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Rose and Joy show July 31: Bonnie from Bonnefire Coalition

Uploaded by jack42grafton on 24 Jul 2011 Rose and Joy Show! July 31 This weeks Special Guest is Bonnie from Bonnefire Coalition. She will be talking about the up coming “Sky Symposium!” Airs at 12pm Monday NZST, Sunday 8pm EST, … Continue reading

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Massive Chemtrail Seen In Wanaka, South Island, NZ

Writes Boyd W. in the comment section on this website on the 29th of July:   “We’re getting chemtrails down south too. Here’s a link to a Youtube video of one in we saw in Wanaka on the 22nd of July, … Continue reading

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Six plumes erupt over 12 hours – California and Nevada – ALL VOLCANO SITES -7/29/2011

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 29 July 2011 who writes: “Download Google Earth at the link below so you can view these volcanic spots for yourself.. : Cut and paste the coordinates below and compare to NEXRAD RADAR (so you … Continue reading

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Video: Ted Turner Wants To Reduce The World Population By 95%

Uploaded by mranthonyjhilder on 28 Jul 2011 Ted Turner, Prince Philip, Jaques Cousteau, Thomas Malthus want to reduce the population of the planet in their time because we are using too much “stuff,” as Ted Turner puts it. Look at … Continue reading

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New NASA Data Blows Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

By James Taylor | Forbes – Wed, Jul 27, 2011 NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new … Continue reading

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NASA Now Dumping Lithium in Atmosphere for “Experiments”

NASA Rocket Launches Were Scheduled For July 5 – 23 07.01.11 Four NASA suborbital sounding rockets carrying experiments to take measurements in the ionosphere will be launched between July 5 and 23 (including weekends) from NASA’s Launch Range at the … Continue reading

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TVNZ’s ‘Close Up’ Program May Cover Little Known Issue Of Morgellon’s Disease

A reporter with the popular New Zealand Close Up program, which is on on week nights at 7pm on TV ONE, wrote in the comment section on the Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch website on the 27th of July, 2011: … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton’s Event Details For New Zealand – August 4-6 & More

 Lord Monckton is coming to Northland!   Hello all Climate Realists, Thank you for your patience as we have negotiated the hurdles involved in organising Lord Monckton’s trip at such short notice. This email is to let you know all … Continue reading

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7/22/2011 — MULTIPLE Tornadoes in ND and MT — Heading east to Minot = HAARP ring forecasted

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 22 Jul 2011 seen on Intellicast:

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Deluge causes Northland chaos

Lindy Laird | 23rd July 2011 FLASH FLOOD: Heavy rain hampered traffic in Otaika Valley Rd near Whangarei. Photo / John Stone A deluge that hammered Northland for little more than an hour caused manhole lids to pop, a sewage … Continue reading

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