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Is John Key protecting Israel?

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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  1. Clare Swinney says:

    This is an open letter to Fred Tullet the editor of Southland Times which he asked me to send him today visa back ground on past Mossad Passport Fraud Hacking in NZ … oddly it just came back message delayed (not mesage error) so I thought oh well let every on see it then.PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the bit high bolded & under line cos the link shows how John Key is LYING (and I dont use that word lightly) when he cleared the Israeli backpackers of spying — because the story dated Feb 11 shows how he tried to move attention away from the forensic unit and that there was clearly an issue (contrary to what Key claimed tonight on TVNZ) over the unit being in Christchurch and you have to ask your why if their had being no previous incident. Note the link comes from an Israeli paper (talk about shoot your self in the foot dumb arses). The full story is also posted in case the link suddenly vanishes. ——————————​——————————​——————————​——————————​—————- Letter begins: I have in most cases just dropped the link but obsessionally I drop the whole story in to be on the safe side. I have tried to keep this as simple as possible – but as usual when you deal with spooks nothing simple. The situation is further complicated by the factor NZ does no per-se have a foreign intelligence service and tends to rely on mates who happen to know mates so, as you will see, this is not simply a straight spy verse spy story. Oddly however NZ own freelancer community generally do have good relations with the US neoconservative set (who in turn usually get along fine with the Israelis) but over the past decade their seems to be some kind of feud going on here which I don’t pretend to fully understand. This far out in the world of espionage the line between spy and crook can be pretty thin and today’s friend can just as easily be tomorrow foe. Likewise when I use the term “CIA” this again should not be taken to literally for againt the covert world make use of lot of freelancers (“assetts”) who do like to up sell their own importance.The term Mossad however is used here in its literal form due to obvious role taken by Israelis diplomatic core in all of these matters which is clearly a protective role. This is some what ironic in that Israel has one of the smallest intelligence unit (for its size) and generally relys again on loyal jews to assist it overseas teams rather than using full time station such as is the case of the British and Americans. ——————————​——————————​——————————​——————————​——————————​———– ZAKA past run in with authorities:The first two links dals with past issues with Israel identification and rescue units but sadly I cant find the specific link which pinged them for passport and sensitive document looting in Sri Lanka which is a shame as since then I have kept an eye on ZAKA ever since Sri Lanka: 2005​dle_east/4130599.stm Mumbai: 2008 http://www.israelnationalnews.​com/News/News.aspx/128618 This link is from early on this year and confirm an issue arose in NZ concerning the ZAKA unit – the source is from Israel itself The other NZ passport affair: Note two of the men involved were a paramedic (one Tony Resnick lectured at Auckland University of Technology and was also ideally placed to access the institutes data bases. (see below computers)​port-new-zealand-citizen-aided​-israelis-in-passport-affair-1​.129409 The following link is on a inter related story to the Israeli passport scam which I traced back to Kiwi “spy” Jack Saunders (Operation Weasel) crew who stung the Herald back a few years ago. No one can really figure out whether these guys are genuine spies or bullshit artists (aka shade of Paul Freeman the kiwi who kept popping up in headlines over spy saga in 70’s and 80’s). But its worth noting Saunders own brother has a conviction for passport fraud. The story high lights an apparent feud between Saunders (see also Operation Weasel Narau) and Mossad which appears largely to deal pass port and sex trafficking allegations… I have generally stay well clear of this area as the allegations and counter allegations (and who the sources are exactly ) are as dodgey as hell and to be honest I’m surprised so many papers got sucked in by Saunders mob to begin with.​/05/NZHerald130504.html The links to Al Queda pass port listed at the bottom of this story however were more of interest to me as the kind of passports described (they could never get the colour on the front page right) did turn up in NZ and were brought into NZ by a Russian Israeli and former Special Forces type (his legal counsel was the VC broker chap but cant recall his name right now) providing us with a confirmed case and not just rumour and speculation. The Russian Israeli connection was in direct line with my investigation of NZ links to arm and money laundering where I can proudly say I have broken every major story on the subject for over a decade long before the kiwi press caught up with the Russian aircaft found with North Korean arms in Thailand leased to Auckanad Vanutu based SP Trading Ltd. A situation which pretty much endorses what I have been saying about nominee firm and NZ role as a giant washing machine for spooks crooks and terrorists for over a decade now and which I have documented with photo and company office files in two books to date now (1999 best seller State Secrets and the 2006 sequel State Secrets II). Police fear al Qaeda terrorists using NZ passports following arrest of 2 men in Thailand and seizure of fake NZ passportsTHERE are fears al-Qaeda terrorists may be roaming the world, passing themselves off as New Zealanders. It follows the arrest of two men in Thailand, and the seizure of 11 fake New Zealand passports.Police picked up the Thai and his Pakistani accomplice in an undercover raid in Bangkok on Monday. The forged New Zealand documents