Omega Air Aircraft Seen In Auckland & At Ohakea Air Force Base

From A Boeing 707 OMEGA Tanker (N707MQ) with nozzles fitted over the engine intakes was reported and photographed at a North Florida Airport having operated for several days.

We are again indebted to researcher Brad Parsons in Maui, who recently alerted us to the fact that Omega Air has been operating in New Zealand.

The first video posted shows one of the company’s planes at Auckland airport in March 2010.  Omega Air is involved in chemtrail programs, so naturally this is of interest.

We know that passenger planes are spraying some of the trails we see in New Zealand, but these flights can not reasonably account for the massive amount of aerosol material that has been seen in New Zealand’s skies since early 2010.    Could it be that Omega Air planes are involved in these programs in this country?


This second clip, uploaded by on the 10th of April, 2010, shows an Omega Air plane at Ohakea Air Force Base.  The base is located 22km West of Palmerston North.   Apparently, the plane is used for refueling, but does it have other purposes?  I have emailed Ohakea Air Force Base today and asked: Could you please advise what this aircraft is used for and why was/is it in NZ? Was it used for disseminating aerosols for geo-engineering purposes? When did it originally come into the country? Is it still here? Where is/was it usually based.

Why is the fact that Omega Air is operating in New Zealand significant?

Omega Air is linked to the US company Evergreen International AviationEvergreen and Omega Air formed joint company Global Airtanker Service LLC, which is based in Oregon. Read more.  Evergreen has longstanding ties to the CIA.

An Omega Air plane, a Boeing 707 with three people onboard, crashed in Point Mugu naval air base in Ventura County on Wednesday, May 18, 2011.    Look at the tail of the chemtrail plane in the photos and note that Omega symbol.


The CIA controls Evergreen Air Death Dumps – Anthony J Hilder

THE CHEMTRAIL PUZZLE COMES TOGETHER THANKS TO DRUNK GUY AT BAR: CIA COMPANY Evergreen International Aviation Connection In Planned Planetary Genocide

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF

Omega plane crashes, burns in Point Mugu

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34 Responses to Omega Air Aircraft Seen In Auckland & At Ohakea Air Force Base

  1. NZ Rose says:

    Clare – I meant to put on the above clip – the poster Yahdoh told me he was with his band and heading to a gig when the above footage was taken. The song playing on the airline radio both and take off and landing was catch my disease. He has this on tape and promised me he would pull it out for you.

    Anyway here is another clip he got of an Omega plane at Cairns Airport in February.

  2. anonymousatco says:

    They provide tanker support often to the RAAF when they operate in or through NZ. The so called CHEMTRAIL nozzle is in actual fact part of the airconditioning bleed air system.


    • Clare Swinney says:

      Please provide evidence to support that: The so called CHEMTRAIL nozzle is in actual fact part of the airconditioning bleed air system.

      • I am arrogant says:

        The following is from the PAN AM 707 Operation Manual (Pneumatic System 707.161 p1 — Sep13, 1974) :
        After the engine are started, the primary pneumatic source is from engine air-driven turbocompressors. Ambient air enters a turbocompressor ram inlet on top of the engine nacelle, is compressed, and is then routed to the manifold.

        In the 1950’s (when these aircraft were built), the FAA was concerned that taking air directly from the engine compressors would potentially mix engine oil and other fluids with the air to be distributed within the air conditioning system. Hense why it has its own intakes on three of the engines… later models only had them on two engines… its not a conspiracy…

      • I am arrogant says:

        perhaps next time you could provide evidence that they are “chemtrail” nozzles …

      • In light of the on-going attempt to cover up these operations, providing evidence regarding aircraft parts will not be straightforward, as this alledgedly from a whistleblower indicates: Airline Mechanic Turns Whistleblower

  3. bill blyth says:

    excellent thank you

    • bill blyth says:

      As i understand it , the bleed is from the compressor stage of the engine, upstream of the combuster.not from the wind edge.

  4. anonymousatco says:

    You are correct bill thats what happens in modern engines thats why you wont see any on the DC-10 pictures above, but not when this airframe was built. Back in the 50’s pressurization and ac were not taken directly from the compressor section in fear of contamination with engine oil etc….. The compressor drove a seperate turbo compressor to provide both the air-conditioning and pressurization. This is simply a photo of the intake for the turbo compressor. There are literally hundreds of photos on the internet of just this dating well back to the 1950’s well before the idea of chemtrails even existed.


  5. anonymousatco says:

    Last but not least, the same installation on the prototype Boeing 707 which first flew July 15, 1954.

