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Kaikoura Chemtrails Ramped Up – Plus Chemtrails Seen In Greymouth Today

This report comes to us from Rose in Kaikoura on the 28th of February, 2011.  Thank-you Rose – you are a champion! She advises: “They are ramping up the chemtrail spraying again.  See the photos at this link: Chemical … Continue reading

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A Reader Reports: Children With Rash Of Unknown Origin On Their Skin In Melbourne

Here is another report kindly sent to us from Fiona on February teh 28th from Melbourne: “I heard on the news today that there’s a Whooping Cough epidemic in Victoria currently, so I searched it on The Age website: reading

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Reader In Melbourne Reports Having Serious Doubts Over Accuracy Of Weather Reporting

A regular contributer kindly sent us this report from Melbourne, Australia on the 28th of February: “I’m having serious doubts about the accuracy of weather forecasts on some internet sites. For example, I just looked at this one now: reading

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Dr Bill Deagle Talks To A Panel About Earthquakes & Preparedness

On February the 25th, 2011, Dr Bill Deagle of spoke to John Moore, Anne Morrison and Tim Alexander about the earthquakes occurring around the globe, the exercises near the earthquake zone near the New Madrid fault link, preparedness and … Continue reading

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Another Cyclone for Australia

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Is Christchurch headed for a volcanic eruption?

Iceagenow Sits beside two “extinct” volcanoes 4,985 earthquakes since September 23 Feb 11 – When I first opened this email I laughed. How ridiculous. But then I learned that Banks Peninsula, just south of Christchurch, consists of two overlapping extinct … Continue reading

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Stan Deyo Talks To Dr Bill Deagle About The Significant Earthquake Activity Occurring In the US & NZ, Major Earth Changes & More

Dr Bill Deagle of had an interesting interview with Stan Deyo on February the 24th, 2011.  They addressed a number of issues, including the earthquake in New Zealand on February the 22nd, the New Madrid fault line, earthquake activity … Continue reading

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Katherine Smith: Could Mass Coronal Ejections From Sun Augment Impact of HAARP Emissions?

Ken Ring has been predicting the weather for over twenty-five years and is the author of Predicit Weather Alamanac.   Weather forecasting by the moon has been practised for thousands of years and almanacs were once a common feature of rural … Continue reading

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New Zealand author, Ben Vidgen, who penned the non-fiction  ‘State Secrets II’ in 2006, regarding New Zealand’s links to arms trafficking and terrorism, has turned his attention to New Zealand’s HAARP links. Ben, who describes himself as a chronic dyslexic, … Continue reading

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