Indian scientist is to create weapons that inlfict long term wounds which drain military resources better than killing soilders themselves. Ideally weapons that do not damage natural resources or core infrastructure of countryies being attacked are highly desired.)

    Strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons (exterestrial in theis sense is not pmeant to mean alien but rather space based weapons suchs orbit weapons platforms).

    Chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic weapons

    “Chemtrails” (this item was removed from a later version of his bill).

    10 SEE ALSO

    Warming, Hughes Aircraft Company, issued March 26, 1991.
    Modification of Tropospheric Propagation Conditions May1990.Pentagon Preps for War in Space,”Noah Shachtman,

    US PATENT 5003186; Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global
    US PATENT 3899 144 aUGUST 12 1975 inventors of “Powder contrail genrator”onald K Werle, Romas Kaspara, Sidney Katz.
    US PATENT 6,315,213

    U. S. PATENT 4686605 (HAARP) Inventor Dr Bernard J. Eastlund’s – who has always being quite clear on HAARPs purpose and miltary design. HAARP in Alaska approverd US Science adviser Professors Edward Zeller who in 70 wanted to dump nuclear waste in Antartica.

    Material in NZ archives (i have copies) show how idea vetoed when NZ scientist advising NZ PM Norman Kirk pointed this was insane as ice would cause sea levels to raise by 3 metres worl wide. So yes these people are nuts.

    Interesting same NZ archived documents show how Antartic lakes (not made public until mid 90’s) were detected using satelitie bouncing sesimic technology said not to exist in 80’s when NZ gemstone files also claimed same technology had uncovered extensive oil field in NZ Southern basin. Today US admit sesimci survey technology part of HAARP purpose along with submarine communication.

    11. Past NZ researchers including Owen Wilkes and Central Otago paint convinving picture of how US military has being engaed in geowarfare rsearch in NZ since late 1960’s and seventies including HAARP rsearch conducted first at Naseby then lauider where NIWA (managed by the US) was based. Facility which back on to the St Bathans mountain range (where 28 billion in coals has now being announced as having being found to exist) as of mid 90’s contained scrap metal of original equipment painted in standard US Army green (photos of this scrap metal in its army green still exist).

    Wilkes also found extensive records showing how NZ University projects funded by US military including Mount John Observatory and observatories in Waitaki valley now part of National Science Foundation. Today this oprganistion fund Poker Flat in Alaska and manage the HAARP facility. These facilities and US Vandenberg Air Foce Base connected directly to Polar facilities using satelite system MARISATE/GOES funded by US Navy Spacewarfare centre (SPAWAR) alos hooked into multiple remote observatories system and US south pole facility known as DARKSIDE. Was overseen by Dr Rodney Marks the second spawar employee to die in Antarcia in 2000 (the first Jophn Besiada). marks murder is currently considered by NZ police to be homicide but hacve been unabkle to progress further due to lack of coperation by Raytheon and Lockheed the US arms manufactuers who oversee US facilitis in Antartica.

    11. 2011 Moratorium on mining in Anatartica ends.

    12. US 1600 km completes “highway” from Mcmurdo on US claimed territory to new US base on NZ ross shelf called Scot Amundsen or simply scott base by US media.

    13. 2010 Washington Post claims new Chinese bases listyed a sesmic monitoring staion in spying on Scot Amindsen.

    14. 2010 China signs joint agreement with Australia (largest producer of coal to China) to mine and exploit Antartica resources.

  76. rose says:

    go to the above link to view photos from the devastating 6.3 quake from 22.2.2011

    To speed the viewer up hover over the bottom of the screen and turn up the icon

    Much love to the victims and their families

  77. rose says:

    pocket of 15 alive found in CTV building – a miracle

  78. Rose says:

    this happened and I told others that a quake was eminent – they ALWAYS alert us

  79. Clare Swinney says:

    Thanks very much Ben. For those who do not know, Ben Vidgen is the author of the non-fiction book ‘State Secrets’ Refer:

    The following comments were left in a thread regarding the quakes of February the 22nd, 2011:
    rose says:
    22/02/2011 at 5:33 pm (Edit)

    Recent New Zealand Earthquakes

    This is a list of the latest thirty New Zealand earthquakes.
    Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.

    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468705
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 5:19 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.6
    o Depth: 15 km
    o Details: 10 km south-east of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468688
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 4:43 pm
    o Magnitude: 3.7
    o Depth: 6 km
    o Details: 10 km east of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468672
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 4:04 pm
    o Magnitude: 5.0
    o Depth: 12 km
    o Details: Within 5 km of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468666
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 3:48 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.5
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 10 km south-west of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468664
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 3:43 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.6
    o Depth: 11 km
    o Details: 10 km east of Lyttelton
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468635
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 2:50 pm
    o Magnitude: 5.5
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: Within 5 km of Lyttelton
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468630
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 2:39 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.0
    o Depth: 8 km
    o Details: 10 km north-east of Lyttelton
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468631
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 2:37 pm
    o Magnitude: 3.4
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 30 km south-east of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468619
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 2:15 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.6
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 10 km south of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468608
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 1:46 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.4
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 10 km east of Lyttelton
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468595
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 1:21 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.5
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 10 km east of Diamond Harbour
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468581
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 1:04 pm
    o Magnitude: 5.7
    o Depth: 6 km
    o Details: 10 km south of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468577
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 12:56 pm
    o Magnitude: 4.9
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 10 km south-east of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468575
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 12:51 pm
    o Magnitude: 6.3
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: 10 km south-east of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468510
    o NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 9:16 am
    o Magnitude: 3.1
    o Depth: 3 km
    o Details: 10 km south of Christchurch
    o [View event in Google Maps] Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.
    o Reference Number: 3468090
    o NZDT: Mon, Feb 21 2011 12:48 pm
    o Magnitude: 2.5
    o Depth: 5 km
    o Details: Within 5 km of Christchurch
    rose says:
    22/02/2011 at 5:52 pm (Edit)

    BP closes all Christchurch stations after quake

    Christchurch quake: People likely to be trapped in cathedral (+ photos)
    Photo / @tesswoolcock via Twitpic

    The Dean of ChristChurch Cathedral says the partial destruction of the iconic building in today’s massive earthquake is unimportant in light of the great human cost the disaster will incur.

    The Anglican cathedral in the heart of the city was largely destroyed in the 6.3 shake, the spire reduced to rubble and the roof caved in.

