Heavy Chemtrailing Over Nelson, New Zealand On November the 15th

This video footage was shot by activist, Will Ryan of the Clear Skies Action Group of Nelson on November the 15th, at approximately 2 pm.   Nelson, which is known for its sunny skies, is getting a reputation for long lines of aerosols in the sky.  This is particularly ironic given that the Minister for the Environment for New Zealand, Dr Nick Smith, is Nelson’s MP.   Hon. Smith, who can be seen airing his views about chemtrails in the new documentary, What In The World Are They Spraying?, claims that the trails are normal and merely a product of jet engines.
Watch Will’s footage at the link here. Are the trails normal? Absolutely Not.  See how the Nelson sky is being degraded and polluted.  (1.44 mins)

Dr Nick Smith’s website: http://www.nick4nelson.co.nz/

Dr Nick Smith’s email address is: nick.smith@national.org.nz

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