Where In The World Are They NOT Spraying?

Published on 10 May 2012 by

The purpose of this presentation was to highlight the extent & reach of the Chemtrail or Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Program that has been in full operational mode since the late 1990’s. Personal searches of many locations yielded little to no footage and made it very difficult to put together an accurate big picture of the problem.

Certain maps & lists would do the rounds of various websites & Chemtrail groups but there was rarely any evidence to support these claims & what may have been correct in the past seemed to be cast in stone & repeated ad nauseam.

95% of the pictures presented are general photographic shots of places, scenery & people taken without the specific intent of capturing any nefarious activities occurring in the skies. In many cases they are less dramatic than pictures targeting planes in the act of spraying or of Chemtrails that have been freshly laid but they do have the advantage in most cases of being verifiable due to identifiable landmarks in the subject matter.

To find suitable shots was not difficult if one knows what to look for but it was extremely time consuming. A conservative estimate to obtain the hundreds of pictures included in this presentation is in excess of 100,000 thumbnails that had to be scrolled through, with many qualifying images not being useable due to resolution, size or watermark issues.

Shots range from visible trails to semi & fully dispersed trails. Some mixed with natural cloud cover & some shots depict skies that are 100% Chemical clouds &/or Chemical haze.

Still photo evidence does not allow us to ascertain the frequency & intensity of the spraying in many of the locations deemed to be previously chemtrail free, but it does allow the evidence to be placed in the public domain that they are being affected.

Areas without access to internet or limited connections at modest speeds are not able to provide the volume of still shots & Youtube video uploads that we see in abundance coming from Western Europe, North America & other places.

General awareness of Chemtrails may also be affected by the lack of internet availability, & in some countries censorship of content, so it is a distinct possibility that many affected people are less aware of the existence of the Chemtrail Operations occurring in their skies.

Please spread this information far & wide in an effort to not only inform those who were previously unaware of this crime but also to those who are already awake to the situation but not aware of the extent of the problem.

For 15 years we have endured this insane assault on humanity & the Earth. We will not get through another 15 years without suffering the most dire of outcomes.

If we do not stop this very soon then nothing else will matter…

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please do your own research.
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58 Responses to Where In The World Are They NOT Spraying?

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  2. Clare Swinney says:

    Where In The World Are They NOT Spraying ReMix
    Here is the attention deficit remix that covers the entire planet in 14 minutes.

    • Tevo Lynn says:

      Please research chembuster on youtube. A guy in South Africa makes them from orgonite crystals and they break up the trails. He has over 100 of them and that is why S Africa isn’t sprayed anymore- his chembusters ‘undo’ everything the planes lay out. Yes they do work but a town needs a bunch of them. He told me, “you can’t win a war with one cannon”…buy one from him or make one yourself. YES THEY WORK!!!!!

    • Davidslingshot says:

      Hey guys. I have something very important to tell you. Yes chemicals are being sprayed but the solution is:
      Orgonite chembusters. Very cheap to make or buy it online
      Or Shungite pyramid and then you put a copper on top of it in a coiled manner. Those two methods clear the chemtrails up within a few hours. Do complain but be also about the peaceful resistance. Set up chem boaters in your place and tell your neighbours, friends, family, co-workers to do the same. Go on YouTube and you WILL see the proof for yourself.

  3. Kinguru says:

    Hey guys, all these clips were removed by scumbags at youtube. Post them on a different website, like rutube.ru

  4. eve says:

    Seriously…all day near Detroit chemtrails chemtrails.i feel like crap today. :/ pure evil people will get their due reward

  5. Joaquin says:

    Skies over Ireland, brilliantly blue just about last summer, are permanently white now and white smog does not let you see further than about 20 meters… And some still think nothing is happening… Can’t go out any more without breathing in the omnipresent dense toxic dust…
    Beijing, here I come…

  6. ria says:

    now they`re spraying over the south coast of Spain …every day and every night !!! all day and all night long ! I mean , come ON ! Give us a break ! I can`t believe that we haven`t stopped that yet. We the people are the power ! We literally pay for all this !!! We are sponsoring the spreading of death . We can do better that that I am certain of it ! So what are we waiting for?Lets Come Together and stop this!

    • Rob Beau says:

      At least you are so right and awake…and are paying attention. Thanks for being so smart. I should have meet you long time ago.

