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Chemtrails Blocking Out The Sunshine’s Working? Vitamin D Will Be Added To Cereal – rise in “rickets”

DailyMailUK By Sean Poulter, 28th October 2011 Kellogg’s adds vitamin D to fight rickets after alarming rise in the condition Kellogg’s is adding vitamin D to all of its children’s cereals in response to an alarming resurgence of rickets. The … Continue reading

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FEMA EAS Test and PACWAVE11 Tsunami Exercise on November 9-10, 2011

November 9th/10th is the date for Exercise Pacific Wave 11: A Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise put on by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. See The first date is the day it will be in the Americas and the … Continue reading

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Strange Aircraft Seen Spraying Over Missouri

A man from Missouri, US, posted this on the Forum on October the 17th, 2011, in the Chemtrail Photo Gallery thread: “I have been watching chemtrails for almost 10 years now.  I learned about them from George Noory’s Coast … Continue reading

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Radioactive uranium passing through NZ ports   HARMLESS DIRT? Green Party MP Gareth Hughes says Kiwis will be shocked at the magnitude of the uranium shipments going through New Zealand ports, some of which could be used in nuclear weapons. Five thousand tonnes of radioactive uranium … Continue reading

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Chemtrails over Melbourne…Air New Zealand ANZ175 Hits Hobart

Uploaded by peekay22 on 28 Oct 2011, who writes: **Please Watch “Chemtrails over Melbourne…Proof that Major Airlines are Targeting Major Cities” before anything else** Air New Zealand flight ANZ175 (Auckland to Perth) not only targets Melbourne and King Island … Continue reading

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Chemtrails UK: The Assault Continues On October 29

This is a follow-up video, filmed in the heart of the Cotswolds, to the ones posted yesterday regarding chemtrail spraying by the same YouTuber, t0xicsky, who writes: “Very heavy chemtrails [on] 29/10/2011 with ugly sister HAARP joining the fun.  The … Continue reading

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Chemtrails In UK On October 28

Shot in England on the morning of October the 28th, this video shows a plane spraying a condensation trail adjacent planes spraying chemtrails in parallel lines.  Will the people wake up?  Will they care that their environment is being poisoned … Continue reading

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Aerosol Blitz Over Whangarei October 27

Here are a few photos taken on the 27th of October from Whangarei.  Today it is cloudy and at the time of writing. 6pm, it had only rained very lightly, so I can not report on what is appearing in … Continue reading

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Cellphone Towers EMR Damaging Biological Systems of Birds, Insects, Humans

Anthony Gucciardi,, October 26, 2011 The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from mobile towers is so powerful that it affects the biological systems of birds, insects, and even humans. The study, released by the environment ministry, called for the protection of flora and … Continue reading

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Alien Genetic Takeover: The End of Humanity

Aaron Dykes,, October 26, 2011 COMMENT FROM ALEX JONES: Yes the headline says alien takeover, because it is alien to cross plant, animal, insect and microscopic species… and this witch’s brew is already having disastrous effects and is the … Continue reading

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