    Deaths, destruction in Christchurch quake
    Last updated 17:45 22/02/2011
    rose says:
    22/02/2011 at 6:24 pm (Edit)

    65 confirmed dead by John Key – more to come

    Clare Swinney says:
    23/02/2011 at 10:04 am (Edit)

    I was listening to the news on NewsTalkZB when Key reported 65 were dead yesterday. A man at the Civil Defence office in Christchurch said they were in the SAME building as Key and he said 17 were dead. He said he could not understand why Key was saying 65 were dead.

    rose says:
    22/02/2011 at 7:13 pm (Edit)

    65 dead in devastating Christchurch quake
    Quake toll ‘could double’
    Last updated 18:53 22/02/2011

  80. rose says:

    CTV Rescue Called Off

    The Canterbury Television Site has been closed and no further rescue efforts will be made.

    It is believed everyone still inside has died from asphyxiation. The instability of the building’s structure means it is not safe for rescuers.

  81. rose says:

    Police say people still trapped at CTV
    February 23, 2011, 12:51 pm

    Hopes 15 people have been rescued from the Canterbury TV building in Christchurch this morning have been dashed, with police saying no one had been recovered alive from that site.

    As the Government declared a national state of emergency, a Fire Service spokesman told Radio New Zealand 15 people had been pulled alive from a “pocket” in the collapsed building after using a cameras to locate them. But police told then NZPA the report was incorrect, and the 15 had not been saved.

    Seventy five people have now been confirmed as dead with another 300 unaccounted for after the 6.3 magnitude quake struck the city yesterday afternoon.

    Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said 55 bodies had been identified and the remaining 20 were still unidentified. Rescuers at the CTV building said they were continuing to use the camera to search for more people.

    more at above link

  82. rose says:

    YahooXtra news
    President Obama sends condolences to Christchurch (how big of him)
    February 23, 2011, 12:55 pm

    United States president Barack Obama and wife Michelle have sent their condolences to the victims of quake-ravaged Christchurch.

    “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives have been touched by this tragedy, especially as they search for their loved ones and work to recover from this disaster,” he said in a statement.

    He said the United States was a close friend and partner of New Zealand, demonstrated by the US-New Zealand Partnership Forum that was underway in Christchurch when the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck.

    To assist in the rescue and recovery efforts, the US would deploy a US Agency for International Development Disaster Assistance Response Team, including an urban search and rescue team, to help with the rescue and recovery effort.
    “As our New Zealand friends move forward, may they find some comfort and strength in knowing that they will have the enduring friendship and support of many partners around the world, including the United States.”

  83. rose says:

    From the Rsoe Disaster Map

    The earthquake that struck Christchurch has caused some 30 million tons of ice to break off from New Zealand’s biggest glacier. Tour guides at the Tasman Glacier in the Southern Alps say the quake caused the ice to “calve” from the glacier, forming icebergs in the terminal lake. Tourists of Glacier Explorer boats say the icefall caused waves of up to 3.5 meters in height which swept up and down the lake for 30 minutes. The glacier is about 120 miles (200 kilometers) from Christchurch on the west coast. The powerful earthquake struck Christchurch on Tuesday, toppling tall buildings and churches, crushing buses and killing at least 65 people.

  84. Kay says:

    Did anyone else notice the boot we got up here in Northland, NZ at 2 am?
    Ran in to 3 different folk next day that’d had their overload switches triggered.
    A friend’s phone keeps downloading something random, but does nothing else. She was using it at 2. Computer keyboard fried here. Hit like an electric bolt/jolt through the floor. Asking around lots of people said they’d woken then.
    This morning they said the reported deaths had changed as they were only counting those that could be positively identified?
    Stand strong Christchurch, and try to stay out of any rain.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks Kay. I will ask Betty Hooper, who lives near you, if she noticed anything, tomorrow.

      Sorry to hear your keyboard got cooked.

      • Clare Swinney says:

        Betty Hooper stated that she had not noticed anything out of the ordinary along the lines that you referred to Kay.

  85. Rose says:

    9 Members Of U.S. Congress Left Christchurch New Zealand Hours Before Earthquake

  86. Rose says: ~ Stuff Online Newspaper
    Christchurch families queue for supplies
    Last updated 05:00 24/02/2011

    Hundreds of Christchurch families spent hours queuing for bread, water and petrol – with authorities warning there will not be enough water to meet demand in the coming days.

    Both major supermarket chains report many stores were closed. Staff and customers were injured when stock fell off shelves. Power cuts have ruined refrigerated food, closed bakeries and butcheries, perishable goods have been condemned and many shop workers stayed home to care for their families.

    Christchurch City Council said the water supply was not functioning on the eastern side of the city. “There is no drinking water and no fire pressure,” it said in a statement. Drinking water was available from some primary schools and more tanks were on the way.

    Countdown spokesman Luke Schepen said 10 of the chain’s 14 stores in Christchurch were closed, some with structural damage, and stock was significantly damaged.

    Some residents, who have been driving out of the city to buy groceries, have been stripping supermarket shelves in outlying areas.

    More here

  87. Rose says:

    Just linking some interesting coincidences

    *US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano Cancelled Trip To Speak In Christchurch
    Posted on 24/02/2011 by Clare Swinney

    *400 Aussie doctors caught in Christchurch

    *116 soldiers from the Singapore Army, in Christchurch for a training exercise at the time of the earthquake

  88. Peter says:

    Hi All,

    I hopped on the and if you go back to when the quake occurred, it is *clear* the quake has a nuke seismic signature. Have a look at to compare what a normal quake and a nuke blast looks like.

    Like the Bali bomb, perhaps this was a micronuke set off underground?


    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks peter. This is the page he refers to, I understand, and thank-you to Rose in Kaikoura for sending it.

  89. Chris Wolf says:

    It is devasting, and brings a tear to my eyes to read through your comments..

    I want everyone here to know that your cousins in South Africa can hear you. My deepest condolences to those whose families were injured, and who have been tormented by this evil.

    This rage from North is intolerable, and i feel that the Southern Hemisphere’s people must rise against this…people all over the world are starting to take note.

    They are moving quicker, their World Order by stealth is taking frame.

    We will not just stand and stare…we will rise !!!

    Peace and Love….The Wolf

  90. BenCVidgen says:

    1. Check Alaska seismic activity on the day.

    2. Note warning posted of solar storm day before with disruption to radio communication in Northern hemisphere past storm also targeted northern hemisphere with Alaska considered centre of peak activity related to solar storm (jan from memory) during this occasion.

    3. Reports of Sonic Boom active in South Island since Boxing day

    4. Lyood Mcfadden and thousands of other christchurch resident note orange ball lighting over Chch during boxing day quake appears on front page of Christchurch Press.

