Did The Christchurch Earthquake Have The High Level Freemasons’ Signature Upon It?

Updated 24 Sept: An introduction has been added for the sake of the new visitors to the site.

For those who are new to this area and wondering why an article related to an earthquake is on this website,  chemtrails and a technology which can be used to induce earthquakes, (as well as modify the weather), are linked.   Commonly referred to as HAARP, Bernard Eastlund’s patent for the technology mentioned that barium be put into the atmosphere. And incidentally, a chemtrail was visible during the TV3 news of Sept. 4th, in Christchurch and barium is being found in rainwater in New Zealand.

Uncensored Post By Anonymous, Sept 21, 2010

Freemason Letter G

There were some odd coincidences about the Christchurch earthquake of September the 4th, which was New Zealand’s most significant earthquake in terms of damage since 1931. Most notably, the latitude of the first major quake was 43.54°S, which included the same first three digits in the same order, as the time it occurred: 4:35 am, (NZT).

Also, an asteroid called Bellona, which was named after the Roman goddess of war, passed over New Zealand about 123 minutes after this quake. Its shadow swept over the latitude 43.55°S between 5.57am-6am and its path cast a shadow over Christchurch.

Before it was revised, the first earthquake report, which was numbered: 3366146/G, stated that the focal depth was 33 km and the magnitude was 7.4 on the Richter scale. Consider that 7 + 4 = 11 and that the numbers 33 and 11 are of pivotal importance to the highest echelons of the Freemasons.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry consists of 33 degrees and 11, 22, and 33 are deemed Master Numbers, numbers worshipped to empower them in their bizarre quest to destroy humanity.  A classic example – eleven years before the attacks of September 11th 2001 to the day, George Bush Snr. gave a speech to  Congress, during which he repeated the phrase “New World Order” and told his audience assuredly that it could emerge.  As Freeman of the Freeman Perspective, who predicted 9/11 on the basis of symbolism has emphasized, Freemasonic influence can be found throughout Western culture – there is no escaping it.

If Universal Time (UT) is used, which was 12 hours behind NZT, 3 is present in the date of the Christchurch earthquake. It occurred on the 3rd of September, UT. Furthermore, September has 9 letters and is the ninth month of the year. The number 9 can be derived by multiplying 3 by 3, and according to the binary numeral system 3 is 11.

Trailblazing Inventor, Nikola Tesla

Another interesting coincidence is that on September the 4th, 1899, 111 years before the Christchurch earthquake, there was a massive 8.2 magnitude quake near Cape Yakataga in Alaska. It is to this day ranked as one of the top ten earthquakes in the US and interestingly, people have been speculating on the Internet that it, and a number of quakes which followed in the same region, were the handiwork of genius inventor, Nikola Tesla. I have yet to find hard evidence to substantiate this. I will let you know if I do.

On a final note, according to John Ristau, a seismologist with New Zealand’s geological monitoring service GeoNet Science, while New Zealand is a very seismically active country, the area around Christchurch is an area of lower seismic activity compared to other parts of the country, so this earthquake came as a bit of a surprise.

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25 Responses to Did The Christchurch Earthquake Have The High Level Freemasons’ Signature Upon It?

  1. Clare Swinney says:

    Short film on potential functions of HAARP:

    FREQUENCIES OF DESTRUCTION 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxRnkfvO_EU

    FREQUENCIES OF DESTRUCTION 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWTWTHunPkk

  2. Quake sensitive says:

    They are at it again…THOSE DAMN HARPIES.

    Stranded whales right now, an hour ago, today, a 45 min drive from me.

    This is a precursor once again as you say (window of 1-3 weeks) to massive quakes in Pacific!!! Same location, exactly a month later this occurs again. This is NOT natural.
    Watch it will probably hit the north island this time…could be within the week!!!




