Dr Bill Deagle Talks To Anthony J Hilder About Chemtrails

Dr Bill Deagle

Dr Bill Deagle of Nutrimedical.com, spoke with Anthony J. Hilder of Aircrap.org today about the topic of chemtrails.  They spoke about activism, a film they are making, the history of chemtrails,  the power structure behind their use, the Denver international airport, chemtrails in California,  plasma interferometry, weather modification technology and the CIA-controlled Evergreen chemtrail plane base, plus more.

Anthony J Hilder

In regard to the CIA, Dr Deagle says the lavatories on all commercial aircraft are serviced by a total of only three companies, which are all owned and controlled by the CIA.  The lavatories are where the tanks for the chemicals are. And he said the chemicals are being sprayed through nozzles on the wings.

To download the interview, which was during the first hour of the three-hour long show on February the 8th, link to GCNLive.com, here:  http://podcast.gcnlive.com/podcast/nutri_med/0208111.mp3

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Part 1.  Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri,  Feb. 3, 2011. http://www.carnicominstitute.org/Chemtrails-AnUpdatedLookatAerosolToxins.pdf


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