    5. Pilot Whales wash up on West Coast.

    6. ODT updates Chem trail reports with two letter to editor by Peter Drew & Peter Basquin. Drew Letter (Aircraft vapour Formation ‘a chemtrail’) outlines why trial spotted by hundred of Otago residents in Dec chemtrail not a plane vapour. Drew noting the explanation was also highlighted by Ross Marsden MetService consultant who originally identified the aircraft as C5 departed from Operation DEEP FREEZE Christchurch. Drew also noted that Vapour explanation also lacked credibility as when the flight was tracked by satelite the trail stopped at the end of South Island instesd of following the aircraft to it alleged final destination Antartica.

    7. See also MV Polar Stern which provides a solid undenibale case of geoenigineering being applied despites the existence of moratorium against geoengineering.

    8. See also Chinese “seismic monitoring” station in Antartica which is targeting US new base Scott Amundsen in case of alleged espionage and spying (

    9. Scott Amudsen recieves data from several remote observatories designed to collect research on the atmosphere managed by National Science Foundation relayed thru transmitter MARISTA GOES transmitted to US universities via F2 polar orbit satelite. The funding is provided by SPAWAR US Navy Space & Warfare Centre.
    Two employees affilated with SPAWAR include Rodney Mark John G. Biesiada

  91. ness says:

    why does everything have to have a conspiracy behind it?? NZ is completely in the ring of fire, my city is broken, the death toll is rising more and more. tectonic plates shift, creating earthquakes. simple. if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it most likely is shit. simply put, the most logical explanation is usually the correct one.
    no conspiracy, just mother nature handing out tragedy.
    KIA KAHA CHRISTCHURCH… We will rise again… love to everyone

    • Clare Swinney says:

      I suggest you have a look at the evidence and look into the technology that can be used to induce earthquakes.
      From, via an e-mail dated the 3rd of March 2011.
      This question sounds impossibly implausible but there is considerable evidence to suggest that the Christchurch earthquake is very suspicious and there is a lot of information that deserves to be seen and considered by all people of NZ regarding this question. Out of respect for the victims ofChristchurch , we owe it to them to have this information below distributed across NZ and looked at and considered fully.
      Firstly, are man made earthquakes possible? The answer is absolutely yes. Here is a very quick science lesson on this and then we will look at the scientific evidence and circumstantial evidence that casts some highly significant suspicions around the Christchurch earthquake:
      What is HAARP?
      High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. See:

      * The main HAARP facility is based in Alaska (although there are several others) and is capable of sending several billion watts of electromagnetic pulses into the upper atmosphere and can bounce these pulses off either the upper ionosphere or off satellites, and direct these pulses to a location anywhere on the earth, either above or below ground level.

      * Could these pulses potentially be used to create earthquakes? Yes. This is the same sort of technology that geologists use to help locate oil and gas fields underground, however they use only a tiny fraction of the power level that HAARP uses. With the power level that HAARP has, geologists have stated that this would certainly be enough to potentially cause a large earthquake. See brief segment of a TV documentary in 2010 explaining this:

      HAARP pulses require assistance in the atmosphere

      * For HAARP pulses to be more effectively transmitted through the atmosphere, it helps greatly to have something in the atmosphere to assist this. If large quantities of materials such as fine particle aluminium are present in the atmosphere it can create a type of ‘atmospheric plasma’ for the HAARP pulses to travel through.

      * This process of ‘seeding the atmosphere’ with large amounts of fine particle aluminium has been seen in huge abundance across the South Island over the past few months; numerous aircraft have been seen leaving long thick trails of a white substance that stays in the sky for many hours and spreads out to form milky, hazy, metallic looking clouds. Please See and see the last 30 seconds of the documentary link above

      Could some nations already be using this technology to artificially create earthquakes?

      There is much evidence and discussion to strongly indicate that at least several nations are already actively using this type of technology for a variety of potential purposes based around substantial manipulation of the environment. Here is just one of numerous quotes and references regarding this: “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts.” – US Secretary of Defence, William Cohen, 1997
      Strong evidence that HAARP was in operation over Christchurch just prior to the earthquake
      1. There was a large amount of spraying of white ‘atmospheric aerosol material’ into the sky by aircraft in the surrounding area of Christchurch witnessed by many people in the days leading up to the quake. Outside of the NZ Govt, who else would have the capacity to utilise aircraft in NZ air space in this way? Probably only the US Airforce from their multiple bases within NZ.
      2. Photos of the sky in the area on Feb 21 show large amounts of multi coloured ‘rainbow clouds’, Please See that many experts believe are related to HAARP activity and which also appeared in the skies in exactly the same way just before other recent large earthquakes, Please See
      3. The measurement charts showing the level of power being emitted from various HAARP installations show a sudden surge of power being emitted simultaneously from three different HAARP installations in the US just a few hours before the Christchurch quake (Scientists believe that there would likely be a small time delay between HAARP activity and a potential seismic event such as this). These three HAARP power surges are shown on one of the graphs on the link below. A ‘HAARP Induction Magnetometer’ graph on the link below also shows the same HAARP surge at the same time. This simultaneous HAARP surge coincided with what is termed a ‘global quake’ where there was a small amount of seismic activity recorded at places all across the planet (shown on one of the graphs on the link below), however by far the strongest of these ‘global quakes’ was the Christchurch quake. It could be theorised that the large EM pulses being emitted from the three HAARP installations had a minor effect on the whole planet but that they were potentially focussed onto the Christchurch area.
      4. Coinciding with the time period of increased HAARP activity, there was a mass stranding of dolphins in the Thames Estuary on Feb 21 and there was a mass stranding of whales at Stewart Island on Feb 20 ( This is very consistent with the other recent large earthquakes mentioned above which were also preceded by mass strandings of dolphins and whales in the 48 hours prior to the quakes hitting. It is thought that electromagnetic pulses from HAARP can seriously disrupt the navigation systems of dolphins and whales as they are used to receiving EM pulses from below them rather than from above them.
      5. The area where this earthquake hit and where the original Christchurch earthquake hit in September 2010 has no previously significant earthquake fault line and geologists are very surprised by these earthquakes occurring there. This geological anomaly is the same as with the Haiti earthquake. The strange circumstances of the Feb 22 earthquake have caused disagreement by earthquake experts as to the exact cause.
      Other strange coincidences and anomalies with the Christchurch earthquake
      1. 9 members of US Congress were in Christchurch for a summit meeting on Feb 21 & 22 but left Christchurch 2.5 hours before the earthquake hit and relocated to Wellington even though the meeting was not due to finish until the evening of Feb 22nd. (
      2. The US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was supposed to be visiting Christchurch and speaking at the summit meeting on Feb 22, but on Feb 18 announced she was cancelling her visit
      3. The Deputy Administrator of FEMA (US Federal Emergency Management Agency), Timothy Manning, just happened to be in Christchurch at the time with a US delegation. ( All of the rest of the delegation left Christchurch shortly before the quake hit except for Mr Manning who stayed behind, and then after the quake hit he assisted with directing the emergency response. Exactly the same thing happened with FEMA delegates with the Haitiearthquake. In Haiti , the FEMA delegates just happened to be there at the time conducting training exercises for responding to major earthquakes.
      4. Recently retired US Admiral Thad Allen just happened to be in Christchurch at the time of the earthquake. Admiral Allen directed the US federal response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the Gulf Oil disaster. (
      5. 116 members of the Singapore army just happened to be in Christchurch at the time for training exercises and were also able to assist with the response operation
      6. Venezuela President, Hugo Chavez stated on Fox News shortly after the Haiti earthquake in 2010 that ‘the United States apparently possesses an earthquake weapon that set off the catastrophic quake in Haiti’ and also said that ‘the Haiti quake was caused by a US test of an experimental shockwave system that can also create weather anomalies which cause floods, droughts, and hurricanes (our Australian and Queensland cousins may be interested in that last piece of information)
      7. Following the Haiti earthquake, Venezuelan news also reported ‘the US government’s HAARP program may also be to blame for the 7.8 earthquake in China in 2008’, and said ‘the cataclysmic ruin in Haiti was only a test run for a much bigger game: the coming showdown with Iran’
      Has the US military been carrying out tests on a secret new weapon system using huge electromagnetic pulses from HAARP installations? The Christchurch earthquake bears some very strange and remarkable similarities to other recent major earthquakes that have also been suspected of HAARP activity. There is significant evidence that atmospheric conditions in the Christchurch area had been ‘primed’ for HAARP activity, that multiple HAARP installations in the US were simultaneously activated to a high level just prior to the Christchurch earthquake, and that Christchurch seemed to be the focal point of a ‘global quake’ around that time. Why were all those US delegates, US emergency response officials, and other international personnel in Christchurch at the time? And why did 9 members of US Congress suddenly leave Christchurch and relocate to Wellington just 2.5 hours before the quake hit even though their meeting wasn’t due to finish until that evening, but they left behind the Deputy Administrator of the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency and another high level US federal emergency response official who were then subsequently and conveniently on hand to assist with the emergency response (just as in Haiti)? Did they know something was coming and were they preparing for something?
      Was the Christchurch earthquake a man made event as part of a US weapons testing programme or some other unknown purpose? And if so, whyChristchurch?
      We must remain objective about all this but there are serious questions raised here and the victims of Christchurch and all the people of NZ deserve these questions to be looked at fully.

