NZ Science Media Centre Posts Info About Geoengineering – Fails To Mention It Is Occurring In New Zealand Already

Note: The Science Media Centre is associated with the Royal Society.  The author of the short post below is John Kerr and described as their newest media advisor.  It states: “John comes fresh from Otago University where he recently finished his Master of Science Communication Degree, specialising in non-fiction writing.”

He did not mention that New Zealand is already being subjected to what appears to be full scale geo-engineering operations and that toxic compounds are being sprayed into the atmosphere.  Plus, he did not address the important matter of the serious harm stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering is known to have caused elsewhere in the world.

I phoned him today and advised him that there is plenty of evidence to show it already is occurring in New Zealand and that it is disturbing that this was not being acknowledged by the Science Media center.  I also mentioned that evidence shows geo-engineering has been used for weather modification purposes in Northland, as evidence collected throughout 2010 shows.  I told him I will post him films related to it, (What In The World Are They Spraying? and ones we made in Northland).   He said it was not necessary, but I will anyway.

Geo-engineering techniques at a glance

By John Kerr

When comes to engineering initiatives to fight climate change, what works, what doesn’t and how much will it cost?

Today’s Dominion Post carried an article reporting on the recent geo-engineering workshop run by the Royal Society. Accompanying the article was this Reuters infographic giving a concise yet informative over view of several geo-engineering projects.

For more go here:

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