are among 23 fake passports found in their apartment.The arrests followed the arrest last month of another Pakistani suspect, found with 12 fake New Zealand passports.The Bangkok Post newspaper says the passports might have been used by al Qaeda-linked terrorist suspects or human traffickers.The documents have serial numbers beginning with N379, which allows visa-free entry to several countries. Thai police say terrorist suspects arrested in Europe have travelled to several nations carrying fake passports with such serial numbers….. This is consistent not only with findings of Pakistan journalist Hamid Mir (a recongised expert on Osmam Bin Laden and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood), the investigations of the Indian CIB concerning the Tamils tigers (see below), terrorist expert Peter Chalk, ex NZSAS soliders Alan Brosnan & Duke Henry, but the current and past directors of the NZSIS including Warren Tucker and Richard Woods who have made statements to this effect on number of occasions. Over seas Passport fraud: I’ll skip the part about passport fraud involving Israel over seas because it so numerous that if you cant find such cases then your really in the wrong game. Computers: Asides from the placement of Reznik at the Auckland Institute of technology in place to acess sensitive data the Canadian noted http://rockthetruth2.blogspot.​com/2009/03/canadians-bust-mos​sad-computer-hacking.html ignore the antisemitic rubbish in this particular story as the cases referred to are largely will documented. Further claims police computer are secure are simply nonsense and the 2000 Report into Organised crime well confirm that as well pass case were police computers have been hacked by gangs to access fire arms registry and other sensitive data. I’m sure if the mongrel mob can hack police computers Mossad can to (in fact one mob hacker I know claims he has access to police witness protection payments [and thus their locations] through his access to an organisation the police have entrusted to manage such payments. I’m also aware of the following pattern after Clarke kicked out the Israelis for passport fraud the entire Israeli backpackers vanished the upside of this is internet cafe (most of whom I know in the south island) noticed a drop in scroll key viruses used for identity theft. While images left on internet cafe would include Isareli firing guns , Israel proudly pointing to the inside of car door clearly used to stash something and photo of rows of computers at work stations devoid of personal character in room empty bat sleeping bed rolls beside each computer). John Rowley I believe still has these pictures on file and while I can show you the door (and Johns a very approachable) I cant give you an intro as me and John had a falling out a few years ago largely because John nice as he is does not know when to shut up and keep a low profile. Most of these guys come to NZ right after completing their army training and they are all debriefed on their return home. Other case of Mossad hacking include Israel hacking computers in Canada (again) for industrial secrets and even hacking the White House Severs while the stunax virus has of course turned up in Iran nuclear reactors which a lot more secure than police computers Other Israel NZ: Safe Air directors include (as of 1999) Robert Mc’Farlane former National Security Adviser lost defamation case against Vanity Fair in *** when they accused him of being an Israeli intelligence assett. When the Sky Hawks went up for sale Israel took a keen interest in the Sky Hawks avionics (which are generally admired in aviation circles). Arms laundering & Oil: Mcfarlane, as the US Presidents NSA replaced Richard V Allen who now lives in Arrow-town NZ and helped advise National in the past two elections (Nick Hager’s Hallow Men). Allen is also a former share holder of Yukos oil (before the Russians nationalized the firm) and member of the right wing political action group Americans for Peace and Democracy in Chechnya and former fund raiser for Project Democracy which in the 80’s was used to find the Mujhadeen in Afghanistan through the criminal bank BCCI which also held account used for assassinations, kick back and arms deals for such terrorist groups as Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Tamil Tigers, and the Abu Nidal Organisation who according to various sources (named and on record) all used NZ to procure false passports and launder arms. For example in 2000 officers from India’s CIB arrived in Auckland to investigate a trip by the LTTE chief arms procurement officer KP in relations to the 1987 assassination of Rajv Ghandi. The 19991 Justice Jain report link the LTTE arms accounts (along with Abu Nidal and the Egyptian Brotherhood) as managed by Saudi Oil broker Adnan Kashoggi who in my research has been the common link in every case I have ever encountered. Kashoggi own links to NZ date back to November 1977 when oil exploration in the Southern Basin was put on hold a during the height of the OPEC crisis.At three time NZ was exporting less than 3 million to the entire Middle East as opposed to three years after the NZ Dairy Board set up offices in Saudi Arabia and NZ could be found to be exporting more than $400 million in beef and dairy goods to Iran alone. Evidence suggest we need to review just who where the financiers behind the loans used to finance Think Big and what deal was done to lend us that money to begin with. Either way the amount of money in NZ which originates from Middle Eastern and criminal sources no doubt would be of great interest to Israel assuming of course that they don’t them selves have a hand in the laundering process which I raise in light of the repeated frequency of Russian Israeli mobster I have encountered over the years. After all in 1990 people boo Patrick Steel Abu Nidal Gun For Hire because he dared say Israel ran the notorious terrorist but in 1991 following the BCCI banking scandal Steel was vindicated when funds put into Kashoggi London accounts