  92. Clare Swinney says:

    This comment was left under another post:
    Liberty4NZ says:
    07/03/2011 at 9:49 pm (Edit)

    The night before the September earthquake my partner and I decided to go and get some cigarettes from the 24 hr gas station in town – around midnight. We live rurally and as we approached town we were shocked to see a large area of the night sky was “lit up” with an orange, dull glow. The area that glowed was above sparsely populated farm land, not town and not the river. My partner and I were extremely puzzled as to where the light source was coming from, to illuminate such a large area. Very strange.
    N.B We do not live in Christchurch.
    Also I have noticed a lot of government censorship going on, had to go around the filter to get into this site.

  93. Peter says:

    Could it have been HAARP heating up the ionisphere, for the first strike near Christchurch on September 4 2010?
    I totally agree with everything in the last informative post above. There are far too many coincidences to dismiss this, – far, far too many. Also, the NZ Army and Navy were on a joint exercise over in Lyttleton when the shallow 6.3 quake struck. How convenient.
    Chem trails were all over above Christchurch before and even after that huge quake of the 22nd. I, and my Mother witnessed them in Shirley going in a diagonal line almost right over us.
    How most of the population do not question this is beyond me. Some I have talked to think they are vapour trails, but I explain they are far too low, and hang around for ages. I have noticed them here for the past 3 or so years.
    The world is in turmoil. Look at the Middle East, Egypt and Libiya . Are US and British forces ready to intervene? Are they under command from The New World Order, the Illuminati, the hugely rich Bankers the Rothchilds, and the Rockerfellas?
    Do people know that HAARP can be used for very sinister activity like ‘mind control’.
    It uses exactly the same radio frequency the human brain uses, what we term as ‘brain waves’.
    Now John Key has vested interests in US Federal Banks.
    These are very dangerous times. I don’t believe in natural anymore, this is not natural, not for such potent shallow quake. It was designed to destroy as much property material and life as possible, and at a prime time of the day. Just like Haiti.
    But wait, Haiti has something else. It is rich in, yes, vast oil reserves, and so is Cuba.
    There is a HAARP installation in Puerto Rico, very close to Haiti. This is a very strategic position for the US.
    It is no secret that China and Venezuela have signed an agreement for the later to supply the former with all its oil supplies.
    Why Christchurch? Several reasons. Bring in US troops, and turn it into a Police State, or even better a US controlled state. Perfect haven if there is a nuclear war. Christchurch is also the gateway to the Antarctic, which is vast in desirable minerals.
    When will people wake up to the real truth, that the truth is being hidden from us.
    Check out ‘David Icke’ ‘Stewart Swerdlow’ and ‘Jesse Ventura’ on youtube. They blow conspiracies wide open. David and Stewart will tell you about the alien Reptilian threat to earth, which is connected to what is happening now.

  94. Clare Swinney says:

    MUST HEAR: Investigative Journalist Talks About Christchurch Earthquakes-HAARP Links

    At 1pm on March the 10th, investigative journalist, Ben Vidgen was a guest on the Vinny Eastwood show with Will Ryan. He spoke about the evidence related to the application of HAARP, (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), technology in New Zealand. In particular, he addressed the evidence which indicates this technology may have been used in association with the Christchurch earthquakes. While Ben pointed out there is no solid proof that the earthquakes were caused deliberately using this technology, he referred to a number of key indicators which suggest that it may well have been used.

    To access the link for the download, please go here:

    Please consider donating to the Vinny Eastwood show, as they are cash-strapped. Thank-you.

  95. Liquid Snake says:

    The government were trying to destroy the Metal Gear that was housed in Christchurch..

  96. Clare Swinney says:

    Investigative journalist Ben Vidgen, left this comment in another thread today FYI:
    12/03/2011 at 8:16 pm (Edit)

    Hi Clare,
    Right now I am in the process of banging up an artillery intelligence check list of HAARP forensic signature the preliminary results are proving to be quite startling .

    I will be working on this for a while, so readers will have to be patient, but I think it will be worth the wait.

    In the mean time in next two weeks we will do our April May DEADLINE http://WWW.DEADLINE.NET.NZ issue which will be on chem trials a part one if you will.

