Flashback: Clifford Carnicom – Evidence Indicates Virtually Everyone Has Been Contaminated With ‘Morgellons’

Mouth rinse fibers, after drying, following the Red Wine Spit Test.

On June the 15th this year, researcher, Clifford Carnicom spoke to radio show host, Jeff Rense about his new paper, MORGELLONS : THE EXTENT OF THE PROBLEM.
Evidence indicates that Morgellons disease is due to a constituent present in aerosols or chemtrails. He told Rense that his research, which is repeatable and documentable, indicates that virtually everyone has been contaminated with Morgellons syndrome.  He says it is a global problem and the blood is being altered in a manner that can not be considered healthy.  At this stage, it would appear that the degree by which the blood is altered, corresponds with the number of filaments present in the body and in the skin.  The cellular integrity of the red blood cell is damaged severely says Carnicom and whatever it is that is causing it, he believes that we must make a stand and confront what we know to be wrong.  Governments are turning a blind eye to the matter, so the ball is in our court, he said.

Download the 41.27 minute interview from here: http://www.carnicominstitute.org/rense_061510_hr3.mp3

The test that is used to find the unusual filaments in saliva, which are the same as those coming from the skin of full-blown Morgellons sufferers, is the Red Wine Spit Test, and credited to Gwen Scott.

‘Red Wine Spit Test’: Materials and Procedure


Plastic bathroom cups.
3% H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
Merlot Red Wine
Measuring spoons
Watch or clock


1) Brush teeth very well.
2) Rinse mouth with water thoroughly.
3) Mix 2tsp (10mL) of Merlot Red Wine with 1tsp (5mL) Hydrogen Peroxide in a plastic cup.
4) Use the red wine / peroxide solution as a mouth rinse; Rinse mouth *vigorously* with the wine/peroxide solution for exactly five minutes. Make sure to swish it in your cheeks+gums, etc for the full 5 mins.
5) Now spit all the rinse into a bathroom cup.
6) Carefully examine the rinse for fibers. They are invariably present, and should look somewhat like wet chewing tobacco. Prepare to be shocked and upset. These are components of nanotech pathogens which we have all been infected with, most likely via chemtrails.

7) You can add 91% or higher IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to the precipitated fibers to remove the red pigment caused by the wine. The fibers generally float like a jellyfish on top of the IPA.

Original source:

“Pathogens and the general population”:

For more interviews with Clifford Carnicom on the Jeff Rense Show please link here: http://www.carnicominstitute.org/carnren.htm

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/sillybeliefs-coms-lies-about-chemtrails-geo-engineering-exposed/
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32 Responses to Flashback: Clifford Carnicom – Evidence Indicates Virtually Everyone Has Been Contaminated With ‘Morgellons’

  1. Raymond Collecutt says:

    How has he proved that it is from a “chemtrail” they cant even prove or test what is in a “chemtrail”.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      If you are genuinely interested, why did you not look at the links provided before hastily asking the question, Raymond? eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9Yf7MePtz8&feature=player_embedded

      Look at Clifford Carnicom’s research. He is very thorough and thus his work highly respected. He does things over and over again. If he makes a claim, he does not do so lightly.

      Why not do the Red Wine Spit Test – perhaps that will convince you. A friend in Wellington, who is well known in the truth movement, has and the result was positive. She found fibers. She does not want to face it however and continues with her 9/11 Truth work, while avoiding the issue of chemtrails.

      • Raymond Collecutt says:

        The red wine test! Have you asked maybe someone who would know better why that test does what it does? Or would you not believe them just because their educated answer may differ from your opinion ?

      • Clare Swinney says:

        You just don’t get it do you? The relevance and meaning of that presented to you on this website seems to invariably bounce off you, as if your brain has been coated with teflon.
        Were you not particularly interested in science/ acquiring research skills, while you were studying to be an auto-electrician at the Polytechnic, Raymond?

  2. Raymond Collecutt says:

    My brain isn’t coated with teflon. It just doesn’t absorb rubbish.

    why don’t you ask your local GP what they think the wine test is showing up. Surly they arn’t in on it too?

