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Chemtrail Over Wanaka, New Zealand on August 20

Thank-you to Fraser of Wanaka for sending the link to this photo taken on August the 20th, 2011. He writes: “I have only seen a couple [of chemtrails] in the last few weeks. The video from last Saturday and this … Continue reading

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8/30/2011 — 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Banda Sea north of Australia

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Numerous Aerosol Trails Seen over Whangarei on August 30

There were numerous trails sprayed over Whangarei today.  I went for a walk without my camera.  There were many trails sprayed adjacent one another.  At 4.51pm, a very long, straight chemtrail was evident, with puffs at regular intervals along the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene, Unusual Earthquakes, Unprecedented Tornadoes, Historic Flooding    … And Horrific Drought: Why Is All Of This Stuff Happening To America? End Of The American Dream, August 29, 2011 What in the world is happening to America?  In more normal times it would be easy to dismiss … Continue reading

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Irene’s toll: 22 dead, $7 billion damage NEW YORK, Aug. 29 (UPI) — Hurricane Irene is history but the U.S. East Coast and Canada were left Monday to deal with the storm’s aftermath, including flooding and power outages. The Los Angeles Times reported the grim toll … Continue reading

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‘Moon Man’ Ken Ring predicts ‘large’ quake for September

Mon, 29 Aug 2011 7:40a.m. TV3   By Dan Satherley Ken ‘Moon Man’ Ring says another big earthquake will strike the Canterbury region at the end of September. Mr Ring – who publishes long-term forecast weather guides based on the orbit … Continue reading

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Evidence of Weather Modification Technology Being Used Over Whangarei On August 29

The first two photos shown below were taken this morning from Woodhill, Whangarei looking towards Mount Parahaki.  As mentioned in the previous post on this website, there was a heavy aerosol spray day over Whangarei yesterday, (see third photo of … Continue reading

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Chemtrails/Aerosols Over Whangarei August 28th, 2011

The sky over the Whangarei region appeared to have been sprayed heavily with aerosol material today.  It was a blue sky this morning, which degenerated into an aerosol covered one, that included chemical-coloured clouds and clouds evincing ripples/waves.  I also … Continue reading

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Dutchsinse: INTENSE HAARP RING in Hurricane Irene Indicative of weather modification technology in use

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 26 Aug 2011 Links to several RADAR systems: 3D RADAR:

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Severe Weather Predicted In Parts Of US On Basis Of Evidence of Weather Modification Technology In Use

Uploaded by dutchsinse on Aug 25, 2011 who writes: Severe weather up to and including tornadoes.. damaging winds, and hail. These locations, watch for the possibility of strong storms at the center of each ring that appeared on RADAR… next … Continue reading

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