    In mean time taking 100 monkey approach

    My Haarp Earth quakes forensic signatures tick list to date are as follows

    Quake forecast
    Simultaneous seismic spike activity in Alaska
    Mass fire balls – sonic booms – or case of impact-less (sub sonic) meteorites – any “meteorite” with a sonic boom has to be traveling at less than 25,000km and there fore is not a meteorite.
    Electrical disruptions.
    Space Shuttle launching or returning during event.
    Downed aircraft (caused by sudden massive electrical failure)
    Close proximity to known electronic warfare/HAARP stations
    Harp recorded as surging or coinciding with firing of CERN.
    Coinciding with Military Emergency service exercise.
    Coinciding with Chemtrails activity (detected on radar/subject to mass media reports).
    Coinciding with global reports of Mass death of birds and fish.
    Coinciding with Sink holes reports.
    Inverted – Pwaves/ Unusual P wave activity or witness reports of quakes moving side to side verse up and down motion.
    Multiple aftershocks/swarms longer than 2 months & exceeding all known records.
    Les than 35 km deep.

    Its important to note that I’m using mainstream media or government documentation in building this check list. That some indicators are stronger than others and that in the final results one expect to most of the check list ticked off and not just assume a HAARP quake has occurred if only one indicator can be found.

    I also keen to find out more about how the nature of Haarp seismology differ from mother nature, But first I will have to partner up with seismologist who also has a physic background as once you get beyond HAARP’S effects on weather (plenty of commercial examples of this technology already on the market) and aircraft (note FAA 1998 warning to pilots over HAARP) a bit more work need to be done to flush out just how unusual our current situation is.

    For example visa mass fish death we have 19 notable cases reported in newspaper since 1935 (22,000,000 Mexico). 9 of these have taken place since late 2009 with 6 of those taking place since August 2010. For the reminders in all case bar the 1935 case the cause was man made verse the 2009 were the cause remains unknown but in at less once case coincided with mass bird deaths.

  97. Peter says:

    Please check out this site on the web. ‘The Atlantean Conspiracy’.
    And I quote from it.
    “A huge 8.9 Richter scale earthquake rocked Tokyo today (11.3.11) resulting in a giant tsunami causing incredible amounts of damage, injuries and deaths. My first reaction was to check the University of Tokyo’s HAARP induction magnetometer to see if HAARP was fired up around the time of the quake. Sure enough, following a week of electromagnetic silence, HAARP was turned on at approximately 0:00 hours 9 March, 2011 UTC and has been going strong since’.
    There are graphs on the site that are most interested. It is no secret that the Gakona HAARP installation in Alaska, was at full power.
    Doing what, one may ask? Doubt it was for the benefit of mankind. This Japanese quake has caused the world to wobble, just like the 9.2 the 2004 Indonesia one did.
    I have a strange notion, that earthquakes are being created in strategic parts of the earth ie Haiti and Chile in 2010, now New Zealand and Japan 2011, and god only knows who will be next.
    I have read both Iran and China could be targeted.
    Two major quakes within 17 days, Christchuch depth 6.3 kms, and now Japan depth, 24.5 kms. Close together aren’t they? And right within the striking depth of HAARP.
    It is also no secret that Nikola Tesla, who inverted AC current, which we still have today, found a way to harness ‘free energy’ from the ionisphere, but he also stated he could split the world in two, and this was back in 1912.
    This free energy is not being used to benefit mankind today. I believe it is being used to the detriment of mankind, by the ‘elite’ who are controlling our earth.
    There are other countries apart from the USA that have ionisphere heaters, similar to HAARP. Brazil, China, Russia, the Northern Union in Norway, are known to have them. There could be others too scattered around our planet. As many as 20.
    Love to hear other peoples thoughts.
    Wake up before it is too late. The more people know and talk about this the better.

  98. Kay says:

    Yeah, I’ve been struggling for breath this past week. Increased symptoms generally.

    Darkly ironic that this happens after Japan declares intent to protect it’s natural flora and fauna/ Bio diversity… that whole new conservation plan?
    If those reactors go off, will it then become a GMO-only grow region?

  99. Clare Swinney says:

    Thank-you to Brent for this message below, which came via e-mail today. It mentions that Raytheon, which in known to be involved in geo-engineering, is at Christchurch airport. The page at this link indicates that it is nearby on Orchard Rd in Christchurch: “Raytheon Polar Services is only minutes away from the Christchurch International Airport on Orchard Road.

    Hi Clare: If you want to know who I am go to Thanks for the key quotes. I gather that’s the same MacDonald who was on the President’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

    I wonder if a copy of MacDonald’s book is available anywhere. These MacDonalds seem to pop up in illuminati circles.

    I looked for the HAARP facility at What’s it’s name Flats near Christchurch on google earth but couldn’t find anything. Any clues there?

    Also no-one seems to have mentioned the Raytheon facility at the airport. That has to be the key link in anything HAARP because they own the freakin technology!



    From Dr Nick Begich’s site - Dr Begich is regarded as a world authority on HAARP:
    “…Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as to detect them, was part of the project named Prime Argus, decades ago. The money for that came from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA, now under the acronym ARPA.)
    ” World-recognized scientist MacDonald had a number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and he contributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist. When he wrote his chapter, “How To Wreck The Environment,” for the book Unless Peace Comes, he was not kidding around. In it he describes the use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilization, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave manipulation using the planet’s energy fields.

  100. Peter says:

    Raytheon I can recall brought the paterns for the HAARP technology from another US Company whose name slips my mind at the moment.
    What are they doing in Christchurch? Are they helping to drop chemtrails on us?
    I have seen no chemtrails here for a while, the weather has not been that favourable, low cloud, winds etc.

    There are a selection of numbers that are very important to the Illuminati.
    They are: 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 33 and 39.

    The first major quake we had a 7.1 was on 4.9.10. There is a 9 and a 13 here.
    The second major quake of 6.3 (also adds to 9) we had was on 22.2 2011. I hate to say it, but again there is a 3, 11, (11 x 2 =22) 13 and a 33. The time it struck was 9 minutes to 1. 12.51 (9).

    The Haiti 7.1 quake happened on 12.1.2010. Again similar numbers turn up. 3, 13, 33.

    The Japan 9 quake on 11.3.11. Again the numbers speak for themselves.
    Remember Friday the day of the quake is the day of Venus in the occult world is

    There are probably more.

    Please check this site on Google: The Illuminati/Freemason Signature by Robert Howard 2001. Information I have gathered about the numbers above.

    The Illuminati do not care how many people they kill. They do not care how much property they destroy. They do not care which country they attack. The US is not immune. They want, every drop of water, every blade of grass, every drop of wealth, every ounce of power, not to mention the culling of the human race.

    Christchurch will fight on. The fight is just beginning. I am not alone. There are ones that know what I mean and are with me.
    Ignorance will kill a lot of people.

    The plot thickens.

