Flashback: Day Of Big Christchurch Quake Texan Oil Giant Gets Approval

Stuff.co.nz  01/10/2011

Seismic testing for oil and gas in the Canterbury Basin was approved by the Economic Development Ministry (MED) just over four hours after the February 22 earthquake.

Papers released to The Press under the Official Information Act show that Texan oil giant Anadarko, which has two permits to undertake deep-water drilling for oil and gas in the area, went ahead with its seismic survey off Banks Peninsula on February 23.

Anadarko is a 50-50 partner in the exploration venture with Origin Energy and part- owner of the well at the centre of the environmentally disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

More: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/5716712/Big-quake-fails-to-stop-Texan-oil-giant


The Truther Girls Cover The Christchurch Earthquake & The Strange Coincidences Associated With It

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/sillybeliefs-coms-lies-about-chemtrails-geo-engineering-exposed/
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1 Response to Flashback: Day Of Big Christchurch Quake Texan Oil Giant Gets Approval

  1. Ben Vidgen says:

    Bright Skies Dark Motives Part Two; It Wont Be Pretty

    Claire ( https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/flashback-day-of-big-christchurch-quake-texan-oil-giant-gets-approval/#respond) just posting update on part one of DEADLINE August September article which has relieved strong feed back nation wide.
    You may have not seen this piece on service worker sucked into engine under maintenance at SAFE AIR Blenheim;
    The fatal accident in question took place shortly after my article went to print — my understanding courtesy of the Nelson activist circle and my own contacts is more than five fail safe some how managed to malfunctioned somehow which is simply unheard of.

    It’s not the first death at Blenheim Air force base where adapted spray units (designed by Auckland University) are allow chemical trail chemical to be mixed with conventional fuel on both military and civilian aircraft.

    Since 2003 I have being receiving reports of an unusual amount of Air force armourers (previously based in Blenheim) as having died in a head on collision in past two years, this include speaking to the private investigator hired by the family of one such victim as consequence.
    SAFE AIR itself has long history of undertaking defence work, including not only installing the avionics used in NZ Sky Hawks (using Israeli technology), before they were sold, but their director includes former National Security Advisor under Reagan Robert McFarlane famed on the Iran Contra affair. *

    * His predecessor also lives in NZ Richard V Allen partner to Graham Smolensk I the founder of Millbrook resort (often called CIA South by the locals) in Queenstown who is current tied up with the insurance ponzi scheme which is about to wreck havoc on NZ economy after the coming elections .
    I have take bit of heat since the article came out in by powers that be but take that as good sign.
    When in Nelson caught up with Will Ryan Clear Skies before going down to market to ask Dr Nick Smith at what point he felt it appropriate to ignore a written request by an elected official. Specifically Kevin Hayes who when Mayor of Kaikorua in 2010 was told by Smith’s office aircraft flying on unregister flight paths where crop dusting. This is before Smith simply ignored Hayes’s letter, which astutely pointed out to Smith that crop dusting does not normally take place over the ocean. Smith like wise ignored Hayes’s request for comment regarding the UK parliamentary report on the need for regulation of geo-engineering.
    Likewise I wanted to ask Smith why my request for answer to his reason for ignoring this matter was ignored my letter including supporting local press documentation which included photographic and met-service satellite imagery, plus the 2010 Te Papa symposium on geo-engineering. Smith like wise ignored my letter despite legal requirement that require even a cabinet minister to answer any query within 20 working days. My attempts however were thwarted by the fact Smith unlike other candidates was not to be found handing out flyer on a sunny Saturday morning, in the lead up to an election. Instead Smith chose to hide inside his caravan with blinds drawn and his flunkies at the door to preventing any one actually gaining access to this farce of excuse of representative of the public.
    Meanwhile his caravan (parked illegally on non parking zone) parked hard up against the stall of local trader Brendan Santorini, did successfully hinder Mr Santorini from conducting his usual level of business. Seemingly a move seemingly undertaken by Smith in spite of Mr Santorini stand against foreign assets sales, and his public critic of Smith in the Nelson Mail (who it emerges regularly touch up photo of Dr Smith so as to down play Smith’s blood shot eyes and his bright red nose). Incense at Smith arrogance I decided to spend about 30 second talking very LOUDLY to Brendan, out side Smith window, highlighting just how “embarrassed I would be” if I was Nick Smith. My point of ‘discussion’ with Mr Santorini including the fact that Smith clearly had no clue as to the level of transparency and openness which should be expected of public officials, in a real democracy, that his idea of ‘meeting the public’ was simply a farcical joke an insult to the people of Nelson and NZ. His actions the conduct of some one unable to look another in the eye, as is Smith habit, knowing full well the lies and deception they elect to weave on those they claim to serve, all of which underscores once more the flimsiness of Nationals claim to have public mandate to govern.

