Flashback: Chemtrail On TV3 News In Earthquake Zone On Day Of Earthquake

Was it business as usual for the aerosol operations over Christchurch, even shortly after a major earthquake?  A chemtrail is evident 2.15 minutes into this TV3 news item from Saturday the 4th of September 2010, which shows residents of Selwyn, near Christchurch, talking about what it felt like as the quake struck.

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/sillybeliefs-coms-lies-about-chemtrails-geo-engineering-exposed/
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6 Responses to Flashback: Chemtrail On TV3 News In Earthquake Zone On Day Of Earthquake

  1. jim reece says:

    My heart felt sympathy goes out to you all down there in Christchurch. What a miracle that no one died. My good friends have had a terrible scare all in one night. Sometimes when you try to hide the truth, it shows up somewhere else.

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  3. The following are figments of my imagination, i’m sure, combined with misinterpreted phenomenon explained very poorly with the entirely untrue story of a young Army Air Corps flight navigator from East Saint Louis who saw Television for the first time at the Chicago Worlds Fair and became the first licensed television technician ever in the state of Illinois. This was before the young man went on to become an explosives engineer that invented the very first successfully deployed crash bag using CO2 gas in the fifties. Now that was before designing the charge that blows the wings out on the cruise missile mid flight which was before designing the inertial upper stage of the space shuttle which was well before designing the pop-top charge that blows the clear the path for our nuke to get out of those silos even after an almost direct hit which was before retiring senior vice of a major defense contractor who was back and forth from Northrop to Boeing to Sandia to Pharump with top security clearance all over the country including J. Robert Oppenheimer Labs at Los Alamos where they kept the Colorado Springs Notes Classified “need to know” for decades, who very likely did many more things than a paragraph can describe here or I can know. I do remember, being often intrigued by his refusal to discuss further with me, his grandson, many seemingly harmless and some not so harmless subjects. To make a long story short I would like to ask you what it means when this man who would not lie and thought a quibble much worse than a lie… after sending me out across town from the hospice in the middle of the night to bring to his deathbed a Bible and the failed mission comments when I returned first with his wife my Grandmother’s Catholic Bible this man who made me go back out and find HIS BIBLE… the I guess Non Catholic Bible, AND HOLDING THAT BIBLE… TOLD ME THAT NIKOLA TESLA MADE EARTHQUAKES IN 1899. THEN HE TOLD ME AGAIN THAT TESLA MADE EARTHQUAKES IN 1899, SOME GOLD PANNING 49ER TYPES WERE COMPENSATED AND THE ESKIMOS DIDN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT MONEY WAS LAUGHING AND THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO NOTICED IT HAD EVEN HAPPENED AND EVEN THEY DID NOT FATHOM. Then he died in that bed with that Bible. I did not tell anyone of this event and could have taken it to my grave had there not been so many damn earthquakes lately.
    A 27 day man made earthquake in 1899 was a delivery of all but free, wireless power but hushed up to sell gas for the last 111 years. British Association Record No. 333 on September 3 at three o’ three p.m. by Nikola Tesla is the secret of the thirty third degree. 3:03 P.M. — Epicenter time in 1899 on September 3. ( 3h 3m 27s ) – (3h 3m 28s ) THAT IS WHY TESLA LIVED HIS LAST TEN YEARS AND DIED AT THE HOTEL NEY YORKER IN ROOM #3327 & #3328. GOOGLE IT. CLICK IMAGES. YOU WILL SEE ALL THE LIARS POSING WITH THE PLAQUE ON THE DOOR. THAT IS WHY HE WAS HINTING THE NUMBER THREE… HE COULDN’T BREAK HIS MASONIC OATH AND TELL THE SCOTTISH RITE SECRET OOF THE 33RD DEGREE. He made the world look the other way. At Mars. The biggest feign of all time. Google knows… they had access to the truth and commemorated it on September 9, 2009 Google Doodle 09/09/09 9:09:09 for mere minutes then removed it. As soon as they were questioned, they removed all triforce/trilateral symbols from doodle record in The Great Google Doodle Conspiracy. Elon Musk knows too. My grandpa told me nine years ago when he died that Tesla made earthquakes in Alaska.
    Now I hope that you see why from my shoes reverse engineering THE GREATEST STORY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD from facts that I was blessed to already know as true sometimes can appear less than sane or scientific amid unfathomable disinformation tactics and epic lies placed as cornerstones in the structure of our very reality.

  4. Tesla caused earthquakes with The Knob Hill Apparatus from his Colorado Springs lab. That is why he spent his last ten years and died in Room #3327. 3h03m27s on September 3, 1899. A second divisible by 3, in a minute divisible by 3, in an hour divisible by 3, on a day divisible by 3, in a month divisible by 3, in a year divisible by 3 TIMES THREE.
    “All repeated acts or operations I performed had to be divisible by three and if I missed I felt impelled to do it again, even if it took hours.”

  5. mr jase says:

    im from christchurch,ive got photos of chem planez EVERYDAY since the 22nd feb,business as usual

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