Will Ryan of The Clear Skies Action Group’s Letter To Ministry For The Environment

Will Ryan of Nelson’s Clear Skies Action Group e-mailed this letter which he sent to the Ministry for the Environment today.   Will advised that Mr Warren Gray of the Ministry For the Environment indicated that he didn’t even want to see him to look at the evidence regarding chemtrails. “Guess [he’s] just another bureaucrat who loves his job more than his ideals!” wrote Will.

Thank-you very much Will! This is great work, which will inspire others, I’m sure.

The pdf file of the letter is here: Letter from Will Ryan to Ministry for the Environment

To: Warren Gray
Ministry for the Environment
Environment House, 23 Kate Sheppard Pl,
P O Box 10 362, Wellington.
Email: warren.gray@mfe.govt.nz

Dear Mr Gray,

Following the conversation I had with you this morning on the phone regarding my concerns about the aerosol spraying operations being deliberately conducted over my town, your town and many other parts of New Zealand, I attach some files that you may or may not choose to look at, as only a small selection of the correspondence to the New Zealand government, and physical evidence of abnormal aluminium and barium levels in the Nelson water. The page from your own MoE website attached states that: ‘The air in most parts of New Zealand is clean and healthy to breathe. We do not have the widespread pollution problems often found in and around cities in other countries.’

This claim is in total contradiction to what I am seeing over Nelson and Wellington at present, as well as hearing by email from others around the country who are suffering from the effects of these very obvious spraying operations. The sky over Wellington and Nelson/Marlborough has completely lost its deep blue colour, and the sky now has a milky haze to it, and the hills and even relatively close distances are now hazy from an artificially created chemical residue. It is not clearing in spite of changing weather conditions.

Only this last Wednesday afternoon, I watched at least four planes flying from North-West of Kapiti to Wellington, flying parallel to each other, leaving long, fat white streaks all across the sky, that very slowly dispersed into a milky haze that gave a horrible, metallic glare to the brown sunset. How can this possibly be the normal emissions from normal aircraft on standard passenger routes? Normal contrails fade away within a minute or so behind normal aircraft, and even if the higher altitudes are cold and moist, as some agencies have attempted to explain these trails away as being caused by, this does not explain why the residue would not disappear, but instead form this whole sky-cover of milky haze.

All I was wanting this morning was a chance to explain to you in person how bizarre this is in our atmosphere, and show you photos and documents that show that what is being seen over Nelson and your town is a completely man-made phenomenon. From the evidence I have, and many others now have, this is an environmental crime of monstrous proportions, sanctioned by the very government that pays your salary, which, as I stated on the phone, seemed to me to be the real reason behind your complete refusal to even make an appointment to hear and see my concerns.

I have included a list of websites below that even the most cursory glance at will show you the extent and reality of the claims I am making. I must ask you; Do you love your job more than the environment? Are you afraid to make a stand to defend the environment which presumably you love as much as me, since you are in a job that is supposed to be responsible for it’s welfare? You are breathing in the same air as me! You are in a position to do a lot more than me to look into what I am talking about and get ‘those in power’ to realise they cannot continue to allow such a heinous pollution of the air, water and soil without being called to account for it, whatever the amount of money being made from it or what spurious scientific foundation there is for this activity.

Please look at these websites, look at the letters I have written to the MPs, look at the water tests, look up in the sky, then please reply to me with your honest opinion about the weight of even this evidence alone that indicates there is very much a covert operation going on in our skies. I cannot emphasise enough how urgent it is that this crime against the citizens and the environment be stopped immediately!

www.chemtrailsoverkaikoura.ning.com www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/soiltest http://www.nogw.com/aluminium http://www.rense.com/general79/chem www.chemtrailsnz.co.cc www.carnicom.com

http://www.educate-yourself.org/ct http://www.chemtrailcentral.com http://www.asp.bnl.gov/tap http://www.mysteriousnewzealand.co.nz/chemtrails http://www.weatherwars.info http://www.abovetopsecret.com http://www.countercurrents.org/murphy030310 http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org http://www.rense.com/general30/deby http://www.youtube.com/user/MysteryLinesInTheSky http://www.xyz.net/~nohaarp/earthlight

Looking forward to your reply in the near future.


Will Ryan

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2 Responses to Will Ryan of The Clear Skies Action Group’s Letter To Ministry For The Environment

  1. fenua witika says:

    Onya Will,
    Its happening all over the world, the reasons that I and many others around the world have found is too involved to explain it here but note that the chemtrails issue is the tip of an insidious NWO plan that will expose treachery and deceit of monumental unethical and immoral proportions! We must take note of those who are in charge (Warren Gray) as the naysayers at this time, as they will be implicated later. Good onya mate!
    Fenua Witika (Australia-yes its happening here)

  2. Rich T says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Good on you Ryan I back you all the way man, I’m from Wellington and have taken photos and videos of the chemtrails sprayed over Wellington and lower hutt, enough is enough we need to start up a group and stand together I tell everyone I see, sadly most people have no idea what chemtrails are and what they are doing to our beautiful New Zealand and around the world.Our Government know very well what is going on.slowly killing the land sea wild life and people.

    Rich T

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