    Boeing 367-80 (Dash 80) [Boeing 707] N70700 featuring Pratt Engine at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Udvar-Hazy Center, Washington - Dulles International (IAD / KIAD), Virginia, USA. 2008

  6. anonymousatco says:

    So Clare, do you accept that they aren’t ‘chemtrail nozzles’ ? will you make a statement about how you have misrepresented these photos? It would only be fair.

  7. Amie Lou says:

    It doesn’t matter when these nozzles were made, the fact is that they could be modified to combust metals through the intake as pictures an video prove!!! Three of the four intakes on this air craft have that intake modification while the fourth doesn’t have a modification! My thoery on that is that the cabin needs one line going into the cabin for Fresh air so the crew doesn’t inhale what they spray! And weather modification dates back to the 50’s.

  8. anonymousatco says:

    Well using that rationale they could be modified to pour gravy over all us poor sheeple. No they are intakes for the turbo-compressors. THAT IS FACT. Ask any pilot or engineer with 707 experience they will tell you exactly the same thing. THe number of turbo compressors vary dependant on aircraft type and engine configuration, If they had none the crew and everyone aboard would die rather quickly. If I recall correctly the FAA requirement is for triple redundancy that is why this particular aircraft has 3 TURBO-COMPRESSORS.

    For your benefit here is a picture of the insides of one

    It is essentially the same as a turbo charger fitted to a car.

    I know you are all so far down the rabbit hole that you probably dont believe anthing I post. Thats fine, but please do not misrepresent things.


    • shawn says:

      Well why does a tanker aircraft have so many windows in it? Typical military fueling planes don’t resemble this one at all.

      • Probably because it is a converted civilian platform. A quick google reveals that it was previously registered as HZ-ACK De-registered and HZ-HM3 De-registered.

        Here is a picture of it in a former livery.

        A lot of military tankers do not have windows that is correct, they are transport aircraft and windows are an unneeded extra. Interestingly enough the old 707 tankers used by the RAAF had windows again they were converted civilian airframes. The new A330 MRTT that has just entered service with the RAAF also have windows. So windows and tankers do go together.


  9. Ian Williams says:

    Nozzles notwithstanding, 707’s do not have the modern engines to which chemtrails are commonly attributed. It may well be that the nozzles have been adapted but let’s not get too caught up in minutiae or focused on flanges and nozzles when the main issue is what is being sprayed, by whom and why. We have those nasty non-descipt colour of death US/UN planes at CHCH Airport – they manifest a vibe that many who are sensitive to such things feel before they even see them. My son worked at a nearby rental company, One day, he “Just got the feeling” that something was amiss at the US Base – he went down to take a look – a large what looked like blower unit was being loaded into a US Transport which took off a little while later and came back about two hours later. In the meantime, chemtrails mysteriously appeared! He got given “the look” by the spooks and coincidentally, his shifts began to dry up to the point he quit.

    You will not make sense of all this until you wake up to the fact that this is not about good versus evil, it is about LIGHT versus DARK. Thankfully, these bozo’s with their plans and planes have gone round the bend and worship Lucifer or Satan, often without realising it, so they are actually blind to the truth, and this is their Achilles heal. Their pride is such that they cannot see that God is laughing at them, these Lords of Leviathan are actually THE BIGGEST LOSERS! The best insurance against all this is quite simple, forget about building your own redoubts and ramparts,- there is only One Strong Tower to run into, but sadly, this is what this is all about, convincing you to turn your back on God in Jesus and adopt whacky religions and wait for the Galactic Federation of Dropkicks and Losers to save you, or fall into lock step with the NWO. The fundamental is quite simple – Man has turned their collective backs on God as creator and have been abandoned to their vain suppositions and desires, and until they come to pig tucker and penury, will not recall themselves and so escape the snare of satan, which is unforgiveness.

    Yes, these bozos in the black planes work for satan or lucifer – but they can only do what is licensed to by God or Man. They have no power except that you give it to him and they feed on fear like spiritual vampires. The whole world will go apostate, they will all believe fairy tales (too much Disney and drugs) and look for saviours in all the wrong places. It is not what is coming that is the real problem, it is what you have left behind in your search for personal freedom on your “journey” to penury and pig tucker in this prison planet of the fallen.

  10. Pam says:

    Ian I agree about the ‘one strong tower’. So easy to get focused on the fear stuff & off the One who is in control & only allowing the fear mongers some rope for a time…until they hang themselves. Pity help them as they will pay for their callous disregard for human lives. I have had a feeling too things were not right with the sky these past few days & today am sure I’ve seen trails…which led me here.

  11. Pam says:

    i’ve also had my suspicions for a few years now about the air base near bulls. All the barbed wire & supposed wind breaks etc. …esp when the air force is all but defunct. All makes sense now.