    Having, admittedly mischievously but lawfully, made my point I wondered off to have a well earned coffee only to discover less than sixty seconds later that six police officers (three uniformed and three undercover) had swooped on to the markets and were to be found milling around Smith’s Caravan with obvious keen interest in nothing at the market and overt interest in little old me. Whether coincidental or not the police interest in my person would continue with a police escort first spotted in CHCH which continued all the way to Grey mouth were a police literally on my bumper followed me to my hotel. The coincidence continuing as police officer was spotted walking out of the hotel I chose to stay at Escort minutes after I checked out an event repeated once more in Fox Glacier where my unconventional form of that travel for that league of the trip (having sent my ride back to CHCH at Grey Mouth) hitch hiking and a lack of traffic had even my tail embarrassed at the obviousness of their stalking. Or though here a tip for the other cops called into follow me next time you asked do surveillance take off your bright yellow traffic tunics you dumb arses. Again what a joke one has to wonder paid for all of this and what things have come to when an MP calls the cops after some one has done nothing more than clearly take the piss out of them. What can I say but for fuck sake Nick ‘why don’t you just man up and grow set a ball you sad little man’.
    On the upside it clear the people of Christchurch, at less, are beginning to understand that the NZ entering a dark space we once assumed existed no longer exist in our little version of Hobbiton. As can be clearly seen in a recent article which appeared in no less a conservative paper as the Christchurch Press, which pointed out the toxic implication of fracking including it links to earthquakes and the 2010 Arkansas spate of dead animals and marine life.

    I don’t claim to agree with all of the article conclusions but the obvious implication to be applauded loud and clear is the editorial team at the Press decision to have the courage to show a bit of deviance of their Fairfax masters by having the courage to run such a bold and ballsy piece. It highlights even NZ main-steam media is beginning to cotton on to at less one truth; the conventional geological explanation been given for the NZ earthquakes are flawed and its time to remember the first law of deduction over assumption ‘that when the fact have been examined and found simply not too fit the explanation traditionally considered the ‘most plausible’ it is time to see whether instead the raw data matches the explanation of other option offered and first thought to be considered implausible’. I have felt this proud of my chosen profession in years.

    Sadly however there is no online version of this story a factor which will come more and more normal Fairfax’s having last month largely being responsible for the dismantling of the 150 year NZPA media pool. An organisation which traditionally insures NZ readers were connected not just with their own regional happenings but the entire country. Just one of several moves of overt censorship underway right now including the attempt by council to ban political pamphlet distribution by activists, the abolishment of the Public Broadcasting charter (the first steps allowing the government to sell off such assets as Radio NZ, TVNZ, as well as student and community radio), drastic increases in paper prices and Mediaworks cozy up to National ahead of this election. http://www.mediaworks.co.nz/Default.aspx?tabid=134&articleID=548. National in return have given Media works a “payment holiday” for frequencies they continue to monopolize but don’t use.
    Meanwhile the oil industry, which has flocked to NZ with the prospectus of accessing well in excess of 50 billion of barrels of oil from Northern Taranaki alone plus similar opportunities in , Canterbury, the Southern Basin and NZ sub Antarctic, can be found going into over drive through out the country to try and contain the news that drilling is not all dollars for the locals. Kiwi are quickly realizing the oil industry has a very dark side in terms of its environment damage such as the use of super toxic nano-engineered technology also associated with the chemtrail or stratospheric aerosol spraying (also known as chemtrails) phenomenon.
    Meanwhile the Otago Daily Time New Zealand’s only fully independent daily but sadly an independent with a well established history of kissing big business collective butt elected, after our piece on chemtrails, to run not one but two journalistic pieces (if you can call ‘cutting and pasting’ other foreign news service stories as actual journalism) pieces on geo-engineering, specially UK scientists, funded by the UK military, intentions to have blips spraying sulfuric dioxide into the atmosphere of the UK to sequester carbon. The articles however contained a number of glaring areas and omission from a NZ public point of view.

    http://www.odt.co.nz/opinion/opinion/179400/geoengineering-takeshttp:// *
    *=There was in fact second story but for some reason not listed in the odt online files)
    1. Sulfur dioxide is toxic pollutant most commonly produced from coal (a rater carbon credit unfriendly substance) burnt while producing electricity.
    2. The scheme is not a “proposed initiative”; we know from the Te Papa Royal NZ Society conference on geoengineering (NZ imminent body of lawyers and scientists) and the UK parliamentary report on the need for regulation that geoengineering research is not only being propose but is well under way — both in UK and NZ. The Te Papa 2010 conference noting permits for “scientific research” were granted for atmospheric spraying by NZ Ministry of Transport since the late 1980’s. A time period which just happens to coincides with numerous spate of “mystery death” in marine life around NZ as toxic blooms and mutation of virulent pathogen struck bird, sea and marine mammals, puzzling scientists as to the cause of the mutations.
    3. The proposal is not safe based on good science and the scientists involved don’t “know what they’re doing”. Again the open record account of carbon sequesting involves regular NZ visitor the MV Polar Stern whose press record shows how their own failed attempt at sequesting carbon not only breached an international moratorium against geoengineering signed by over 191 nations, but was environmentally flawed as critic had stated from the get go. Critics maintain such experiment in the southern oceans would spark toxic blooms and the mutation of malign pathogens that to date have being puzzling marine scientists. One reason being that nanoenigneered heavy metals, used in such experiments, then get into the food chain depriving essential microscopic entities, essential to the food chain, of oxygen causing them to die, then decay, leading to condition just ripe for malign bacteria to bread and mutate.

