NASA’s LiDAR Determines Homeowners’ Futures In Christchurch (Earth Imaging)

[SatNews] After the devastating earthquake that collapsed much of Christchurch’s structures, thousands of homeowners await decisions from the government regarding their property with assistance coming from NASA.

Thousands of Christchurch homeowners who have been waiting for a decision on the fate of their property can expect the Government to announce its verdict this month. NASA-developed technology is being used to assist the Earthquake Recovery Commission in determining where Cantabrians can and cannot rebuild.

Minister Gerry Brownlee, who heads the recovery commission, said the technology is vital in ensuring an accurate portal of damage done by the quake. “It’s exceptionally important and we need to do it very thoroughly,” Brownlee told ONE News. (One News is the news division of New Zealand television network TVNZ. The service is broadcast live from TVNZ Centre in Auckland.)

New Zealand Aerial Mapping can generate 3D images of Christchurch landscape using Light Detection and Ranging, or LIDAR, which was developed by NASA. LIDAR peppers the battered land surface with laser pulses, which are then used to produce the imagery.

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Note the picture of chemtrails on the right-hand side of the SatNews webpage.

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One Response to NASA’s LiDAR Determines Homeowners’ Futures In Christchurch (Earth Imaging)

  1. Try says:

    Very interesting article, thank you for posting. There certainly is more to this story than what has been released, especially this lidar network amongst other VERY important aspects to be looked into, as I have expressed.

    Much to be discussed, thank you again Clare!

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