  12. Christopher says:

    With the subject of chemtrails in mind I’m interested/concerned/bemused by the visit of prince Charles to the Ohakea base in November –

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  14. Danielle says:

    Thought this was Interesting also Christopher; and to nearby Feilding.
    On the visiting planes note – check out this news item this morning from ZB News – I’m quoting it but the actual item but if you follow the link it gives an image of a tattered US flag and a trail next to it. Curious I thought. There has been a US jet sitting at the Wellington airport for two days & nobody seems to know why … officially or otherwise…

    “Mystery over US jet at Wellington airport

    By: Barry Soper | Latest National News | Friday November 30 2012 16:32

    A mystery United States Government small jet’s been sitting on the Wellington tarmac for the past couple of days but there have been conflicting stories as to what it’s doing here.

    Newstalk ZB’s political editor Barry Soper began making inquiries about the plane yesterday but only today has he been given some sort of explanation.

    The Prime Minister’s office knew nothing about it, the Foreign Minister’s office was unaware and even the Defence Force said there was nothing in the dairy.

    The Defence Minister’s office said a senior naval officer was in the country to visit the Deep Freeze operation in Christchurch and military counterparts here.

    But then late this afternoon the American Embassy came back with its explanation, senior US Government officials are in Wellington for regularly scheduled meetings with their Government counterparts which is clearly news to them.

    Photo: NZ Herald

  15. Peter says:

    The chemtrail nozzle is poitning forward which would direct any so called chemical straight into the aircraft engine – which would render it entirely unplausable. Anonymousatco is right on the money with it being an INLET for airconditioning!

  16. Ian Williams says:

    Hi Clare, I have a sister who is a Marxist academic. She does one thing which really annoys me – she will find the flaw in information and focus on that rather than look at the real issues. This is in part why God chooses the foolish to confound those who are wise in their own estimation. No matter what the nozzles are, the bottom line is that there are such things as chemtrails and weather manipulation using aerosols. We had some big ones laid this afternoon – evening and many before the big cloud bursts recently.

    • Thank-you Ian. Your comment is appreciated. It is a strategy of the disinformation professionals to focus on something of no importance and avoid dealing with the primary issues. Some of them have been found to be lacking in humanity, which we knew already.

      New Study: Internet Trolls Are Often Machiavellian Sadists

      How To Spot A Disinformation Agent

      “Information warfare” is being waged throughout the cybersphere. Whether they are CENTCOM disinfo government employees or ill-informed know-it-alls, there has been an ugly battle raging on the Internet for the minds of the public. As any 9/11 truth activist who uses the web regularly can tell you, truth obfuscaters are crawling around message boards like locusts, referring to 9/11 truthers as “fringe nutcases,” “ridiculous,” “…fucking conspiracy theorists” and the like, while simultaeously hijacking rational discussions by planting bogus information. And no, jet fuel fires can not melt steel.

      Naturally, it is not just information about what really happened on 9/11 that is under attack, the infowar is evident in relation to other topics that governments have a vested interest in lying about, such as chemtrails, mercury in vaccines leading to autism, AIDS/HIV being man-made, “man-made global warming” and the health effects of fluoride and depleted uranium (DU).

      The disinfo artists who work on the Internet, referred to as “trolls,” use a number of tried and tested means to mislead those who are trying to learn the truth about controversial issues, while attempting to make those disseminating the truth feel reluctant to continue. Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress The Truth -The Rules of Disinformation by H. Micheal Sweeney covers their methods in some detail.

      Their dirty work does have some positive spin-offs for those who care about the truth however. For one thing, if they argue incessantly about a particular topic, they are waving a flag and telling you indirectly that this is an issue you should be particularly concerned about. And secondly, when they quarrel about a little-known area, they are often helping those they engage with gain more knowledge. Not because of the misleading information they post, but because arguing with them can lead people to do far more research than they would have done otherwise.

  17. FlyBot791 says:

    All Conspiracy Truths are Truths. They are NOT theories! When I first began my search for the truth, the first thing I learned was there is “light” and there is “darkness”. I then realized there was a very strong possibility that what I thought was the truth may be one giant lie. I was RIGHT!
    Although this has been occurring in the USA since before 1776, it has been here the entire time, moving slowly like a slithering snake waiting for their moment to strike. That first strike was in my opinion the September 11 attacks, created specifically in a broad sense of things to control the minds of all world citizens, especially those in the United States. Yes, 9/11 was a planned attack and I refuse to debate this with anyone. There is no point in debating what I know is the truth. I am not stubborn. I simply did everything in my power to awaken and vigilantly sought the truth, none of which, despite their findings being actual facts, were ever shown to the media. There is a plethora of proof. It requires someone to seek the truth before they can know the truth, otherwise they are left in the dark, the opposite of truth. It takes an even braver person to expose the truth.