  3. I predicted the September 3, 2010 Christchurch Anniversary Earthquakes on Youtube. They MARK the 111 year anniversay of the first weapon of mass destruction. It is secret. It was deployed from Knob Hill in Colorado Springs to Yakutat Bay, Alaska by Nikola Tesla resulting in a 27 days of earthquakes, tsunami, avalanches, volcanoes and shattered glaciers. You may have heard that Dr. Nikola Tesla would emphasize the number “THREE”. We’ll that is because he couldn’t break his Rosicrucion oath and tell you the Masonic secret of the 33rd degree is Earthquake British Association No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. epicenter time in 1899. He did make sure to die in Room #3327 – #3328 because it was actually 3:03:27 p.m. – 3:03:28 pm. I KNOW… WHY WOULD A MASONIC SECRET BE A WAY TO MAKE EARTHQUAKES? I KNOW… I ASKED MYSELF THAT SAME QUESTION A HUNDRED TIMES BEFORE IT HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS. NOW LISTEN TO ME. I AM NOT LYING. I AM NOT WRONG. THE YEAR BEFORE THE 1899 EARTHQUAKES AT YAKUTAT BAY NIKOLA TESLA MADE AN EARTHQUAKE IN NEW YORK CITY. YES, RIGHT ABOUT WHERE GROUND ZERO IS IN MANHATTAN, NEW YORK. TRINITY, NEW YORK TO BE EXACT. THAT IS A FACT. HERE IS THE KICKER… THE MANHATTAN PROJECT was named after that man made earthquake that took place in Trinity. Those two things pale in comparison to the third side to this triangle… nine years later.’.Tunguska -Tesla made earthquakes and theres going to be alot of funny hats in hell.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Where is the evidence that you predicted that there would be an earthquake? I see you mentioned that there was one, but have not seen any mention of a prediction.

      A US friend, who is well acquainted with Nikola Tesla’s work, is still looking for evidence to substantiate the claim that Tesla was behind the Alaskan earthquake. Evidence is documented that he admitted causing an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, which was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which “you could put in your overcoat pocket.” That is a year before the Alaskan quake and he was present at the scene, unlike the Alaskan quake. Refer:
      Bernard Eastlund, the inventor of HAARP technology, which is based on Tesla’s work, indicated on the HAARP patent that barium in the atmosphere was needed to help the system work properly. Filed in 1985, it stated: “It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interactions.”
      Refer: http://www.bariumblues.com/haarp_patent.htm
      In light of this need for barium (and/or polymers + iron oxide, which Eastlund advised Will Thomas about [1]), it is difficult to believe that Tesla was able to create the earthquakes from Colorado. I can’t imagine that they were spraying barium-laden chemtrails or polymers into the atmosphere in those days?

      [1]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfHRBIhTQ5g

      (For those who did not know, barium is being found in rainwater around the world, including in NZ now.)

  4. P.S. My Social Security Number is Six Hundred and Sixty-Six. My Federal E.I.N. ends 666. I was born 75 years to the day after Earthquake Milne Shide No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 or I would have never been told by my Granfather on his deathbed. NIKOLA TESLA MADE EARTHQUAKES AND THEN TUNGUSKA. TAKE IT TO THE BANK. BET THE FARM. I AM NOT WRONG. SO SAITH THE LORD GOD. -Biblical Prophet http://TINYURL.COM/333EARTHQUAKE

  5. Mike Spurs says:

    Ummm, it’s only 10 years from September 11 1991 to September 11 2001. Kind of throws your whole “11 is a magic number” thing out the window doesn’t it?

  6. Clare Swinney says:

    This facility in Akaroa, which is 75ks from Christchurch, (where the earthquake was), appears to share features with the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska – and there is mention of the Birdlings Flat facility firing pulses at the ionosphere here:

    MAIN BRANCH MEETING Wednesday 4 March 7:45 pm

    Lester Tomlinson, will talk about the ionasonde at Birdlings Flat. This device fires pulses straight up at the ionosphere on 2.5Mhz and measures the time taken to receive the return pulse, thus the height of the reflecting layer can be calculated..