where source back to known Mossad assets. Food For Oil (Butter For Guns): Interestingly enough the Sky Hawks maintenance, once the decision to sell had been made, was over seen by Ernst & Young. Ernst & Youngs former senior Hong Kong partner was kiwi Dave Mace who asides from owning a chalet at Mill Brook Queenstown (founded by Allen partner Graham Smolenski — recently in the news for his links to fraudulent insurance firm) was used to host Bhoutros Bhoutros meeting with Israeli diplomats in 1995 (following Israels shelling of Fiji Peace keepers). I witnessed the delegation arrival first hand which was led by then Israeli ambassador a specialist as it happens in Information technology in NZ in NZ at the same time the US and Israel were selling IT systems to their allies loaded with a back door program known as PROMIS (see my book). Smolenski/Millbrook also hosted the March 2002 War on Terrorism meeting attended by heads of CIA, FBI, M16, ASIO, NZSIS, & heads of six Asian intelligence agencies including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Maylasia. Mace who helped as a special UN envoy secure rebuilding contracts for APCO worldwide (of which Allen is a partner) was in his own words hand picked by Koffi Annan to be the calculator of the failed UN Food For Oil program and his role and lack of auditing was widely criticized by a number independent audits including KMPG, the US GAO, and the Volckner probe. More than 80% of the milk (according to official info documents) used in this program originated from NZ via third parties.The vast bulk of whom I have identified as subsidiary HSA (Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies) Yemen named in US and UN terror watch lists as financier of the 9/11 Altaqwa bank based in Lugarno Switzerland and identified as early as 1995 as front for “CIA” black market arms conduit to the Egyptian Brotherhood (The Mercury Tasman 21.3.95). Other NZ firms identified as official participants in the program according to the OIA documents included NZ waste management Ltd whose director David Appleby was the NZ end of Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong outed by Bill Ralleston in relation to the 1987 Maori Loans Scandal who also alleged they were part of laundering program for “CIA” black market arms and bribes. Pacific Express: operated by Russian Israeli Simon Lahav aka Shimon Lahav aka Simon Spitz. Spitz held numerous passports and was identified as agent of Mossad by former agent Victor Otrovorsky and agent of the “CIA” by the head of the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt prior to arriving in NZ based in Lugarno Switerland until he fled due to his role in fraud and arms trafficking. In 1991 he set up shop and ran arms to Africa through Auckland via Indonesia and Kenya. Otrovorsky link Pacific Express to arms laundered through Vanuatu destine for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. IN 1993 Spitz fled NZ after he was involved in embezzlement a​nd his links to arms deals in the Balkans & Africa by TVNZ. IN 1998 Spitz appeared in the UK were 20/20 and Bristol HTV cited the Israeli as being linked to arms shipments to Muslims in Somali & Yemem – something Spitz freely acknowledged on camera. More recently aircraft linked to his network have surfaced in Somalia once again using an airport 70% owned by Lootah Corp the parent firms of UN Food For Oil offender Wasel & Babel. Other Israeli Russian firm who at one point or another have been based in NZ and have links to arms and rogue Middle Eastern states include Prok Bank (Auckland Vanautu), Xado Corp & of course more recently Sp Trading Ltd (Auckland Vanuatu). I’m just going to end by saying NZ have far too a rosy idea about NZ place in the world and that niavety makes us vunerable not just to Israeli wanting to pick up pass port but hos of characters none of whom if but one common hood or conclusion can be drawn have NZ inters ts at heart. Sadly that Key would down play this event mean the delusion and their fore the vunerability will only continue to exist to the detriment New Zealand”s public at large. Ben Vidgen DEADLINE Publishing Ltd 03 473 1577 Life in Israel February 28, 2011 at 6:33 am. NZ continues to refuse Israel’s world-renowned search and rescue teams help with earthquake Israel21C reports “Israel is sending sanitation, water purification equipment and temporary shelters to the earthquake-ravaged city of Christchurch. This nearly a week after Israel first offered aid to Christchurch. Last night, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key formally asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for help. Key turned to Israel for assistance as health and sanitation problems continue to develop in the South Island city. Israel is well-known for the relief delegations it sends to help victims of manmade and natural disasters around the world. Rescue teams from New Zealand continue to scour ruined buildings hit by last Tuesday’s 6.3 tremor.And though New Zealand has asked for Israeli sanitation aid, it continues to deny Israel’s world renowned search and rescue teams to help look for survivors. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that as of February 26, there are still six Israeli citizens who are known to have been traveling in New Zealand at the time of the earthquake, but whose whereabouts are still unknown. Foreign Ministry officials also confirmed that an Israeli backpacker was killed in the quake. New Zealand Prime Minister Key said the high number of foreigners killed in the tremor meant Christchurch’s pain was being felt around the world. “This isn’t just New Zealand’s tragedy, the February 22 earthquake affected countless people internationally,” he said.
    By: Ben Vidgen

  2. Mauibrad says:

    Wow, that’s pretty weird. Interesting parallel with what was happening in Fukushima.

  3. Clare Swinney says:

    Posted at
    What Were The Mossad
    And Fake New Zealand
    Passports Doing In Iraq?

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