    • Clare Swinney says:

      The point is that Clifford Carnicom’s work is not rubbish. Please take the time to actually examine it, rather than emitting your predictable knee-jerk reaction that it is rubbish before even looking into his claims and the research that he has done.

  3. Raymond Collecutt says:

    I could be very easy to get a result for the wine spit test at a local lab, have you thought about doing this?

  4. Clare Swinney says:

    I gather you have thought about it, which is good. I suggest you go ahead, please. My guess is that when you take a sample, they will not be aware of the problem and will not know what to make of the fibers. Refer them to Clifford Carnicom’s research and suggest that they Google “Morgellons.”

  5. Try says:

    There’s loads of info on this particular subject at the following link, but not all, by any means…


    Clare – thank-you for bringing people’s attention to this issue – it is much needed.

    I recommend people look into the info/data presented.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Good article TRY.

      Quote: “The chemtrail fibers are a kind of infant, “pre-Morgellons” fiber. The Morgellons fibers are more developed, but the fibers are related to the type of nanotechnology that assembles nanowires. From online radio host and Peabody award winner, Jeff Rense, we learn that Morgellons is:

      A communicable (nanotechnology triggered?) invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating visible tubes, colored fibers, wires, arrays with what seem to be sensors or ‘antennae’, and other visible configurations, some carrying what may be genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These (nano-triggered) ‘machines’ thrive in alkaline ph conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy, its minerals and other unidentified elements for power.”

      “Full spectrum dominance” appears to mean something rather more sophisticated than that initially imagined.

  6. Raymond Collecutt says:

    How do they know so much about this(with what traning and test equpment?) You cant just take their word for it that they know this much about something on a nano level, i mean how the hell would they know? And yet teams of people have done research ito this but have not found what the “internet people have” And the upsetting bit is you take it hook line and sinker without question!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Just for once, spend a few days doing research into the issue, rather than asking questions of us that you will be able to answer yourself, and to your satisfaction, by investigating the matter for yourself.

  7. Try says:


    Aug 10, 2010


       I am writing in order to alert you to a bizarre and torturous situation that has been inflicted upon me and has serious implications to the safety and security of other people.  Its been roughly two months of sustained physical and mental trauma.  The details of this situation initially left me baffled and it has been only recently that I have been able to make sense of things and come to the conclusion that it is undoubtedly a biological weapon being tested on me.  When my symptoms first appeared they were similar to those of Morgellons Disease but these symptoms have progressed far beyond any case I have read about and there has been an element of deleberate harassment that leads me to believe that there is much more going on here and that it poses a huge threat to public safety! These additional symptoms which include the psychological attacks appear to be the end goal of the nano machines which have been widely recognized as the source of Morgellons Disease (it appears that my case is one of the first examples of this diseases/weapon becoming fully active). Here is a description of Morgellons Disease:
    Morgellons Disease – April 2007

    “A communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, nanoarrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These nano machines thrive in extreme alkaline ph conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power. (People should *not* strive for an acidic ph – they should work for a normal pH of 7.5 +/-). There is some evidence these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries. They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. To what end is not known. The symptoms vary from open skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge, which do not scab normally, heal extremely slowly and never become bacterially-infected — to brain fog, fatigue and depression, etc. It is also established that Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids, orifices and often even hair follicles, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration. It is reported by nearly all afflicted that Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or ‘group intelligence.’ Communicability appears to be possible/probable through shedding of the fibers by the infected and through all normal bacterial or viral vectors. Some fibers have been shown to withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F, routine sterilization for Morgellons nano machines in all reusable medical/dental medical equipment and instruments is moot. There is also strong evidence linking Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers although proof of transmission through aerial spraying remains anecdotal.”

    The physical symptoms I have also appear to be some kind of nanotechnology, forming layers of skin that create a network for the transmission of energy and information.  This layer covers my entire body.  Doctors have not been able to diagnose any illness and Ive visited the emergency room as well as my GP multiple times with no diagnosis. The lymph nodes are the locus of the materials production or storage, fibers can be felt excreting out of the skin in these areas and often time a swollen rash covers the area.  This swollen effect has spread to cover my entire body and shifts quite rapidly as the material adjusts do to temperature or some other disturbance.  It is my guess that the material is made or at least assembled in the lymph nodes and then travels out through the skin, then spreads across the surface of the skin, creating the web of new skin.

