Ocean Alliance Report Revealed Whales Had Elevated Levels of Aluminum – Could Geoengineering Be The Primary Source Of This Toxin?

This following report, at the link below, was kindly referred to us by San Diego-based activist, Andrew Bridgman of California Skywatch, who has been working closely with well-known anti-geoengineering activist, Rosalind Peterson.  Andrew advises that he contacted one of those involved in writing the Ocean Alliance Report and was told, off the record, that they know what the source of the aluminium is – chemtrails/geo-engineering – although this is not referred to in the paper.

It is quite lengthy, so if you are pushed for time, search it using the word: ‘aluminum,’ the US spelling of the aluminium.
Refer:  http://www.oceanalliance.org/documents/OAVoyageoftheOdyssey-ExecutiveSummary.pdf

In regard to the high levels of aluminium being found in whales around the world, Michael Murphy stated in his ground-breaking article from March 24, 2010, titled: What in the World Are They Spraying? Part I:

Professor David Keith

“David Keith, another leading scientist and expert in the field of geo-engineering, discussed [at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, held in San Diego from February 18-22, 2010], the well- funded studies that have been conducted to predict potential future risks as well as benefits associated with geo-engineering. Some of the potential benefits include a cooler planet, and the reduction of melting sea ice and rising sea levels. Keith discussed what aerosol particles would be most effective in achieving the stated goals of the SAG program. He went on to say that initially sulfur was considered, however, aluminum is more effective and can be used by adding ten to twenty mega-tons per year into the stratosphere.

Also note that the 52-page US Air Force research paper, dated August 1996, titled: ‘Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather in 2025,‘  indicates that the United States military is apparently devoid of concern about the damaging effects of the use of their weather modification technologies upon the environment.

The words ‘wildlife’ and ‘health’ are not mentioned in the document, at all, and while ‘nature’ is stated five times, as well as two times within the references,  no statements using it express a concern about the harm they will cause to mother nature.  Instead, the word is used in these contexts: “…potentially malevolent nature,” “The chaotic nature of weather…,”  “Clearly, there are definite physical limits to mankind’s ability to control nature...,” “Because of the nodal web nature of the GWN, this concept would be very flexible,” and “These forces of nature impact all aircraft…”.

Likewise, although the words ‘environment’, ‘environments’ and ‘environmental’ are used in the document eighteen times in total and seven times in the references, there is not a single expression of concern about the damage the technology can cause.  Rather, their uses are in the militaristic sense – in the context of achieving power and control.  For instance: “The weather-modification capabilities described in this paper are consistent with the operating environments and missions relevant for aerospace forces in 2025…”,  “Modification of the near-space environment is crucial to battlespace dominance,” “As with artificial HF communication disruptions and induced scintillation, the degradation of enemy spacecraft with such techniques would be effectively indistinguishable from natural environment effects,”  “Weather affects everything we do, and weather-modification can enhance our ability to dominate the aerospace environment….It gives the warriors in the cockpit an operating environment literally crafted to their needs,” and “As the preceding chapters have shown, weather-modification is a force multiplier with tremendous power that could be exploited across the full spectrum of war-fighting environments.”

Is it of any surprise that the oceans have become polluted with harmful aluminium, as the Ocean Alliance paper shows, given the disregard the military has for the environment? The ‘Owning the Weather’ paper shows that the technologies were being developed, and their callous mindset.  Furthermore,  geo-engineer, David Keith has revealed how much aluminium he considered appropriate to add – ten to twenty mega-tons per year into the stratosphere.


The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use by Michel Chossudovsky

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