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IntelHub Exclusive: Chemtrail Whistle Blower Speaks, Part 1

The Intel Hub By Luemas of People Beyond February 26, 2012 Intel Hub Note: This article was submitted to us by a concerned citizen who spoke with a whistleblower and while many things put forward in this article can clearly … Continue reading

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300 aircraft misreported in NZ skies – CAA

NZHerald  10:25 AM Wednesday Feb 29, 2012 Almost 300 aircraft were reported as being in the wrong place in New Zealand skies last year, the Civil Aviation Authority says. Poor radio communication was often the cause of these planes being … Continue reading

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Boysenberry growers call it quits after continuing losses 28/02/2012 Peter Watson The country’s two biggest boysenberry growers have quit the Nelson-based industry after another season blighted by bad weather and a high New Zealand dollar. Their withdrawal means not only the loss of export income, but the … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Over Whangarei On February 27

In the afternoon of February the 27th, 2012 numerous aerosol trails were seen spreading out over the Whangarei sky.  They did not look like the type of trails left by passenger planes – the type with undulations, sprayed in isolation. … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Over Wellington On February 27

On February the 27th, 2012 at 12pm in Wellington, there  should have been a clear blue sky.  Michael Zhang saw multiple lines of aerosols in the sky and a newly sprayed chemtrail, with other feathery looking trails that had spread … Continue reading

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Passenger Plane Identified Spraying An Aerosol Over Nelson on February 27

Rochelle Cook of Nelson photographed an aerosol trail left by flight ANZ515 at 11.11am on February 27, 2012.  Here is one of the photos she took.  The plane was an Airbus A320 (twin-jet).   To see more photos and a … Continue reading

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Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

UK Telegraph By Cole Moreton   25 Feb 2012 Thousands of lambs have been killed by a new virus that is threatening the survival of many British farms. The Schmallenberg virus causes lambs to be born dead or with serious … Continue reading

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“Why in the World are They Spraying?” Michael Murphy On Deadline Live With Jack Blood

This is a radio interview from February the 24th where chemtrail/geoengineering and its relation to weather control and the new film “Why in the World are They Spraying?” was discussed.  Please listen and spread. Go to: for more info and … Continue reading

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Using Aluminium Foil And Aluminium Mesh To Significantly Reduce Emissions From A Smart Meter

Related: Rose of advised: “Do not COVER the meter with aluminum foil.  It intensifies emissions and, throws them back through the wall. Instead, you may consider putting heavy duty aluminum foil (shiny side facing meter) on the interior wall … Continue reading

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The Great Culling Production Updates With Chris Maple

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