    The most significant and alarming component of this testing has been the mental influence of multiple voices harassing me during every waking hour.  This is clearly an outside influence due to the fact that the few moments when they are not operating its quite noticeable as well as the fact that they are effected by certain radio frequencies as well as the manipulation of sound equipment. They have admitted to the fact that I am one of the first to be “activated”.  I’ve never had any mental problems and there is no other situations where I am hallucinating or having any other mental issues.  There are four distinct voices and it is obvious that they take shifts, working in pairs: one male and one female. I’ve looked into weather or not this is technically possible and it seems to be so, especially with advances in nanotechnology.  These technologies came to mind because they match the physical manifestations of the technology that would be necessary to produce the effects Im experiencing.  The voices have even admitted that they are indeed conducting research on me and taunt me with the fact that I cannot prove that they are indeed doing this, which is obviously a very alarming aspect of this technology.

    Ive found references to recent military research with biological weapons in southern California that match the symptoms and effects that I am experiencing.  These experiments have also involved private-sector corporations like the American institute of Crop Ecology; the American Type Culture Collection Inc.; University of California, Bioferm Inc., and the Kulijian Corporation.  Israels Institute for Biological Research, located in Ness-Ziona about 20 km from Tel Aviv has also apparently worked with these biological weapons.  This connection was most recently brought to light last year with the spectacular chase and arrest of Joseph Moshe, by the LA police department and SWAT team, assisted by the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, US Army and several other unidentified federal officials.  Moshe, a mysterious Israeli-American scientist, did covert work for the institute and during his arrest was able to withstand three tear gas shells and hosing with pepper spray without moving.  A LAPD official was shocked at this:  “I can’t explain that, there’s no way to explain that.”  I mention this because the new layer of skin that has formed on my body interferes with my senses enough to make this scenario possible.

    It is quite clear that this a very deliberately orchestrated testing area and the interaction between the voices and I are at such a complex level that I cannot disregard them as anything other than a serious advancement in technology which is being cultivated in a direction which is detrimental to the freedom and health of man.


    Gregory Koller


    • Bill Blyth says:

      Thanks for sharing this info.I have know doubt in my mind that Morgellons will become a serious global issue of major proportions in the near future. I have been researching this subject intensely over the last year and am becoming totally flabbergasted that people/beings would go to so much endeavour to inflict so much suffering upon others. This could be of interest.
      On some of the individual swabs you may see 3 or 4 parasites.
      They can swim in petrol but they seem to have a violent and negative reaction to high salt concentrations. Sweat is a constant source of activation for the organism. Any physical activity will usually bring many to the surface of the skin. It also apparently stimulates production of the hard black “pepper-like” pods.
      They are also not fond of ammonia. It not only kills them, but prior to being terminated, it tends to irritate them to no end.

      • Clare Swinney says:

        Thanks for sharing that info Bill and TRY.

        Kate suggested that Morgellons might be effecting Northern Europeans far worse than other races, if I recall correctly?

        Carnicom: Chemtrail Pathogens Could Cause Global Health Crisis 32.08 mins

      • m-lo says:

        So true Bill.
        I only learned I had this when I went to live in desert and worked-out, biked, tennis, sunbathed in very high temperatures. 105*-120*. I have no sores, no itching but billions of these fuckers ( later I.d. As fibers at the entomologist) were popping out with rubbing and castor oil. Now I have many other things that make them pop out. I’ll create a thread for my method soon. But yes sweat. Also to the earlier post… Could that layer of ‘skin’ be ichthyosis? I have it as a result of Morg.