    • david says:

      the spanish government is one of the worst piece of garbage, i used to love spain and love to travel, but all the beautiful beaches and landscape of spain makes no sense when they spray , even on the canary islands like tenerife these bastards spray a lot, because hey i n there you got some millions of “slaves” how they call them, people in the canary islands are supposed to be healthy but i havent seen even ONE!! healthy old man there, everybody is sick as fk and this is a wakeup call, how long should we the masses tolerate this?

    • Yes, I can’t understand why if they want to cool us, they have to spray at night and when there was cloud cover. This winter we had a lot of cloud cover and twice I caught sight of jets spraying in a break in the couds. One was huge, like a 747. And fairly low.

  7. Geoengineering is contaminating the soil and destroying organic farming .
    Bill gates and Rockefeller build the norway seed bank = all the worlds non GMO seeds.
    Bill Gates is a major Monsanto share holder .
    Bill gates has invested heavily into geoengineering and has several Geoengineering patents.
    Bill Gates says he loves vaccines to control population .
    Bill Gates talks of a vaccine to be sprayed on earth from geoengineering planes .
    Bill Gates is insane.

  8. just sayin says:

    They are killing us softly. They are going to stop spraying the trails we can see soon and begin the culling by releasing a toxic chemical that we cannot see. this is new recently released info from an insider

    • If the powers-that-be wanted to reduce the population, releasing bioweapons at ground levels, perhaps via vaccines would make more sense. Spraying from planes would be very inefficient for that purpose.
      It sounds like disinformation.

      • Matthew Lives On says:

        They try to do this, Ebola scare for example and countless others. However, chemtrails are a much more effective way to disperse poisons without the resistance, you don’t have to persuade people to get vaccinations and pay millions in media propaganda, and professionals to administer them. Though, that tactic is in affect everyday, but its easier to cause a slow, undetectable death through chemtrails, where as directly through a shot, it’s more risky to locate the blame when the intense injection causes so many to drop dead within hours. They’ve had to redesign their vaccines many times due to this issue. Spraying however is more stealth, it dispersed it’s toxins, giving us our poison in a myriad of ways, our air, our water, our crops, our soil, our bodies, etc. Of course there are millions of accounts of relatively immediate deaths from more direct contact with plane emptied toxins. Just research the gulf oil engineered cover-up disaster of 2010 when 40 million gulf residents were dying from Corexit, being sprayed directly over homes, the beaches, etc without any warning, causing children and adults bleed profusely, lose their hair, die from cancer within months. The truth can be found, but don’t expect to find it being revealed on Fox or CNN.

      • Wellness Coach says:

        The aluminium in the chem-trails is already poisoning us when it rains.

      • Ted says:

        Flu shots are where they are putting something that will harm is all. Last month Dr. verified to me that the flu shots just don’t work in actuality, we only need one Flu shot in a lifetime. Kim trails are real they are causing brain tumors and severely ill people. I am in Phoenix and we’ve been sprayed since before Christmas nonstop everyone sick. How do we stop them? Vaccines are also Harming our children. That’s why Bill Gates wants them so badly vaccinated and all the Third World countries. We’re sitting ducks.

  9. james says:

    I live on the east coast. is it possible the spraying is an attempt to alter weather patterns. where I live we experienced drought conditions in the early 90`s like I ve never seen in my life. I`m 56 and then the spraying starts. I never paid attention to it. I started gardening and realized after several years how our weather was becoming very unstable. no rain for weeks ,then violent down pours extreme changes in temperature . too many cloudy days .you need sun to grow your veggies . I became suspicious and decided to look into why no more sunny days. keeping my eyes on the skys and following forecasts I noticed the spray job happening. it was easy to spot the artificial clouds . it worried me, I went online and wow! every possible thing from mind control to being eradicated. really? I started tuning into the troubles out west since most of our weather starts there. I was surprised to find out they`ve got real problems with drought for sure. it dawned on me maybe our government was stepping in hoping they could ease or solve this problem. we re getting rain here like never before on east coast with the exception of florida. I understand they are experiencing drought conditions. I could only imagine the total chaos that would ensue once people realized this. all the doom and gloom survivalists bottled water fights . maybe we re better off not knowing . it still doesn`t change the facts. spraying is happening . so are the lies and or efforts to deny it. my garden is suffering and so am I . I need sunshine we all until California gets it`s desperately needed water we are all going to suffer in some peculiar fashion. just look at what new e. is going through now . since when do we get a foot or two of snow in our cities here .new York and philly last winter 2014. how about Alabama . I guess you could add this notion to the ten million other possibilities of what`s really going on. question is are any of us qualified to handle this mess and if so who `s in? thankyou, j.a.dianna from pa.