  101. Peter says:

    A piece I partly missed out in my last comment above.
    Remember Friday, the day of the Japanese quake on the 11th of March is the day of Venus in the occult world, for she is the Goddess of Chaos and Death.

    • pete thornton says:

      good on you peter for talking about the occultic dates, you are on to it, so much of society now is unaware of all the occultic activity, might i suggest a look at a site called cuttingedgeministries, indepth information about the arrival of antichrist through the illuminatis deception, and how all who are into new age are actually supporting the nwo agenda of ushering in the total enslavement of society under antichrist. Peter you also state that ignorance will kill alot of people, yep that be true, as the Bible states,,,,,My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Bless you bro.

      • Alan Byde, Picton. (83) We have some lovely clear sunsets here. Venus aka morning star, evening star and Lucifer sets over Mount Freeth. I knew decades ago that Lucifer had a bad press from the ancient priesthood. I find now that each evening when the sky is clear I must wish the evening star good night, then I go to bed. I have no doubt about the compulsion. That has been growing on me for 30+ years. Make what you will of that.

        Because I observe the sky I see it clearly. Two nights ago the sunset was a vivid orange. Last night there were faint vibrations, ‘quake left overs all night. The night was intolerably hot too, I had difficulty sleeping. 23/01/2012 the moon is new, sun and moon pulling the same way. MWYWOT.

  102. Clare Swinney says:

    Here is an interview with Leuren Moret on the topic of the Japan earthquake:

    Scientist Leuren Moret – Japan earthquake and nuclear “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare

  103. rose says:

    Excellent clip

  104. Maudie says:

    Hi , have just found your site its great. I have been doing alot of reading over the past 6 months re earthquakes . HAARP and Chem trails have come up alot in my reading , having never heard of this before directed me to your site. As a child growing up in Christchurch we use to see these planes leaving a cloud of white trail we use to call them rockets !!! Over the last 10 years less and less were seen of these planes or just maybe I didnt look for them as much ??? Since the Sept 2010 quake I have been looking to the sky more often noticing the changes in the clouds …. but more so than ever have noticed Chem trails appearing at least once or twice a week. As a child I would see the white cloud behind the plane but the cloud would quickly disappear now in the last month these trails stretch usually west to east and can cover two thirds of the sky , the cloud stays there for a very very long time and the long slim cloud line becomes wider and wider until is looks like a odd cloud . Eager to learn more thanks

  105. Maudie says:

    subscribing , thanks

  106. Cody packer says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a 2nd Year student from the New Zealand Broadcasting School studying a degree in Film and Television in Christchurch. Our next assessment is to make a documentary (8 minutes) and I came across this whole HAARP link to the Christchurch EQ theories. I am very interested in what anyone has to say about it. I was wondering if anyone knows a representative in or anyone around Christchurch that a) could be an interesting subject with a good story relating to this HAARP theory or b) if you are located near Christchurch and would be willing to be a part of the documentary . The shoot date for the documentary is going to be around 7th-10th May. Email me back ASAP on:



  107. Pingback: OurNeedToAwaken just uploaded a video | Pamea's Blog

  108. King says:

    “Rose in Kaikoura, who operates the site in question – Issues That Matter Most site, in conjunction with the Pacific Chemtrail website, [since renamed The] wrote: “…[W]e got shaken out of bed this morning. I have opened the site up for you to see the above blog. We will keep updates happening in there. The HAARP quakes are at a depth of – 10km and 33 kms. We have a 33 km deep quake here – a massive 7.4. Buildings are down, power outages, grid, net – people are freaked down there – as you would be.”

    Again I ask you (the last comment was deleted)…
    Is this a claim that there was a massive quake in Kaikoura? Because as far as, oh, everybody knows, there wasn’t one.

    Are you just making stuff up now?

  109. Kay says:

    She’s ‘obviously’ talking about being shaken in Kaikoura by the ChCh quake.
    Folk felt it up and down the country.
    Short of things to do with your day?
    Our local primary school is looking for a nit-picker.

  110. bonis says:

    hello all… my spelling is bad but here i go… ive had a good look at the stats on both CHCH earthquakes and the strange stat i found was the ground shaking on both earthquakes was the highest ever recorded since records in NZ were kept…. the first quake reached 1.25 and the 2nd reached 1.88 this beats the old record buy close to 100% …so one could say their off the charts..another strange fact was the day b4 the 2nd quake workers clearing a site next to the CTV building drilled holes into two floors along one wall of the CTV building im thinking that could be why it fell like a house of cards..we had the NZDF gearing up for a drill in CHCH at the time and thad allen just happened to be in town how lucky was that? my feeling is this was a another well planned event that worked a treat for the ill call them bankers..NZ is living off the bankcard john key is a share holder in the BOA and everytime we swipe the card he makes a killing…but the real jewel in the crown is the new law that got passed 10 days after the first quake… rushed thru by jerry brownlee the canterbury earthquake response and recovery act to read what power this gives is just scary..the world is a stage and were all lost wacthing the show…

  111. Delaware says:

    Thanks for this article. I have book marked this page because I hope you post more articles soon, I will definataly share this.

  112. Clare Swinney says:

    As some may recall there were concerns raised by legal professionals in New Zealand regarding the new laws that were brought in in relation to the earthquakes in Christchurch and passed with urgency. There was a program regarding laws being passed with urgency on Radio NZ recently. It can be found here:

    Quote: “Otago University law professor Andrew Geddis was one of those who signed a public letter opposing the first earthquake legislation which was passed under urgency.

    Professor Geddis says any alteration to the normal processes for legislation lessens the chance for scrutiny and public participation and can shift decision-making into back rooms.”

  113. matt says:

    Thank you all for the information. I’m just wondering if people can test air samples and look for Aluminium or other substances when seeing these “obvious” chemtrails? It seems like it could be proven, but then why hasn’t been it done yet?

  114. tip says:

    I have a question, why are they targeting Christchurch? I’m not going to get into the debate about wether this is real, having read Tesla and testing Newton’s laws of motion at university I have my doubts this HAARP stuff can actually work. The Fracking in Canterbury is far more likely to cause to my mind. As is the fact the big quakes 26/12, occur in roughly the same time as Soltices (the last two quakes were within hours of Southern summer solstice) and Equinox (September and March) When the pull of the sun on the plates of the planet changes. I can’t help but wonder if fracking set the all the sediment on the Canterbury plain in motion and the changes in gravity from the sun on the plates causes the instability in the overlying sediment to start quakes.However let’s assume (because I fighting with zealots over their dogma) that it is all caused on purpose by HAARP who is benefiting from this and why is Christchurch their target?