  8. Ben T says:

    Raymond, If you controlled the financial resource of the world, co-operated with vastly more technologically developed consciences you would understand how such technology exists. If you take an ounce of interest in what is happening to your brothers and sisters on this planet, without your clouded perception of what people in ‘the know’ and how valid their statements are. ‘Internet researchers’ know more than most ‘researchers (biased, on the payroll)’. There are just as many ‘Internet researches’ with phd that inform you of the TRUTH. Internet researchers are real people doing research on your behalf so that you can die a spiritually freed being, they are passionate about it and they speak the TRUTH. So why do you believe people who tell you they are ‘qualified’. That is having faith in the devils (if you know this entity then you will know of him as the great deceiver) payroll. The internet researchers, and Clifford Carnicom is a perfect example, present evidence, and instruction that you may replicate the TRUTH for yourself. But instead you claim that ‘doctors’ and people with ‘qualifications’ know best by saying they are already on to it. But they give you nothing as proof, they don’t show you their qualification, they give no evidence to their false claim, and they never give you anything to replicate ‘proof’. It takes little critical thinking and less intelligence to see the charlatan if you actually looked into the topic to validate your opinion. In no way am I saying people with degrees are without credit, im halfway to being an engineer and so i can respect anyone with the motivation.

    In light of the morgellons disease I definitely think we are onto something crucial here, because it has the stamp of N.W.O. / illuminati (never spell with a capital!), as far as ‘Medical Professionals’ labeling sufferers ‘attention seekers’ and refusing to investigate the disease even after mass infection being reported. When they do this they put up flags to the importance of the issue. (Same thing with chemtrails). Definitely going to be worth my time and research, (adds to list of crimes against humanity to look at).

    Raymond, the ‘professionals’ can lose their jobs, familys, 100,000 bribe, so on so on if they dont co-operate with regards to their opinion. I just dont understand how people can remain oblivious to this.

    Please read Fritz Springmeir (Not the demon you saw in the news) & Cisco Wheelers (Download, i dont think penguin publishes this one funnily enough) book or S.Ritual Abuse Mind Control if you want to know methods the illuminati control professionals opinions beyond money (blackmail based).

    Please visit and download the ebook from the following site in regards to how simple technology has been withheld from humanity. Technology you would claim impossible and give no evidence as to why if you were a ‘professional’. Hopefully your perspective will become developed enough to accept the TRUTH.

    It seems the website has changed somewhat to if anybody would like a copy of the book with thousands of free energy devices & cannot retrieve from the above website, i will email the book to you for FREE at your request.

    Raymond, you’re educated somewhat in electronics so you have the ability to PROVE the TRUTH to yourself. (In regards to the above site)

    Good Day, I hope you think about what i have said, because your life will change if you do. (It will change more drastically if you don’t!)

  9. Bill Blyth says:

    Hi Clare .What i have read suggests morgellons is not discriminating between races.In China morgellon infection is present under different names.I heard on Rense radio that doctors in the US treating morgellons patients also had morgellons, they were hiding the lesions with gloves and long sleaves, doctors represented a cross section of races, this is an unfolding catastrophe, i doubt that even the MetService has an exemption..Some are suggesting that morgellons will become time activated, at the moment it seems to be existing on the host and at a future point be turned on! I hope they are wrong.

  10. Raymond Collecutt says:

    You guys seem to know so much about everything and are never wrong. I’m sorry for second quessing you, i will know believe everything all of you say because it cant be wrong because the internet people have done their research and it is always right so this makes you right and me wrong.

    You must be able to sleep so well knowing you are always right and what ever your like minded freinds say they are always right too. Its like a world where everything is true but ONLY IN THE MINDs OF PEOPLE WHO HATE THE GOVERNMENT.

    Now i know who to believe!

  11. Clare Swinney says:

    Alfalfa to get rid of Morgellons.

  12. Ben T says:

    No-one claimed to be correct you have been given a way to find the truth out for yourself. When you do that your entitled to your opinion. Youve been babied with all of the above and your still ignoring what was placed in front of you. illuminati hijacker you frustrate me so. The last you will hear from me, if you think we are all crazy then dont waste your time arguing with madwomen and men, and dont subscribe to sites like this.