    • Cat Hall says:

      No blue skies in Alabama. Only chemtrails. Everyday there are at least 20 to 50 chemtrails across the sky. Then these chemtrails spread out and the blue sky cannot be seen.

      • Sarah says:

        Blue Sky just outside London at 7pm, planes flying every minute & then inside an hour no blue sky!

  10. Dani says:

    Diana I don’t think anyone has the answers to those questions…yet. But my god I am hanging to know too. Every single day my mind is on it.

  11. Dan says:

    I just began to notice them when I moved to Denver from northern WI. Everyday all day they spray here. At first I loved my 8ft windows now I wanna cry watching the endless spraying all day every day! 300 days of sunshine my ass. Where do they not spray????

    • Danny says:

      Hi Dan!
      Me and my wife are planning on moving from Sweden to Wisconsin just because of all the chemtrails here. My dear mom actually died as a result of all the chemtrails, and both I, my wife and friends are getting sicker and sicker… also as a result of the Heavy spraying.
      You wrote you first noticed the chemtrails when you moved from Wisconsin, but do you know if they are spraying just as much in Wisconsin today? If thats the case, then where the hell can we move?

  12. Ree says:

    Northern CA foothills, from Sacramento to Reno, constant spraying, chemtrails, then haze, covering blue skies, every day. Rarely see beautiful blue skies with big, poufy white clouds anymore. Where can we go though? Sounds like it’s everywhere on the planet now.

  13. Carin says:

    Not the north east – they spray from sunrise until sunset everyday in New Jersey. Our trees are dying and the clouds are so thick I can’t even tell where the sun is anymore.

  14. Yvette says:

    What if anything, can be done? Are we really being secretly murdered?

  15. Missy says:

    How about Alaska? If they spray atleast it will die off the particles, morgellons and Mercury since the climate is cold! I wonder if they know they will be in hell for all Thier evil deeds😡

  16. Missy says:

    One emp my slow them down some

  17. jt says:

    Ingest Umbaya Gold, get lots of sun exposure, sweat at least 5-6 times/weekly (whether dry sauna, heated yoga room, spin, etc), reduce body fat % (as toxins load in fat cells), take supplements (chlorella, anti-toxin, etc), visit areas without as many sprays (ie. U.S./Canadian border).

    If you have a benevolent imaginary folk, pray (this is a sign that the sprays have had the desired effect on your frontal lobes -ha!). If you’re a Talmudist/racial supremacist, celebrate.

  18. Andrew says:

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I have never seen a chemtrail here I’m my entire life. It shocked me when I visited the UK for the first time in 2005 to see the difference. I became so violently sick it took me months to recover after I got home, severe coughing and bearing problems.

    At first I thought the trails could be due to temperature or humidity differences in the UK vs South Africa, but at the altitudes the planes fly it’s always about the same. Come see for yourself, I have never seen chemtrails anywhere in South Africa – we have MANY problems, but that’s not one!

    • Petra Novakova says:

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Geoengineeringwatch South Africa says:

      Andrew, please join Chemtrail Watch South Africa – you are being sprayed and have been sprayed for YEARS. It has been ramped up since April. They spray out at sea and the toxic chemcrud blows in. Believe me, you are being sprayed. I am in the Mossel Bay area and we are sprayed INCESSANTLY.

    • Tevo Lynn says:

      That’s because there’s a guy in S Africa who makes chembusters (made with orgonite crystals) that kill chemtrails/ disolves them. He has over 100 of them and they stopped spraying S Africa. This is TRUTH. Buy or make a chembuster. Search on youtube for instructions and videos. They work.

  19. Petra says:

    Somebody has some update for 2016? I am surprised that I can´t find any info in internet about chemtrail free countries… but many about what they cause, etc.. hmmm… For the moment what I have found is China 🙂 & South Africa. I thought it was Iceland also, but now I have found it is not.. 😀 Oooook, let´s continue searching, please share your updates, bye!

    • Geoengineeringwatch South Africa says:

      We are sprayed in South Africa. It has been ramped up since April this year. Please join Chemtrail Watch South Africa to find out more.

  20. James Ingram says:

    I live in utah. Same problem here,planes spraying constantly. Would love to hear from places that arent being sprayed.

