Are The Orbs Seen Over New York On October 13 The Same Kind Of Technology As Orb Seen Over Whangarei In Chemtrail Photo?

A host of metallic-looking orbs were seen over New York on the 13th of October, 2010 throughout the day. Were they the same kind of technology that was photographed in Whangarei adjacent a chemtrail in 2005?  See what you think.

An orb which looks similar to those seen in New York was photographed in Whangarei in May 2005 and originally posted at the informative Mysterious NZ Forum.   It mentions adjacent a photo, taken by Azimuth: “Three consecutive images of this CT were taken within seconds in continuous shot mode. This UAP (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena) only appeared in this one image and was not seen at the time, but noticed after downloading.”  (See below).

Wrote someone who claimed to be a witness to the New York orbs on the Intel Hub website: “…sure enough these were these silverish glowing orbs that changed position, stood still at times, and vanished and appeared spontaneously….Anybody who says it was ballons is talking out of their ass. These things had to be at 50,000 ft. I worked on A-6 Intruders in the Marine Corps, VMA 224, 2nd MAW out of Cherry Point, NC. I can gage these things pretty well. I believe they were some kind of military eye in the sky type of craft. I dont believe in aliens. Even if a craft landed in front of me and a little green man walked out I would still suspect the government. But that didnt happen.

See video and photos of the orbs in New York at the link here:

The appearance of the orbs seemed to be as predicted by a retired NORAD director, Stan Fulham, who wrote about an alien visitation on Oct. 13th of 2010 in his book, Challenges Of Change, plus he said this would occur approximately four months ago during an interview. Tellingly, during the interview, Fulham implies the human race is in serious trouble because of rising carbon dioxide levels – part of the global warming hoax, suggesting that this is a government psy-op, not a genuine prediction and the orbs government craft not alien.


See orbs floating in pyramid formation in picture below.

Link to the Truth Frequency Radio show about the UFOs over New York with Jim Marrs and Freeman here:

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7 Responses to Are The Orbs Seen Over New York On October 13 The Same Kind Of Technology As Orb Seen Over Whangarei In Chemtrail Photo?

  1. Mia says:

    I’ve seen one of these orbs by a chemtrail in the United Kingdom. It disappeared really quickly and then came back. I also think that they’re secret government technology. There are hundreds of videos of these things on Youtube.

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    It was mentioned on the Alex Jones radio show ( a few weeks ago, (I understand Jones heard it from Bob Bowman who was involved in the Stars Wars program), that the 1969 Buzz Aldrin moon landing was staged for TV, while it really took place, because they wanted to conceal the technology they were using – free energy technology no doubt, which these orbs probably are. They want the public to be restricted to oil. It is a means of control. They can shut down society virtually if they make it too expensive for the average person to buy.
    If what Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info states is correct, that chemtrails are used for weather modification technology purposes to make the invisible visible, perhaps when the orbs appear adjacent chemtrails like this, they are in the process of observing/measuring the flow of air currents and EM activity?

    I saw small white objects moving through the air in Whangarei, which may be smaller versions of these kind of craft. Refer:

  3. Ben T says:

    After a little thought i believe also that these are government technology. Why they make this so see through i dont yet know the reason. I also believe that mass appearance of U.F.O.s and our alien buddys wont cause mass panic. Why would it? In my opinion there is very no physical hostility in these visitors, psychic yes but very little humans understand this threat enough to fear it and those who do understand enough arent muppets and wont cause problems. But if as in the video the appearance purpose is to ease humanity into it they would appear worldwide, not just suspiciously only in ‘america’ I know with that the illuminati/ new world order/ and covertly hostile E.T.s plan an ‘alien invasion’ or want us to think so. The important question is why? I suspect it could be to lead us on, its all very suspicious. To what benefit will they gain? They are trying to sell it to us that the world will go crazy and well kill each other (some of us will do that anyway!) but im not buying it. It reeks of their lies to me, note his reference to war of the worlds. Who controls hollywood. Who would use hollywoods opinion to add weight to a thought. One purpose may be to discredit us finger pointers. Will have to check the book out and make judgement on info. free energy devices in most of their technology, the cloaking/ invisibility is fascinating! Philedelphia experiment run on? Please visit this site so that you can use radiant energy too.
    Please keep in mind its radiant and not free. (some of its radiant)

  4. Ben T says:

    I wonder what sort of effect orgone blasters will have on the cloaking?. If you dont know what orgone is look into it. Just avoid the sites rubbishing zombie carry on and look at the science behind it (wheather youre educated ofr not.) Start with the book Suppresssed inventions and other discoverys edited by Jonathan Eisen. Im going to forget the discoverers name here but i believe it was a man called Willheim Reich.

  5. Clare Swinney says:

    Joe sent this on ‘rods’, as one showed up in one of his chemtrail videos recently:

    this one is slowed down real slow – from my driveway in Boise…
    you can also see it in the original vid…

    here’s the orginal..

    they seem to be most frequently filmed in the evening or just
    after sundown… and i have heard very early in the morning…

    this guy is worth checking out… Trevor James Constable – everyone probably
    thought he was nuts…

  6. nicole says:


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