    Here is photo of it:

    and there is another photo of the facility posted on the Mysterious NZ Forum:

    where it mentions: The co-ords of this thing are approx:
    Lat – 43°49’9.29″S
    Long- 172°41’17.57″E

    Google: Birdling’s Flat HAARP and you will come across a page that relates to research projects around the world. It mentions a project done in collaboration with the US, which states:

    “The centerpiece of this project is the continuation of year-round operations and calibration of a high resolution Fabry-Perot spectrometer at the University of Canterbury’s Mount John Astronomical Observatory, NZ (44 deg S) that the PI has been conducting for the last 14 years. These observations will lay the foundation for the derivation of a statistically meaningful long-term mesospheric and lower thermospheric climatology including both winds and temperatures for the Mid-latitude Southern hemisphere atmosphere. Comparison between Mount John (southern hemisphere) and Fritz Peak (northern hemisphere) wind and temperature climatologies will be used to investigate inter-hemispherical differences in atmospheric dynamical behavior. Additional objectives that will be explored as part of this project include: comparison between simultaneous common volume observations of winds with the optical technique and both meteor and MF radar techniques at and near Mount John; combining radar and optical techniques to determine and characterize airglow altitude dependencies; and comparison with planned optical imager investigations at Mount John to investigate short-periodicity wind and temperature oscillations that have recently been discovered in the observations. The planned activities will be conducted as part of an established U.S.-New Zealand international cooperative project. In addition, through international cooperation and collaboration under the aegis of the Antarctic Aeronomy Consortium the observations in New Zealand (Mount John, Birdlings Flat) will be combined with observations in Australia (Adelaide, Beveridge), Argentina (El Leoncito, Buenos Aires) and Antarctica (Scott Base, Arrival Heights, Mawson, Davis, South Pole) to extend the climatological studies of planetary-scale and tidal wave activity to cover large fractions of both the midlatitude and high-latitude Southern Hemisphere. Collaboration with a theoretical modeling scientist to further interpret and investigate the implications of the observational findings has also been established. Graduate and undergraduate students will participate both in the observational and data analysis parts of the planned research program. Knowledge of atmospheric behavior at Southern Hemisphere latitudes is an important ingredient in fully understanding Global Climate Change and its human implications.

    On a related note, here, I believe, is evidence weather modification technology was used to induce the drought in Northland in early-2010. The picture at link shows what looked like a circle about 20 meters in diameter that was over my house during time of drought. And I have plenty more photos of weird things going on in the sky! Look on the website. https://chemtrailsnorthnz.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/dsc00839circular-indent.jpg

  7. sit ubu sit says:

    Claire, did you realise this post was made on 22/09/10? 22 is a master number! If you take the square root of 9, it is three, i.e. 3 x 3 = 9. If you multiply the number 10 – also represented in this date by one of these threes, and add the other one to the result, you have 33 – another master number! And then if you take 22, and divide it by the number of other numbers represented in the date (09 and 10 – two numbers), you get 11!

    That means 11, 22, and 33 are all represented in the date of this post, and therefore… THIS POST IS RIDDLED WITH SIGNS OF THE FREEMASONS!!!

    I’d better go now…

  8. sit ubu sit says:

    No no no! I take it all back! You’re missing the obvious! Look at all the bricks that were dislodged in the Christchurch earthquake: it was…

    “freed masonry”

    It all makes sense!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Have you seen this 10.57 minute-long YouTube video regarding the use of HAARP technology and the results of a rainwater test that was done by a government lab in Queensland, Australia, which I understand is where you live, as I can see your IP address? Perhaps if you take the time to watch this, you will not be so flippant.

      NWO Poisoning The Rainwater

      To learn about the ultimate goal, that people like Bush Snr. and Henry Kissinger, have been working towards by stealth, I strongly recommend that you watch Endgame by Alex Jones, (2007) 2.19 hrs long:

  9. Clare Swinney says:

    The government used the earthquake to aid the rise of fascism:

