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Thank-you to Rose of ConTrail for sending the link to this video.

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Could There Be A Plan To Fake UFO Attack As Excuse To Try To Bring In New World Order Using 3-D Holographic Display With Strontium Barium Niobate?

NASA’s Project Blue Beam, which may well be used to try and usher in a New World Order,  includes a plan to have a “Big Space Show in the Sky.” Writes Serge Monast at “The second step in the … Continue reading

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Whangarei Sky Loaded Up With Aerosols On Evening Of January 31

These photos were taken from Woodhill, Whangarei at about 7pm. 

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Chemtrails Over Whangarei On January 31

The following photos were taken on the morning of Monday, January the 31st from Woodhill, Whangarei – a morning when aerosols in various stages of dissemination, were seen around the sky.   This is becoming a regular site, day in, day … Continue reading

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Welfare shelters set up in Northland

NZHerald Temporary welfare shelters have been set up in Northland to house about 70 people, after tropical cyclone Wilma battered the upper North Island overnight. People from Kaeo through to Kawakawa have evacuated from their homes due to rising floodwaters. … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Seen In Kaikohe, Whangarei & Hikurangi – Report From Betty Hooper

Ninety-year old Betty Hooper of Hikurangi, keeps a record of chemtrails she has seen, in her diary.  She advises that the record for the last few weeks, is as follows: On December the 11th, 2010 when she drove into Kamo, … Continue reading

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Flashback: Deadly airborne fungus in Oregon set to spread

By Charles Q. Choi LiveScience 22/4/2010 A deadly, airborne new strain of fungus has emerged in Oregon. It has killed nearly one out of four known affected people so far and might also attack animals ranging from dogs to dolphins. … Continue reading

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Cyclone Wilma hits strong in North Island Severe landslips have closed Mount Maunganui for the Auckland holiday weekend amid chaos caused by tropical cyclone Wilma. Tauranga’s water processing plants have had to be shut down with residents urged to conserve water. Water supply manager Peter Bahrs said … Continue reading

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Chemtrails & Fibers Over Whangarei On January 27

Related: Photos of Obvious Chemtrails Over Whangarei On January 27 Chemtrails, Radiowave-beam technology, aka HAARP & Fibers  

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What Is HAARP?

Nick Margerrison of Kerrang Radio interviews Dr Nick Begich on what HAARP technology can do.  (6.26 mins).

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