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Dr Bill Deagle On Earth Changes & Preparedness, the Japanese Radiation cloud over Japan & earth, Plus what to do

This interview, which is in three parts below, is from Dr Bill Deagle’s Nutrimedical Report of March the 25th, 2011.  Dr Deagle and guests, John Moore, Anne Morrison and Alexander Backman cover information regarding earth changes, the Japanese radiation cloud … Continue reading

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REPORT: The Implications Of Geo-Engineering Schemes for New Zealand Conference 2011

Mon, 03/28/2011 – 13:18  By Jeremy Morrison: On the 8th of March 2011 the Royal Society of New Zealand hosted a conference and workshop to discuss the scientific, technological and geopolitical aspects of Geo-Engineering schemes and their implications for New … Continue reading

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PatrioticSpace: A Discussion On HAARP, Induced Seismic Activities & More

In this video, Mike Beckham, who has the popular channel at YouTube called Patrioticspace, speaks to both Virginia Silcox, who is a Training Specialist with the US Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration, and YouTube user Dutchsince. … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Filmed from Titahi Bay, Wellington, NZ on March 24

All footage was shot on March 24, 2011.  Offers the filmmaker who uses the 2housetoa YouTube channel: “I feel I have a moral and ethical obligation to help raise awareness of this issue.” The first two of these three films … Continue reading

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PatrioticSpace: Mention of Use Of Bombs To Create Tsunamis in NZHerald & Hints of Global Governance in US Navy Ads, Plus More

Below is the latest video from PatrioticSpace, uploaded on March the 26th, 2011 and 23.39 minutes in duration.  It includes some worthwhile snippets of information, including that a NZHerald article titled Tsunami bomb NZ’s devastating war secret, and dated September … Continue reading

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Video Regarding Japan, US, the Use of Weather Modification Technology & More

Thank-you to Rose of for sending the link to this video.  I do not wish to comment on some of the claims made regarding nations being doomed.  I have posted it because it includes graphics and opinions related to … Continue reading

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Weather Models Show High Levels of Radiation Entering U.S. from Japan

Kurt Nimmo – posted at March 27, 2011 On Saturday, Yukiya Amano, the director of the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency, said the Japanese nuclear crisis could go on for weeks, if not for months. Test conducted Friday … Continue reading

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Dr Rima Laibow On How To Protect Yourself Against Japan’s Radiation Fallout

Japan’s Reactors Are Leaking Radioactive Waste Which Is Reaching the US and Europe Writes Dr Rima Laibow in a NaturalSolutionsFoundation newsletter, that came via e-mail today: “I’ve sourced a good source of natural Iodine (not the phramaceutical form used for … Continue reading

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Quake hits central North Island

The central North Island has been shaken by an earthquake this morning. The magnitude 3.6 quake was centred near Waiouru and struck around 7.10am. It was at a focal depth of 15 kilometres. – NEWSTALK ZB From YahooNews

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