    Those in control of the media, the entertainment industry, the oil cartel, the medical industry, and so on, are extremely powerful and sinister. Their higher intentions are NOT for the betterment of society in a way that any sane individual would ever want or agree to. They have cleverly planned everything and kept it under lock and key. What’s most astonishing to me are the number of other events like 9/11, that if looked into, could also be discovered as planned attacks to further their agenda. It’s of no benefit to dwell on the past, nor is there any time. It’s too late to delve deep into what makes up this world of evil surrounding us, that in a literal sense, is closer to where you are standing than you would ever even believe, until you awaken and know the truth. Once you find the truth you learn “Natural Law” very quickly. You will then realize and “know” that they have been planning this evil onslaught for over 2000 years by keeping people in the dark with their laws and power, specifically to keep members of society from ever knowing or even questioning the truth. They have strived over the ages to keep societies doscile and obedient by making them either right-brained or left-brained, but again and more precisely, from ever knowing the truth. This sparks another topic that most lawyers, especially the saavey ones, are very attuned to. The wars, chaos, vaccinations, GMOS, pesticides, entertainment and more are a giant living organism created specifically to enslave mankind and control everyone while keeping them in a “cared for” state. They DO NOT care about anyone but themselves! They have already killed thousands of people, animals, insects and wildlife with their very secretive Geo-Engineering Programs involving chemtrails. Is this a mind-control initiative? Are they trying to control the population through chemtrails? Will hospitals be allowed to disclose the number of deaths caused by chemtrails? I seriously doubt it.

    Chemtrails are very real and the abundance of proof is frightening just in itself. Think of a so-called conspiracy theory, and just about all of them can be proven true. Why is this? Are there literally millions of crazy people walking around the planet who believe in these conspiracy truths or are they just that….truths? News flash! They are all TRUE! Nobody is insane at all. As a matter of fact, millions of people are exactly right about their “so-called leaders, governments and regimes”. They are all reaching for power among the people and have resorted to proven inhumane methods to achieve their goals for power and control. What do they fear the most? The awakening of a planet who opposes governments, authority and other tyrannical forms of leadership that have no regard for human life, the environment, animals or wildlife. The most important thing I want to emphasize is this: “Just because you can’t see it, feel it, or touch it doesn’t mean it’s not there,” and that’s how these corrupt power mongers think they will convince a vastly materialistic world that these conspiracy truths are theories. They have popularized the term “conspiracy theory” along with making anyone who knows one automatically think they are crazy before ever searching for the truth themselves. They have been brought up trusting authority and believing everything they say. How can we ever convince a mass quantity of people that they are being lied to and deceived? What will it take to make these people believe? How can we force them to search and find the truth for themselves? How can we make them become so enraged after discovering these truths that they want to expose everyone responsible? They must first learn to abandon all fear and not be afraid to speak the truth in front of others. It’s plainly obvious that the internet is exposing them in droves and they are terrified! People of the world must learn the difference between “awake” and “asleep”, in terms of mind control. If a person doesn’t know if they are awake yet then they are asleep. If a person believes anything they see or hear in the traditional media sources then they are probably asleep. If they trust those in high authoritative positions then they are probably asleep. I hate to say this…and it didn’t have to be this way. It has been the way of all governments and monetary systems throughout the ages but never before have the people of the world allowed this much power overcome them. We must stop this accumulation of power in all nations by helping people awaken to this massive scheme against humanity. If I can affect 10 people per day to begin their quest for the truth then I’ve had a successful day. Unfortunately, there are certain stereotypes that are strangely accurate for various individuals who are either so mind-controlled or set in their ways that they won’t for even a second stray away from what they see on television or hear on the radio. Former military members and people in authoritative positions will be the most challenging to awaken. Convincing them to search for the truth is how we will win. They must first realize that they “ARE NOT AWAKE”. Then they will begin wondering what they should do to awaken and will begin their quest for the truth, just like many of us did.

    • bugsfish9 says:

      hi u r 100 % right .. what I’ve been following up for many years now is coming true an it is terrifying.. what the so-called elite who run our planet, what they intend to do and it’s all tied into “”project paperclip” but how do u tell the people all this? .. I’ve tried an been called a nutcase … 99% of people have tunnel vision . only a few will survive.. those who open their minds

  18. Astral Tim says:

    How can I edit one of my posts in this blog?

  19. Ruth Campbell says:

    We have been getting lots of chemtrails over Christchurch recently. As usual, people think you are crazy. HAARP at Birdlings Flat near Christchurch and also possible one near the Synlait building near Dunsandal, between ChCH and Ashburton.

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