  13. Kay says:

    Firstly I would like to reassure those who do the red wine spit test, that a positive result doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up like me. It takes a combination of health issues, a poor immune system or traumatic experience and time to bring you to a point where you start shedding filaments and growing lesions. In the US where there is more spraying, infection times seem to be shorter and exposure to someone with this infestation or an environment containing it can be enough to set off full blown Morgellons.
    I believe it’s keyed to an ancient bloodline. Entirely plausible that this bloodline has spread through many cultures due to exploration, war and intermarriage.
    “These are the 6 known genetic markers identified in Morgellons victims which are disproportionate with the known statistics. The severity of the symptoms may relate directly to the number of markers each person has.
    1. An RH negative blood factor in family genetics
    2. Northern European ancestry
    3. A genetic Haplogroup of U5 Ursula, U5 is the most ancient DNA in Europe (50,000 years to 60,500).
    4. A duplication/trisomy of 1q42 11 q42 12 ( Extra gene )
    5. Blue, green or hazel/green eyes
    6. Presence of other genetic abnormalities”
    From here: http://www.rense.com/general91/hexa.htm
    If you are interested in ‘How’ this may be possible read these links.
    Teachers are the other group being hit hardest with this alongside medical staff/practitioners.
    If you have a positive red wine test I suggest you start building your immune system now. Supplement Vitamins D & C and change your diet to alkaline producing foods. Include a greater amount of garlic, onions and chilli’s/spicy foods.
    I believe ‘Me’. I know about this from personal experience. I see what is happening to my body on a daily basis, as do those around me. I’m not unintelligent and my efforts at acquiring testing and treatment have so far come to nothing. The one Doctor who believed this possible was too afraid to treat me. I see friends of mine from Takaka beginning to show signs of Morgellons infestation, some of these symptoms severe enough to require a wig.
    I have a scary tin full of samples, I’ve had some of the insect life identified by an entomologist. Many of the samples continue to grow out of their slides with no access to air, water, or a food source. You can call me crazy but it’s not going to magically make this disappear.

  14. xygyx2369 says:

    About that test…can I use cabernet instead of merlot?

    • It is probably best to stick to what Carnicom has prescribed from a scientific perspective, although it may not make very much difference to the results. There are Australian merlots, such as Hardy’s or Jackman Ridge, for about $6.99 from Countdown and Pak n Sav.

  15. I wrote to u about the Morgallons issue and as stated i do not belive that spraying alone is not the answer we are looking for in regards to infection.I do not disregard that spraying takes place,all around the world.But there is more to Morgallans than we know.So why do a web page about something we know nothing about. we as a world community should be looking at a far better cure than red wine ,we hve information about what kill MORGALLONS and it works as i have had it and are currently controling infection.What come the chicken or the egg?this is a disease that we know nothing about so why blame spraying alone when we can be totaly wrong .Lets forget the how the why and what it is and get people healthy and give their lives back.By all means you may be right but can you say yes it is caused by spraying chemcials into the atomsphere alone.The following is from a DR Rahim Karjoo who has study Morgallons for 40 years please read.If you are suffering from unusal skin rash then Morgallons is the answer he refers morgallons as the Karjoo phemomenon,of hair follicle disease and possibly contamation with sub microne partials on and penetration the human skin barrier.Morgallons he does not refer to because it is not knowen in any Dicitonary or medical Dicitonary.Morgallons has probally being created,for the confusion of the human being,from the real name of enviromental contamination of the toxic materials releasedinto the enviroment and also those put into the food and used inside the human body as well as those to be used on trhe skin surface.The govermental agencies,should prohibit the use of these products and inforn the public of the side affect such as the orfull disease they call morgallons.(no doubt that you are aware of the symptoms of thhe so called Morgallons Disease)If you would like to Discuss this condition and finding from Amerciam Scients and my own reasearch then i am Quite willing.I am not saying that spraying does not contribute.to Morgallons but i do belive that other factors are at play .Etc That back to silica producing items and cell phones and certain cosmetics. Straight to the point the suggestion that cures you offer have been proven not to work wate of people money and time giving false hope to suffers.I can if you wish point you in a direction to a product that works.Its inexpensive around Six dollars a day for 6 -8 weeks then 25cent for maintance this works as i and my wife suffered this dilbating disease that will push people to sucide,I am not written to make any money i want to help the suffering which you must know is very bad.

    Ricky Palka Australia

  16. Sea Palm says:

    Greetings Clare

    What I am seeing in people around me with Morgellons is that more are older women and a disproportionate number are Rh-. Makes you wonder about those Rhogam immunizations they started giving Rh- women in the late 1960’s, which were designed to alter the immune system response to foreign DNA. Many of the women getting this now were in the first generation of women to receive these shots during and after pregnancy. They contained blood products, mercury, and who knows what else. It is also possible someone is playing around with synthetic blood, which could also impact Rh- people to a greater extent (Clifford’s finding of dried plasma in chemtrails).