    Their WAS a fishy fascist smell coming from law change after the Christchurch earthquake.
    A group of 27 legal scholars from New Zealand and overseas has written an open letter outlining their deep concerns over the constitutional implications of the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010.
    We write as a group of concerned citizens with academic expertise in the area of constitutional law and politics.
    We share New Zealand’s deep concern about the physical damage to Canterbury and the personal trauma this has caused the region’s residents. All levels of government have an obligation to help the people of Canterbury rebuild their homes, businesses and lives as quickly as possible.
    However, while we are united in wishing to help Canterbury recover, there is a risk that the desire to do “everything we can” in the short term will blind us to the long-term harms of our actions. In particular, abandoning established constitutional values and principles in order to remove any inconvenient legal roadblock is a dangerous and misguided step.
    Yet this is what our Parliament has done, in just a single day, by unanimously passing the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010. It represents an extraordinarily broad transfer of lawmaking power away from Parliament and to the executive branch, with minimal constraints on how that power may be used. In particular:
    • Individual government ministers, through “Orders in Council”, may change virtually every part of NZ’s statute book in order to achieve very broadly defined ends, thereby effectively handing to the executive branch Parliament’s power to make law;
    • The legislation forbids courts from examining the reasons a minister has for thinking an Order in Council is needed, as well as the process followed in reaching that decision;
    • Orders in Council are deemed to have full legislative force, such that they prevail over any inconsistent parliamentary enactment;
    • Persons acting under the authority of an Order in Council have protection from legal liability, with no right to compensation should their actions cause harm to another person.
    These matters are not simply “academic” or “theoretical” in nature. Over and over again history demonstrates that unconstrained power is subject to misuse, and that even well intentioned measures can result in unintended consequences if there are not clear, formal measures of oversight applied to them.
    We do acknowledge that the powers granted by the Act have some restrictions on their use. They only can be used to achieve the objective of the legislation (although this is very broadly defined). Five key constitutional statutes are exempted from their ambit. Orders in Council inconsistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 may not be made Parliament can review and reject Orders in Council, albeit through a rather slow and protracted process.
    Nevertheless, the vast amount of lawmaking power given to ministers renders these limits insufficient. In particular, there need to be tight restrictions on the enactments a minister may change through an Order in Council and clear and precise grounds that justify any such change. These grounds also need to be open to review by the judiciary, to ensure that they really are met in any particular case.
    Any claim that such safeguards are unnecessary because the Act’s powers will be wisely and sparingly applied, and that informal “consultation” and “public pressure” will ensure that this happens, must be resisted. Only formal, legal means of accountability, ultimately enforceable through the courts, are constitutionally acceptable.
    Furthermore, the Act now stands as a dangerous precedent for future “emergency”situations. This earthquake, devastating though it has been, will not be the last natural disaster to strike New Zealand. When the next event does occur, inevitably there will be calls for a similar legislative response, which will be very difficult to resist given this example.
    Finally, we emphasise that we have no partisan agenda to pursue here. The fact is that all MPs of every party joined in this action. They did so with the best of intentions, driven by an understandable desire to display their solidarity with Canterbury’s people.
    But we feel their action was a mistake, and they too quickly and readily abandoned basic constitutional principles in the name of expediency. We hope that with a period to reflect on their action and the consequences this might have that they now will revisit this issue in a more appropriate manner.
    Professor Stuart Anderson, Faculty of Law, University of Otago.
    Mark Bennett, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Malcom Birdling, Keble College, University of Oxford.
    Joel Colon-Rios, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Richard Cornes, School of Law, University of Essex.
    Trevor Daya-Winterbottom, Faculty of Law, University of Waikato.
    Professor John Dawson, Faculty of Law, University of Otago.
    Richard Ekins, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.
    Associate Prof. Andrew Geddis, Faculty of Law, University of Otago.
    Claudia Geiringer, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Kris Gledhill, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.
    Professor Bruce Harris, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.
    Professor Mark Henaghan, Faculty of Law, University of Otago.
    Dr John Hopkins, Law School, University of Canterbury.
    John Ip, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.
    Carwyn Jones, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Dean Knight, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Prof. Elizabeth McLeay, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Steven Price, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Vernon Rive, Law School, Auckland University of Technology.
    Mary-Rose Russell, Law School, Auckland University of Technology.
    Katherine Sanders, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.
    Dr Rayner Thwaites, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington.
    Professor Jeremy Waldron, New York University School of Law.
    Ceri Warnock, Faculty of Law, University of Otago.
    Nicola Wheen, Faculty of Law, Univerity of Otago.
    Hanna Wilberg, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.
    For more information about the open letter, contact:
    Associate Professor Andrew Geddis
    Faculty of Law
    University of Otago
    Office Tel03 479 8864
    Home Tel 03 473 1488 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 03 473 1488
    Email: andrew.geddis@otago.ac.nz

  10. Clare Swinney says:

    “Global warming” is being blamed for quakes…no mention of HAARP or a related technology in this article notice, which is known to be able to cause earthquakes.

    European research claiming global warming might spark earthquakes and tsunamis is being treated cautiously by New Zealand scientists.