    4. The article makes no mention of the dangers posed to mammals or bird life by nano emulsifier used in fracking or chemtrails which if ingested even in small quantities simply act as a cheese grater on the internal organs.
    5. Failed to point out the motivator behind these carbon credits (the invention of corporate scamster Enron) “saving” scheme is not love of the environment but the dollars to be earned off tax payers for an idea where even on blimp will cost up to 8 billion pounds.
    All of this is not surprising in light of the ODT regional parochialism and their well know history of kissing the arse of those who without failure choose to put profit before people as their coverage of Dunedin world cup stadium debacle (a 300 million budget blow out for land sold to developers at 600% above government valuation) shows only to well. Notably Dunedin city Council, keen proponents of oil exploration, led by media personality David Cull is currently about to host a panel of experts keen to set “the record straight and circulate good information” on climate change and it economic consequences and opportunities for local councils, as part of nation wide tour hosted by the traditional supporters of the Business Round Table. Oddly however if want to hear what these expert have to say about such an important subject you wont be able to just boll up (as usually the case with open forums on public matters) but will have to register at your local council for approval first before being granted a pass to hear such wisdom.
    Notably as the symposium includes Rod Oram who use to openly refer, before it was discover their was gold in dem their carbon credits, to those who supported the concept of climate change as the “tin foil wearing loonie of the left” so its hard not to remain skeptical about what attendees can expect to hear. More worrisome is fact the symposium coincides as local bodies throughout NZ are being encouraged to set up policy to regulate rate payer’s contribution to the ETS and Carbon credit trade, through out NZ as I write this very moment.
    It also worth recalling that the Royal NZ Society symposium sub topic on geo-engineering hafrom the “lunatic fringe” into a had included how the discussion of the subject had moved from the lunatic fringe to mainstream science an interesting description of events which simply high-lighting the two facedness at work and the exact lack of credibility being shown by the new corporate champions for climate changing technology and the brave new world of carbon credit profits (the worlds new dot.com money making craze). For decade the Business Round Table and the scientific grant whores who do their bidding have being no less than the same corporate entities (and their spokespeople) who first denied climate change was taking place. Now with straight face they bray they’re the one best qualified to come up with appropriate solutions and we should ignore the dissidents and activists they routinely termed delusional and pseudo scientific for suggesting such fringe idea that we needed to pay attention to man’s relationship and his impact with the planet and the earth’s climate.

    The fact is the solution proposed by these new messiahs of greed, these false prophets of profit, once again has little to do with true environmentalism and won’t save so much as a single polar bear, It will however make continue to generate corporation profits while yet once more toxicify the entire planet. It’s absurd lie where untested weird science is being pitched over the more common sense low tech solution of forcing big business to simply make changes as simple as making electronic device that are no longer designed to stop working after short period which clutter our rubbish tips and leech toxin into the soil as laptops, note books, cell phones, chargers and every changing accessories with every changing plug types litter our landscape and such up every dwindling resources.
    Having denied and ridiculed those willing to have the courage to put truth before their own prestige and income bracket, regarding their efforts to raise public awareness on matter like chemtrails, the same spin doctors are now trying to pull off the very same stunt once more; claiming they are the one who can be trusted regarded the purpose and interpretation of the risk surrounding a form of technology they simply denied existed at all for more than forty years. An inconvenient fact which however conveniently ignores the giant elephant in the room; namely how hindsight has once more shown how the so called “lunatic fringe” has a credibility and integrity that corporate shills like Oram lost long ago in their will to get down on their collective knees and suck corporate cock in return for a cheap suit and set of golden handcuffs.
    It remains no less a paradox that when just about every government in the world can now be found to conducting studies into the impact of geoengineering this technology receives little mainstream (Fox Murdoch, Mediaworks, Fairfax, ect) attention. Google geoengineering using the news section only 87 articles show – this is verses the 1.4 million you will find if you simply google it as general search. Mind you unlike the ODT even these articles paint a less than rosy picture of what geo engineering has to offer it consumers the people and animals of planet earth. To quote the title of just one such example “Plan B better be good because it wont be pretty” [http://www.climatespectator.com.au/commentary/plan-b-better-be-good-because-it-wont-be-pretty].


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