    I don’t think it is just chemtrails, or just GMOs, or just nanotechnology; it is more like a one, two, three punch. If someone wanted to establish and maintain a synthetic biology in humans, they would need to change the human diet (because it would require a different balance of nutrients and elements), which is where the development of genetically engineered food comes in. Agrobacterium is used in creating GMO food because it can transfer DNA across species barriers, and it is now part of the most peoples daily diets. So anything being sprayed on you, or that you come into contact with in your environment potentially could be more easily incorporated into your DNA. This would also include all the nanotechnology that is part of many consumer products today, from sunscreens to confectioners sugar and textiles. The fluoride in our drinking water and toothpaste enhances crystal growth and is a necessary element in many nano scale energy systems. The increased body burden of heavy metals isn’t an accident either- with these in our bodies we are more conductive and sensitive to all the wireless, radio, and other electrical frequencies. The massive use of pesticides is killing off all the life forms humans have co-evolved with which would normally compete with these new transgenic life forms, since they are inherently unstable in vivo when released into an ancient ecology. All of these things are happening at the same time, and roll into place like cherries lining up on a slot machine when tied together. Our genetics are being deliberately altered.

  17. This video explains it all and in the comments is a lot of info too. My boyfriend and I have Morgellons. He has had it for 4 1/2 months. I have had symptoms for 2 1/2 weeks but due to recent findings such a this video above, I believe I have had Morgellons for the last 7 years. We both have lesions, fibers all over our home and clothing and skin. We wash our clothes and home constantly, but the next day, there they are again. They also move. I was given a specimen cup by my local doctor and told to bring samples of the fibers. I put quite a few in the cup and went to grab a few more. When I looked down, the fibers were almost to the top of the specimen cup. I quickly screwed the lid on and took a look at these fibers which, by the way are very strange looking. The ones that have taken over our house are curly, long, but almost too thin to see. The colors coming from his skin are black, red and white. The ones I have found on myself are red, black, light blue, dark blue, green and white. They are all over me but they are only in his body from stomach down and the top of his head mainly. I watched this video and lost hope of surviving this thing, but even if there is no way I can go around my family safely without passing it to them, because these little fibers have microscopic insects that can jump. I won’t be able to visit them, watch my niece grow up, meet my son when he chooses to find me one day. I won’t be able to do any of that without fear of infecting them. The hardest part is that there will come a point where the fibers can trigger something and will cause a dormant, lethal disease to end the lives of my boyfriend and I. I’m not completely sure it has sunk in yet because I’m still in shock, but there must be some kind of way we can prove to the world that they are in danger of a major death toll plan with NASA being the main bad guys in this horror movie come to life. Apparently, in 2025 they are going to infect the rest of the population and cause a massive death count for the “greater good.” What greater good will there be left? If you ask me, these people are insane and should be locked up in hug me jackets and never released back into public. Or better yet, they should suffer exactly how we are. The loss of their family, a life of being afraid of what illness will take you out and battle between picking your skin until it bleeds fibers and microscopic insects or committing suicide over all the losses you go through because of the disease and it’s nightmarish symptoms. It’s a miserable and terrible disease and if the men that created it were standing in front of me, I would definitely show them what the fuck misery feels like because they have definitely caused the future end of humanity. And to think that they can actually sleep at night just baffles the fuck out of my clouded brain because they are evil and should rot in hell for their “greater good.”

    • Jennifer, I am very sorry and sad to learn of your symptoms and those of your partner. What I suggest you do is read many of the online stories/anecdotes written by those who have had it for some time and learn the (safe) techniques that they have used to keep the symptoms at bay.
      Thank-you for sharing your experiences -it is much appreciated. Much respect to you. It is a horror story. Who would have thought we would have to deal with something like this 30 or so years ago. I wonder what Dwight D. Eisenhower knew about when he warned the public about the Military Industrial Complex on Jan 17th, 1961. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY

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