    Vulcanologists, seismologists, glaciologists, climatologists and landslide experts met in London this month to discuss geological hazards related to climate upheaval.

    Professor Bill McGuire, of University College London, the organiser of the three-day conference, said when land-based ice shelves melted, the Earth’s crust bounced back up, triggering earthquakes which sparked submarine landslides and tsunamis.

    “Climate change doesn’t just affect the atmosphere and the oceans but the Earth’s crust as well. The whole Earth is an interactive system,” he told Reuters.

    Victoria University professor Martha Savage, a seismology expert, said she had seen one published paper on the topic.

    Global warming might cause a small increase in earthquakes, she said.

    “I think it’s really tiny – it [global warming] has a much stronger effect on creating more tornadoes and hurricanes than creating more earthquakes.”

    National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research principal climate scientist James Renwick said the theory was reasonable because major ice sheets put huge weight on the Earth’s crust. The processes of ice sheet melting and the geological response happened slowly.

    “I wouldn’t see it as terrifically relevant day-by-day or year-by-year to what’s happening here right now.”

  11. Nebula Spike says:

    You write “Also, an asteroid called Bellona, which was named after the Roman goddess of war, passed over New Zealand about 123 minutes after this quake. Its shadow swept over the latitude 43.55°S between 5.57am-6am and its path cast a shadow over Christchurch”.

    How could an asteroid cast a shadow onto Christchurch at that time? It was before dawn – the sun was still below the horizon and would be for nearly another hour!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      No doubt the author of the above article was referring to the casting of a shadow by Bellona in the metaphorical sense, not the literal one, ie The Goddess of war casting a shadow of evil.
      The so-called “elite” behind the New World Order, worship the occult.
      You may find these radio shows interesting /informative:
      The Black Arts Revealed – Round Table w/ guest: Chris Everard & E.A. Koetting -06/12/10

      Freeman of the Freeman Perspective talks about symbolism and more on Truth Frequency Radio with Chris Geo and Sheree. He was able to predict 9/11 on the basis of symbolism. I believe he talks about this during this interview:

  12. Clare Swinney says:

    Saint John the Baptist: Nikola Tesla’s 1899 Yakutat Bay
    Weapon and The 111 Year Anniversary Christchurch Earthquakes by The Biblical Prophet
    Scientific Evaluation of the Mechanisms of the Divine 1899
    Yakutat Bay Weapon
    Revelation of Saint John the Baptist and the Weapon of Nikola Tesla
    U. S. Geological Survey Lied To You. This is what we do.
    Abstract. We have used tectonic, geologic and seismologic observations to reevaluate
    the mechanisms and seismotectonic significance of the two great man-made Mw 8.1 and 8.2
    September 1899, Yakutat Bay, Weapons of mass destruction. In their comprehensive study of these
    Tesla Weapons between 1905 and 1910, Tarr and Martin [1912] showed these events and what
    accompanied their deployment, including the all time world record for shoreline changes in Yakutat Bay man beat nature with simply the record uplift ever recorded that ranged from 47.2 ft. emergence to
    6.9 ft. submergence, uplift of about 3.3 ft. at Yakataga 160 km west of Yakutat Bay, all caused by
    Nikola Tesla who was several thousand miles away at Knob Hill in Colorado Springs. There were similar noises at both places. The same crackling sound that gives away the biggest secret of all time. Although major earthquake faults were not
    found, Tarr and Martin “postulated” that the shoreline displacements were caused by
    vertical movements on a system of concealed steep normal faults and that the fissure
    zones on ridges were along subsidiary faults. My studies in the Yakutat Bay
    region indicate that: (1) the emergent shorelines along Yakutat Bay define a broad
    upwarp roughly 50 km by 30 km that is primarily related to a Nikola Tesla “reverse slip” on local
    concealed shallowly-dipping thrust faults; (2) the reported subsidence was due largely, or
    entirely, to Nikola Tesla’s tectonic shock; and (3) most,
    if not all, of the zones of surface fractures related to the 1899 Weapon are “sackung”
    that were caused by Nikola Tesla’s large-scale gravitational pumping of the planet itself cracking at steep slopes, rather
    than natural faulting. A small number of early damped seismograms and the vertical uplift data
    were used to constrain the fault slippage that occurred when Tesla conducted the weapon testing during the twenty six+ days of near constant palpitation of the earth’s surface due to great Weapon
    in 1899. Seismic moments determined from 50-sec. surface wave amplitudes are ~ 2 x
    1021 N-m for the two main events, equivalent to Mw 8.1. Uplift determined from Tesla raised
    shorelines within Yakutat Bay can be accounted for by the 10 September Tesla event alone, and
    these data can be fit by ~10–20 m dip slippage on three dextral oblique thrust faults that
    dip ~30° northeast or north. Faulting complexity is also shown by the S-wave
    seismogram of the 10 September shock, which lasted ~3 minutes and shows at least three
    distinct long-period pulses. The large seismic moment of the 04 September event and
    uplift of ~3.3 ft. at Yakataga suggest a 150 km westward extension of faulting along the
    foothills fold and thrust zone. Our reassessment suggests that, although some portions of
    the complex plate boundary zone ruptured in 1899, regional seismic hazard is currently
    significant. First of all, none of the potentially Tesla Earthquake Tsunami offshore thrust faults west of
    the Pamplona zone slipped in 1899. It is unlikely that all of the onshore thrust faults south
    of the Chugach-St Elias thrust fault system did either. Furthermore, more than 100 years
    of convergence at 48 mm/yr across the region has reloaded faults that slipped in 1899 and
    added further strains on those that did not. Matters are much less clear for the Yakutat
    Bay thrusts because although they slipped in 1899 we have no good constraints on the
    convergence rates across these faults. The most recent pre-1899 uplift event in Yakutat
    Bay was at least 380 ± 70 years ago.

