6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Central New Zealand

NZHerald   Jul 5 2011  A 6.5 magnitude earthquake has been widely felt through both North and South Islands this afternoon.

The quake struck at a depth of 150km, 30km west of Taupo at 3:36pm, Geonet reported.

It was reportedly felt in Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Blenheim, Nelson and Christchurch.

Geonet data centre spokeswoman Jennifer Coppola said the quake was the largest to strike near Taupo for a decade.

For more go here: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10736488


We did not feel the ground shaking in Whangarei.  Activist and friend Evelien Gilbert, who has the excellent blog Aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com, and who lives near Raglan, did experience the quake. She writes: “I was sitting on my bed around 3:40 pm and my whole house began to shake, bed shaking sideways (I was sitting on it) and plates shaking like mad on the shelves.  After 3-4 seconds and it was over. 10 minutes I get an email from eqnews and there had been a 6.5 m quake 30 km west of Taupo.”

Evelien says she believes HAARP may well be behind the earthquake activity in New Zealand this year.

The aerosol material (chemtrails) is used with HAARP.  Barium, an ingredient common to chemtrails, is mentioned on the HAARP patent.

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/sillybeliefs-coms-lies-about-chemtrails-geo-engineering-exposed/
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1 Response to 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Central New Zealand

  1. Ben Vidgen says:

    Raglan also got hit by “meteor” March 30 from June 25 citizens in US and NZ having been seeming “meteors” in some case four five time a night (not bad for event which only meant to happen in NZ only very 3-4 years).

    Meanwhile Hawkes bay hit by 6.5 as cyclone storm similar to April which is significant as same time TV 3 offered 3 second clip saying what looked like a missile was satellite been launched by Argentina. On problem the satellite in question was not due for launch until well after the alleged news reports. I believe the description matches missile seen in Norway China and California in an area used by Vandenburg Air Force base (which uses the instant com system MAGIX inked to Poker Flats and McMurdo funded by Space& Warfare Center (SPAWA). Subsequent research identifies these missile as Minotaur IBCM which have their own weather making influence (see Professor Edward Teller Hydrogen Bomb/ research into military applications of antimatter — wrote a paper on it ) but in this case appears to have some kind of multi-spectrum detector (see Euro Aerospace & Defence lens on the Hubble and MIDEX research program on Challenger) and seem to be basically mirroring project Argus (1000 eyes) where before fired nuke into Van Allen Explorer they sent up sensor to look for cosmic radiation using Explorer IV and three other satellites to triangulate the signal.

    Lot of eyes been sent up at the moment (see THEMIS, AQUARIUS, and AMOS 02 and the ISS recent activity).

    Also lot of military exercise going on for the period June 26 – July 10 including major exercise in Australia (SABRE) US involving both Homeland Security FEMA and other civilian agencies you don’t normally see in military exercise unless some one going to war footing. Reinforced by logistical and ammunition and transportation exercise in Phillipines and Guam earlier this year.

    We know in SABRE case the exercise has scientific and EW case and noticeably fireballs sonic booms (coinciding with signifgant but shallow tremors) along the Perth to Laverton route and South Australia (Maquarie to Laverton) with repeated weirdness and marine death concentrating Queensland up to Townsville. The Indonesian Tsunami epi-centre region has also been very active.

    All these events seem to coincide with Atlantis launch.

    Shuttle launches frankly always get me on edge and usually delivers – not much of a little green-man my self but sure someone will get a kick out of the fact the last shuttle flight scheduled for July 8 (now let me think what happen on that day). That piece of trivia asides have been wondering what will happen during launch or as shuttle begins its reentry following the Gabrielle Giffords which preceded the plane crash which killed Senator Ted Steven te financial father of HAARP Alaska & injured Steven O’Keeffe CEO of EADS who put the halt on the shuttle runs to Hubble (to fit the multi-spectrum EADS lens) after china moved an obsolete communications satellite into the shuttle flight path to the Hubble and then blew it up in Jan 2007 sparking escalation of space weaponization in Jan 20O7. Clifford at time sat on bot Science and Technology congressional overview committee and the Intelligence and Armed Force commitee.

    My own view is were faced with three choices regarding the clear presence of strong evidence EM signals in relation to quakes in Haiti, NZ (since sep 9), Japan + 93 Perth fireball Maquarie 8.0 2004 and Boxing Day Tsunami

    A; HAARP/EMP weapons are responsible and causing this events
    B; HAARP though defined as weapon by the European Union report into climate and security is only monitoring the events which are tied in with strong correlation to alleged solar flare activity and heating of the sun which seems to be getting the earths core (which is basically plasma and highly conductivity) excited.
    C; Faced with such space weather and accelerated global warming (cause withstanding) were seeing a mixture of both as the boys in desperation try what ever in the to box to counter natural events born of either geological or astrophysical nature,
    D: C has led to unforseen side effects oops someone screwed up.

    Finally I struggled with events blamed both on HAARP style weapons ( and remember our own western media been reporting on the existence of such technology) and CERN style antimatter weapons until the penny dropped ionization basically is the creation of plasma (the 4th state of matter) one of the elusive building block off the elusive holy grail sort by Teller military boffins dark matter.For those who go thats simply mad perhaps now’s is a good time to point out it was HAARP’s chief cheer leader ,Edwad Tellers, idea to use Antarctica to store nuclear waste. This mad scientist concept was only stopped when Norman Kirk (advised by the DSIR) pointed out this raise global sea levels by 3 meters most of this is still in NZ archives makes for interesting reading. Almost as fascinating as reading the papers on Project SEAL the concept of Tsunami producing weapon which won Professor Leach (Dean of Engineering Auckland Univeristy) and OBE in 1947 for the advances he made to next generation weapons development.

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