Photos of Unnatural Cloud Formations Taken From North Auckland

Hi Guys, Looks like it was a busy weekend of spraying all over New Zealand.  I thought I’d send you my shots of unnatural-looking cloud formations, which were taken in the last few days from Silverdale, north Auckland.   It looks to me like there was HAARP activity, too.

Cheers, Wayne Kelly 10/10/2011

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5 Responses to Photos of Unnatural Cloud Formations Taken From North Auckland

  1. timelesslady says:

    Hi, I’m in the USA. My sons are in the construction business. They see chemtrails constantly. One day white flecks fell out of the clouds and landed on them. We’ve had a cloudy end to summer, low lying clouds with brilliant blue sky visible above the clouds…Nice days obscured and ruined by the strange clouds. What is going on in our world?

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you for that info. It is interesting that they had white flecks landing on them. There was a video from Phoenix shot in March this year, showing a stream of particles falling:

  2. Johnsonas says:

    Exact same consitency over Lithuanian skies as well as HAARP waves are also very noticeable.

  3. Louis says:

    And the sad little “debunkers” continue to deny, ridicule, obfuscate… Pretty obvious a large number of them who “take it upon themselves” to “inform the wider public” about “nutbars” are just sad little hobby nerds with way too much to say who spend WAY too much time at a keyboard trying to impress their peer nerds or “mentors” who they don’t know personally and have never met.

    One thing I’m absolutely sure of – not everyone who looks into this subject and sees something different to what was happening 15 or so years ago is a raving loony! In fact, as usual only a tiny fringe element exists who over-emphasise singular aspects – you get that. No, there are increasing numbers of intelligent, educated thinkers who have been looking at this for some time now knowing something’s up while watching the paid spokespeople spin the mainstream lies or skewed “truths”.

    The latest criss-cross trails in Nelson are probably a good example that things are hotting up in NZ. A sign that maybe a small push is being made considering all the pre-programming that’s been going on. You’ve got to realise how the process works as it’s really quite simple –

    1. Develop your agenda and programme.
    2. Pre-programme & socially engineer the public over a time-frame.
    3. Monitor the progress of your pre-programming with occasional testing.
    4. When the time is right begin & carry out the programme.

    There are of course acceptable limits of non-acceptance in place at every stage of this process so as long as this percentage is within acceptable target levels (can be adjusted with further social engineering) then the programme just rolls ahead as planned. Be under no illusion that the “geo-engineering” programme is being carefully monitored every day and is well underway BIGTIME!

    One of the next stages will be an interesting one but shouldn’t be too tricky for them to pull off given the religious fervour of the target group. That is, getting all the environement/mother earth protecting greenies to accept the apraying of manmade chemicals over EVERYTHING as a way of protecting the environment. I even laughed at the basic hypocrisy of what I just typed but watch how many of these useful idiots will go along with it. Sad, sad, sad…

  4. Looking Up Scares Me says:

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA in the United States. Monday through Friday at approximately 7:30am I take the same route to work that carries me over a large bridge with a spectacular view of downtown. You can clearly tell when spraying is taking place. The best thing is how obvious they have become with it. You can see where the blanket coverage starts and where they are stopping.

    The best thing is that you can tell what days the planes are spraying and what days they are not. Every time they spray, by about 2-3pm, it has become a dreary cloud covered day. People don’t see what they don’t want to believe. I have pointed out when there are multiple planes spraying at once to my wife several times and she refuses to accept that anything strange is occurring.

    What ever is going on up there, we’ll probably never find out. It’s unfortunate that it’s occurring all over the world and a majority of the sheeple refuse to acknowledge what’s happening right above their heads.

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