  14. Clare Swinney says:

    The Star Wars system, at least part of it, transmits a
    signal between 1000 and 1200 MHz that is derived from a
    nitrogen-based particle beam. This signal is a multiplication of 435
    , our reality’s background frequency.
    Refer: http://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg30531.html

    This article, includes mention of chemtrails and Bruce Cathie’s work. Photos are included:

    It mentions that the :specific frequency of 435Mhz has been related to the appearance of UFO’s, Preston Nicols mentions this
    information came from Dr Wilhelm Reich’s research. This
    frequency is regarded in some circles as also the seat of
    our consciousness. Extensive MK ultra behavioural
    modification type experiments (Dr Ross Adey, CIA) were
    conducted utilising this part of the spectrum. According
    to some this is the base frequency of our ‘reality’

    Also http://www.bariumblues.com/em_mind%20control.htm
    “Dr. Nicholas Begich has picked up 435 MHz signals connected to HAARP and that a mind control function is being employed. He says that 400-450 MHz is the window to human consciousness because it is our reality’s background frequency.”

  15. Amy Barton says:

    My bowels have been rumbling since that fateful Tuesday. I see it in the entrails that there’ll be an eruption of epic proportions at any time!

  16. Clare Swinney says:

    MUST HEAR: Investigative Journalist Talks About Christchurch Earthquakes-HAARP Links
    Posted on 11/03/2011 by Clare Swinney

    TheVinnyEastwoodShow At 1pm on March the 10th, investigative journalist, Ben Vidgen was a guest on the Vinny Eastwood show with Will Ryan. … In particular, he addressed the evidence which indicates this technology may have been used in association with the Christchurch earthquakes. While Ben pointed out there is no solid proof that the earthquakes were caused deliberately using this technology, he referred to a number of key indicators which suggest that it may well have been used.

    To access the link for the download, please go here: http://www.guerillamedia.co.nz/content/investigative-reporter-lays-out-history-haarp-has-new-zealand-psychiatry-killer-or-menace

    • Poppy says:

      I could not sleep for 2 weeks after the quake on Feb 22. Every time I lay down on my bed I heard an electrical pulsing sound coming from what seemed to be inside my mattress. Even though every plug socket in my bedroom was switched off the noise continued. I live in the country which means there are no other sounds at night to interfere. You can hear a pebble drop. After further research, I now believe what I heard was the HAARP frequency. It’s ten seconds on, followed by 2 seconds off, and this was exactly what I was hearing and feeling as it vibrated inside me. All of the metal coils in my mattress were humming with HAARP’s frequency.

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