Huge Aerosol Trail(s) Evident Over Ocean To West Of Far North NZ In NASA Image Today

To see full image, go here:]

Thanks to Raymond Collecutt of Whangarei for drawing our attention to this.

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3 Responses to Huge Aerosol Trail(s) Evident Over Ocean To West Of Far North NZ In NASA Image Today

  1. Hiria says:

    Hi Clare,

    Thank-you for bringing this phenomenon to the attention of Northlanders.

    I have watched the change in the sky – especially over this last year.

    I have also witnessed a decline of all types of insects ( bees, flies, wasps, midges, spiders etc) over the last few years ?

    This is a concern.

    Insects are important to the well-being and normal functioning of the environment. Some insects in particular, bees for example, are critical for pollination. Without bees we would see a reduction in food production….No bees, no food.

    I have also noticed the only insect that seems to be thriving are blowflies ? It is interesting that after each major spray, our home is inundated with blowflies ? Not just one or two but hundreds ?

    I hope that I can contribute to your observations – I hope that others will join in and contribute with their own observations.

    “Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than to not think at all.” (Hypatia of Alexandria)

    Go well,

    • 100% no Brainer says:

      Hi Hira – thanks for your comment. I am attaching a blog I made on another forum.. and yes – the bloody blow flies – what is up with that?

      Where have the bees gone? If you go on line there are theories & propaganda up the wazzo about this subject.

      Last year in NZ I watched a plane fly low over our village spraying… nothing unusual in this these daze – damned persistent contrails (YEAH RIGHT). The spray left a heavy white residue on my plants. I could not wash it off. We grow a reasonable sized organic garden of course using NO PESTICIDE. I have a worm farm (tiger worms) which I use to tend to my plants. Right after the spraying all the aphids disappeared from my roses. I found this extraordinary – aphids are a normal sight. My lilies also rolled over and died along with my tomatoes. Tomatoes don’t like pesticides. I remember wondering where the large number of bees were while lying in a field of clover. There were a few, but not in the numbers we usually experience. I had however seen many dead ones on our footpaths.

      This year several organic gardeners in the area have been watching for the spray but we haven’t yet seen it – however the aphids have not returned and this year I have seen exactly three honey bees (two of those today).

      Last night my daughter and I settled down to watch a children’s movie – Dream Works BEE MOVIE was released in 2008. Strangely it was the only movie my girl hadn’t seen yet and I avoid the silver screen like the plague. I can’t bare to watch our children/population subliminaled. Everything from chemtrails to the agenda are so in their faces… can’t bare it so it was rather strange to stumble across this and at this time… with so many questions about the dieing bees.

      I spoke to a couple of people and Craego found a link to this movie (thanks mate). I urge you to watch it with your OPEN EYES. Almost every word/scene has a message. The BEE MOVIE follows here:

      I have contacted a friend who is a bee keeper and he is going to assist me to get my own hive. I urge gardeners to think about doing the same. I’m unsure as to how we will protect these little guys but efforts must be made if we are to get through the next years. Mezz tells me the stay close to home.

      Remember to SAVE THE SEED – heirloom seed is still available and I recommend hording it. Learn how to pollinate yourself and get those damned gardens in (for yourselves and your neighbours)! Leave your plants to seed and learn how to dry it/keep it for the next season. Many of our friends are in permaculture also. See Mezz, Babs, Antonella or Bruce to get further information on this subject or growing in general. We are fighting all the elements and an insane agenda. There are several videos on the forum to introduce you to this subject also.

      Please get a copy of What in the World are the Spraying. It is just $20. There are many dramatic photographs and video clips of chemtrails on the Internet, and your innate intelligence tells you that what you see in the sky is not caused by mere vapor trails from jet aircraft, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. All of that now has changed. Order your copy here. There are many public viewings happening across the planet for this independent film. PLEASE support it.

      I gave nobody permission to pesticide my back yard! How long are we going to take this crap guys? This year we are fighting ALL the
      elements. Weather wars rage around the planet and most here understand
      what is happening. This weapon has many facets as many of us are
      already experiencing… some have been human experiments for 20 years.
      The aluminum (even arsenic!) being found after testing our soils are
      going to prevent growth of our crops, but don’t worry, Monsanto already
      have aluminuim resistant, GMO seed available. Hawaii have just woken to
      the horror of their struggling crops being infected with heavy metals. This is FAR FROM CONSPIRACY & who made these assholes weather gods anyway! It is ALL ILLEGAL and our governments are working hard to conceal the geoengineering! Please get out in the world an take note of these things for yourselves. Use your social networks to ask questions, contact your governments & local authorities and demand answers – something MORE THAN THE OFFICIAL line of jet condensation trails. Enough is enough!

      just a note – since blogging this last week the aphids are just appearing on the tips of the plants (as of yesterday) and I couldn’t be happier – I’m hoping this will bring back the ladybugs. Will keep you informed.

  2. Clare Swinney says:

    One of the top geoengineers, David Keith spoke to activists outside the AAAS meeting earlier this year and said he had been working on the aerosol program for 10 years ALTHOUGH he claimed in the AAAS conference that NO TESTING OR RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE AS TO THE AFFECTS OF ALUMINIUM BEING USED AS AN AEROSOL ON THE ENVIRONMENT.

    Just what HAS he been doing with all that money for 10 years?

    He said they proposed putting 10-20 megatons (mega = million) of aluminium a year into the atmosphere—without any testing!!!

    USDA Scientist challenges David Keith’s LACK of understanding of aluminium to be used in geoengineering with his research linking increased aluminium and it’s affect on soil PH (killing the forest!) in northern California…after years of aluminium fallout following obvious chemtrailing (which is illegal of course).

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