    Also I’m far more worried about Simon Power rewriting so many NZ laws, rushing his changes through under urgency then going to work for Westpac as a banking laywer, at the same time banking laws elsewhere have been changed to enable banks to tear each other apart and take depositors money. Why am I posting this here? because HAARP is the perfect kind of cover to make those of us who don’t just swallow the line of the politicos and corporate CEOs from seeing what they are really up to. Classic bait and switch. Yet if you wanted to just destroy a place for bait and switch why choose Christchurch?

  115. Peter Woodhall says:

    I have some interesting information that I wish to pass on, as I live in Christchurch, and it needs to be told, from a first hand account. For six months it has been relatively quiet in Christchurch with small aftershocks, and the odd larger one, but on the evening of the 22nd December at 7.45 pm I caught a trail come chem trail on camera, and photgraphed it too right above my home. The cloud, in my mind was not natual, it had a ripple effect all over it.
    During the morning of the 23rd December 2011, at 9.45 pm approx I looked out of my window and saw a trail going south to north, and from that moment on for 2 hours, Christchurch was subjected to a bombardment of trails. I counted at least 8 in that time, filming most of them. Never in all my time in Chrischurch have I seen so many in a short period of time. I even caught one jet dumping the stuff as it flew quickly from south to north.
    My films I have down loaded onto youtube, and they with photographs are also to be found on ‘The CON Trail’ site, run by Rose.
    It is also has been stated elsewhere that the contents of these chemtrails are the ‘brains’ of HAARP.

    Four hours later at 1:58 pm local time Christchurch was struck by a 5.8 magnitude Earthquake, and then exactly 80 minutes later, another more violent Earthquake struck, a 6 magnitude.
    And here I wish to add more information. On June the 13th at exactly 1 pm local time a 5.6 magnitude Earthquake struck Christchurch. This has been since upgraded to a 5.9. Then at 2:20 pm a 6.3 Earthquake struck. This has been since upgrade to a 6.4.
    The point I would like to make is this. Just look at the times of events and similarities between June the 13 and December the 23rd Earthquakes.
    Note, there is an exact 80 minute spacing between the two larger Earthquakes. Also there is an almost a one hour time difference between them, during that time in the afternoon, when these events happened.
    Another point I wish to make, is the experts tell us that the aftershocks decrease after a major Earthquake. Well, what I ask is why did they actually increase in magnitude, in that 80 minute period, on both days from 5.9 to 6.4, then 5.8 to 6.
    I have also heard comments that this event was set up for psychological effect. In otherwords, clear out Christchurch. Many thousands have already left, and more could follow. And it could well happen again.
    Coincidences, there seems to be some, natual occurances, or pre planned, I will leave this for the reader to decide.
    I have also included a link below to one of the trails I filmed. I actually mentioned that something could well be up on that day of the 22nd December, before the quakes struck, on one of my videos I recorded. It was awful to experience. The amount of trails left above us, in a small time was astonishing, something I have never witnessed before, ever. I guess I tempted fate that day. But I may not have been the only one.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you Peter. I have posted your comment on Chemtrails over NZ on Facebook.
      Where you have written “During the morning of the 23rd December 2011, at 9.45 pm,” did you mean to write “9.45am” please?

  116. Peter Woodhall says:

    Hi Clare, Many thanks. Yes, sorry I made a typo error. This should have read 9:45 am, as per morning. I made a few other little mistakes too. Just had another good shake here.

  117. Alan Byde. says:

    Julius Caesar, Act 1 scene 3: “Either there is civil strife in Heaven, or else the World, too saucy with the Gods, Incenses them to send destruction.”
    I was in Christchurch during the 5.8 and 6 Richter quakes on 23rd December. Here in Picton 300 kms North a week ago I saw a roiling sky, 10/10 low cloud, black and grey, writhing and twisting like ropes gone mad. Two nights later the western horizon was a curious widespread shade of orange. Last night, 13th January, there was thunder in the hills around, unusual. Last night 12th Jan Christchurch had a 4.2 quake at 9 pm. I felt it in my feet as I sat in my armchair in Picton at 9 pm. I see signs and symbols as did Caesar. Watch for a quake in the North end of South island? I could be allowing my imagination too much rope. Is HAARP busy still?

  118. Clare Swinney says:

    The Truth About What is Happening in Christchurch New Zealand
    Hotel Grand Chancellor is a story that needs to be told. Maybe a book
    someday! It was finally announced on Wednesday but it is the story behind
    the delay that is interesting.

    This story also applies to the rebuilding and repair of Christchurch which
    Fletcher Building are overseeing.

    The tender was to RCP (project managers for council) but was passed over to
    CERA once they arrived.

    CERA is staffed entirely by Fletchers employees.

    CERA delayed the announcement for a month to enable Fletchers to study the
    other tenderers info & submit a late bid. The day it was submitted CERA
    awarded them the tender.

    Fletchers price was 3 million higher than anyone else’s!

    Fletchers have no intention of doing the demolition, taking the risk, or
    putting up the bond to cover the risk. They are just appointing themselves
    as project managers to clip the ticket & then getting the original tender
    winners to do the work.

    How did they get away with it?

    Do a companies search on Fletchers. (No – don’t bother we’ve done it for you

    They just got bought by the Reserve bank!

    RBNZ owns 275 million Fletcher shares while Hugh Fletcher now only has 5000.
    Its a SOE. A Govt department!!

    They bought themselves an income stream. They direct all the profits from
    the recovery straight into their own pockets instead of allowing the people
    of ChCh to make a bit each to help them recover.

    You have to admit it is clever!!

    But how on earth did they keep it out of the media?: NZ’s largest Co gets
    bought by Govt & it doesnt make even the tiniest news report? Really???

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! (or in this case Canterbury!)

    Meanwhile still no start to the demo & recovery after 3 months.

    The books get fiddled while ChCh burns!

    This is doing the rounds and will help you understand what a monstrous fraud
    is being perpetrated here:

    Subject: The books are being Fiddled while Christchurch’s future Burns!

    Subject: FW: What is going on in Christchurch…. The real story

    Here are a few questions for you to think about (oh, I’ll make it easy: I

    will give you the answers as well)

    Q. Who appointed RCP (Resource Coordination Partnership Ltd) as Project

    Managers for the management of ‘critical buildings’ following the February

    22nd earthquake?

    A . Christchurch City Council under instructions of the NZ Government

    Q . Who appointed CERA?

    A . NZ Government.

    Q . Who appointed Fletcher Building to manage the demolition works and

    then, reconstruction works?

    A . NZ Government firstly, then CERA

    Q . Who is the main single shareholder of Fletcher Building?

    A .. NZ Government. if in doubt check below:

    Who is NZ Central securities Depository Ltd?

    Q . Who called for the tenders for the demolition of the Grand Chancellor?

