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Dutchsince: 4/29/2011 – Sounds Emanating From John Hutchison’s Equipment

Further to yesterday’s post, the interview Dutchsince had with inventor John Hutchison was not uploaded successfully. Dutchsince is doing another interview which hopefully will become available soon. Dutchsince: THESE SOUNDS CAME FROM THIS TRAILER SETUP! Not edited in any way … Continue reading

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Fukushima Plutonium Meets Chemtrail Barium – The Perfect Crime?  By Dick Eastman 4-27-11 Let me summarize in the simplest terms what I said in my earlier message (which I have included below.) Assuming you already know Fukushima is a “dirty bomb” aimed at the US, I suggest that … Continue reading

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Death Dumps – A Convenient Denial – Politicians Of Santa Barbara – Anthony J Hilder

Uploaded by mranthonyjhilder on 16 Apr 2011 Santa Barbara Politicians Conveniently Deny the existence of Death Dumps. The evidence was presented to them by Gary Richard Arnold and Anthony J Hilder right in their chambers. Deny Deny Deny , this … Continue reading

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Worst tornadoes since 1974 kill more than 280 in the US

The storms have left Tuscaloosa, Alabama, looking like a war zone. It killed more than 180 people in Alabama alone yesterday. Picture: AP Source: AP Tornadoes destroy southern states Communities wiped off the map Officials warn death will likely rise … Continue reading

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The UN “disappears” yet another inconvenient climate claim, and once again, botches the cover up

The public is increasingly skeptical of global warming and far more worried about the economy than the environment Anthony Watts Thursday, April 28, 2011 It seems there’s a purge on at the UN to remove failed climate claims. Last week … Continue reading

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Official Documents Regarding Planned False Flag Earthquake Attacks on The U.S.


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John Hutchison’s plans for perhaps the LARGEST SCIENCE EXPERIMENT EVER

YouTube user Dutchsince: We will be recording after about 6pm CST tonight 4/28/2011.  We will post it immediately once we’re finished. This interview will include John Hutchison’s plans for the LARGEST SCIENCE EXPERIMENT EVER! He plans to send out a … Continue reading

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Kentucky Prepares for the Great Central US Earthquake Shakeout

Tuesday, 12 April 2011 14:49 MUHLENBERG COUNTY, KY – As Japan was hit with yet another earthquake yesterday, Kentucky continues to prepare for the Great Central US Shakeout Earthquake Drill. The drill is scheduled for April 28, 2011, and the … Continue reading

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Soaring food prices a threat across Asia

This is posted on this website as there is evidence to suggest that weather modification technology has been used to destroy crops around the world, using droughts and other forms of extreme weather.  AFP   April 27, 2011 Soaring global food … Continue reading

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State of emergency declared in southern Hawke’s Bay after two days of flooding following torrential rain

To watch TV1 video go here:

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