    A . RCP

    Q .. Who is to be the Principle to the demolition Contract (i.e. the


    A . The Crown (NZ Government).

    Q .. Who assessed the Tenders for the Demolition of the Grand Chancellor?

    A . RCP

    Q . Who has been awarded the Grand Chancellor job (at whatever price and/

    or conditions)?

    A . Fletcher Building

    Q . Who will make the profits?

    A . Fletcher Building (and it’s Shareholders)

    Q . Who is the main shareholder of Fletcher Building? (I know, I already

    asked this one, but it could be a trick question)

    A . NZ Government as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand(no trick question,

    Q . Who has been blind-sided?

    A . Everyone involved in the (supposed) tender process firstly, but more

    importantly, the people of Christchurch and New Zealand who thought that

    they lived in a first-world economy.

    Q . What are the ramifications?

    A .. Immediate loss of confidence by all independent Consultants and

    Contractors in the tender process if CERA, RCP or Fletcher Building are

    involved jointly or singularly in a government sanctioned role, for fear of

    a continued potential for a monopoly and huge profiteering there from.

    Q . Who are the winners?

    A . Fletcher Building and the NZ Government, along with the other

    Financial institutions that form the majority shareholders in Fletcher


    Q. Who are the losers?

    A . The property owners, their tenants, clients and customers, along with

    everyone in New Zealand who believes in a ‘level playing field’, all the

    people of Christchurch, and all the people of New Zealand that have

    supported, volunteered their time and/or donated their hard earned, tax-paid

    monies to the recovery following the devastating events of February 22nd.

    Q .. What should I do?

    A .. If you care about living in a democratic, free market and transparent

    economy, please send this on to everyone in your email address book who
    needs to know what is happening.

    As New Zealanders, exposure of this rout is our best protection.

  119. Clare Swinney says:

    Mexican Earthquake Coincides With Drill Based Around Exact Same Scenario
    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    Fears amongst some that governments are experimenting with technology that can trigger seismic events have heightened following the bizarre occurrence of yesterday’s Mexican earthquake coinciding with a government drill that was scheduled to take place at precisely the same time simulating an earthquake of the exact same magnitude.

  120. tony says:

    interesting reading all this,While i am a bit scepital of HAARP, i think the reason it would have been used on the chch quake would have been to create these quakes and so many aftershocks, so that the stresses of the land would be gone so that then fracking could be introduced to the canterbury region. Imagine a scenario if the oil and gas companies had started fracking in canterbury before any of these earthquakes had occured? It would have started a series of quakes, pretty much what has happened and fracking would then would have been blamed for the mess caused and been banned fron every country in the world. I think if anything haarp has been used to get the quakes out the way so fracking could be introduced without the problem of causing any more quakes in the area..

    • NZRose says:

      Hey Tony
      I was recording the activities long before the quake – the oil and gas companies were in Seabed exploration was before the quakes – although only officially signed the day you were pulling bodies out of the rubble.
      Aquila was int he waters just prior to the quake – a ship that disappeared off the radar after arriving in Indonesian – just in time for the carnage there
      I understand a new set of antennae – a new HAARP array has been commission’d on military land Christchurch.
      I have come to much the same conclusion along with a number of other waking Cantabrians.
      Murder for corporate gain… it’s nothing new but now we see.
      Will they keep getting away with it? Not on my watch.

  121. Bernd says:

    15.04.2012 Today, Sunday in Nelson NZ was a busy day in the sky, from morning til evening, many trails could be seen especially from Tahuna Beach. The sky got milky, actually it was supposed to be a blue sky day. Is there a connection to NZ signing the Kyoto protocol (Co2 Tax)? Who pays for these signs in the sky?

  122. Clare Swinney says:

    Scientists: Increase in US Earthquakes Almost Certainly Manmade
    Saturday, 07 April 2012 09:22 By Joe Romm, ThinkProgress | Report

  123. Clare Swinney says:

    ‘Quake’ to hit Christchurch at 11.30am 11:26 AM Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

  124. Clare Swinney says:

    The Coincidence Theory – Indonesia Earthquakes.
    Posted on April 22, 2012
    PostmanProductions Ben Vidgen: Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2012 5:59 PM
    “One strand of string is just string but several strands of string woven together make a rope” -Proverb
    Its important to stress right off the bat this post is not to saying HAARP (used in this sense as a general reference to geo-warfare technology and not just the HAARP facility itself) caused the latest Indonesia earthquakes.
    The proof is simply not in at this point one way or the other.
    Rather the point of this post is to highlight a few interesting anomaly I spotted straight away.
    To remind readers of some of my recent areas of investigation I have touched upon over past few weeks.
    For ease of reading I have itemized the issues
    1. Boy That’s A Hell of Crystal ball you Got there
    Earthquake in Indonesia predicted for geopolitical reasons (Indonesia wants to buy Iranian Oil) in this very region ahead of event with accurate forecasting.
    2. Space Quake verse Earthquake.
    Earthquakes correlation to asteroid activity. Notably when writing in 2005 on Boxing-day pointed out that HAARP need not be cause. But alternatively that space based related activity such as the asteroid Toulouse may also play a factor.
    No I am not a geologist but it has been a constant irk to me that very legitimate academic studies into correlation between space weather including solar flares, asteroids and earthquakes, continuously gets over looked, as the media rush to geologist for sound bites. Yet ignore what other disciplines have also to offer as will.
    Indeed as the below link, from NASA THEMIS programs, reports whats felt in space can be felt on earth. At the very less offering a potential early warning system providing the public time to make sure heavy objects are off the wall, or they are moving to higher ground (or at very less the first aid kits full). That the media steers away from even these basic points (with out having to ever head into the realm of conspiracy) is just wrong.
    For more, go here:

  125. B. of Whangarei sent these HAARP-related links today: These are some links I am sure you will find interesting and I
    think that the “HAARP Manipulates Time” one is the one I refered to when I
    saw you. They are all very well worth reading if you haven’t seen them
    before – B. – from Stanford University – from Stanford Univerity

  126. ‘Artificial’ earthquake detected at site of 2009 North Korean nuke test

  127. anna says:

    Holy macaroni I didn’t know people knew about this years ago when it happened. I only figured it out by all this crazy weird stuff happening in my reality. It was a ritual date and knowledge theyes have built the satanic illuminati temple here 4 end times wHich is now. Please listen as it is nearly end of lucifers year. Things have been ramped up big time. They are going to hit us with martial law so the elite can move here for showdown of the anti Christ. It’s all in the bible about the city it happens. And so many people are being affected here in chch spiritually and it’s only gonna get worse. There are many satanic illuminati aholes in christs church I see them and there businesses here. Please stand up and fight

  128. lola says:

    And what do you know? The kaikoura Quake has strange unexplained sulfer smells too.

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