  21. Jen says:

    I live in Nelson New Zealand and we are getting totally BLASTED with chemtrails today. It had been awhile since this topic was on my mind but it is so blatantly obvious now and my head never feels right anymore even though I follow a healthy lifestyle. I think the chemtrails are heavier in places that grow alot of food and also believe that the high suicide rate in NZealand is due, in part, the the toxic spraying. We’re like ants, under a giant can of RAID, with no where to hide. They are slowly killing us and anyone who doesn’t believe it should look up “depopulation agenda” or “Rockefeller depopulation” Hear it from the demons own lips. Plenty of credible evidence, but of course anyone who thinks this is a tin foil hat nutter or a conspiracy theorist or now they say we listen to “fake news!” Ha ha … gotta laugh. This is a spiritual war folks. Satan’s greatest accomplishment is to make you think he doesn’t exist.

    • Rob Beau says:

      I live in Southern California and we get blasted for 12 days straight day night etc…they never stop….and some of the people here are utter retarded morons who deny or don’t believe it. I feel sick all the time. R E V O L U T I O N!!!!!!!

  22. Joe Bacon says:

    lSilver City, NM…200 miles from any large city, and near the Gila National forest, largest wilderness area in the lower 48….I visited last summer for 1 week and saw no chem trails ! A few were scene near Deming NM 40 miles south of there,…I check out the skies in realtor.com pictures to see chem trails in prospective towns……Another chem trail free area, mostly, is the eastern half of Michigan s Upper Pennisula……only forest and a very small towns and no big city anywhere nearby,,,,,wonder why only populated areas get hammered ?
    ,,but next to moving to chem trail free Ecuador, it is an option with much less nearby CT activity than San Diego, which gets hammered at least 3 times a week normally…
    ..Chlorella, ( I herb.com 1 kilo powder ) cilantro, and oral chelation therapy ( tri cardia from vaxa international also available from iherb ))are going to help protect us,
    yet,,who has the courage to relocate to Ecuador ??I would do it in a heartbeat if I was younger,,yet I still am planning to visit there and check it out !

    • ,mike says:

      Hi I live in Montreal and we get blasted sunday to friday weekly
      The air is really bad tuesday and friday
      Starts 5am and runs to noon on those days
      How can people be so blind
      And today we celebrate…the witch is dead…yes at age 101..good riddens..

    • why would you need courage to come to Ecuador? We are 63 and moved here 5 years ago. It is such a superior lifestyle to the US, and less expensive. We love it here.

  23. Nancy Morgan says:

    I live in Carbondale, CO close to Aspen, CO. I hoped since it was a small town that there would not be chemtrails but the past three months they have covered the skies until there is no sun left. I was told because it is in the Jet Stream on top of the rockies. Now I have to move but where?

  24. Justus says:

    South Africa is almost chemtrail free. If you leave the US, Canada, or Europe because of chemtrails and go to South Africa, you will be very pleased. I did it myself. I have now been almost 6 years in South Africa, the program has not increased. In Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, you can expect some chemtrail fallout days. Maybe 20-50 hazy days out of the year. This is way different than seeing direct trails being sprayed over your city daily. When I say chemtrail fallout, I mean the hazy dispersed form of sprays. (They spray at night, mostly.) I have seen direct trails in Johannesburg however, maybe 5-10 days out of the year. Mpumalanga, South Africa gets it a bit worse, considering it receives more days of haze per year, and even a few days of multiple planes directly spraying overhead yearly. I have personally experienced both since 2012. Concerning Cape Town, even I felt good reading about it being completely chem-free for so many years. However, don’t be so quick to believe anywhere is completely chem-free until you see yourself, as I did when multiple South Africans assured me their country was chem-free in 2011 before I made the move, only to find out it was partly free of chemtrails, not completely. I’ve seen pictures of hazy days in Cape Town and we know what that means.

    Now, if anyone is ready to really make a move, let’s talk of places that are really worth talking about. South Africa was a huge air upgrade for me. Yet, after 6 years here, I am considering upgrading again. I do know of places without chemtrails, but there are other factors we can discuss. What are you willing to trade for fresh air? I would like to suggest the following places for you all to investigate:

    1- Socotra, Yemen
    2- Seychelles
    3- Cape Verde
    4- São Tomé e Príncipe
    5- Port Louis, Mauritius
    6- Guyana

    They are fresher than South Africa and definitely fresher than the 1st world nations, but are they completely chem-free? You tell me. Maybe still a few hazy days for these places. Do you really want fresh air? What would you trade for it? There’s only one thing I have seen completely remove chemtrails from the sky, even while they are being sprayed, I’ve even seen chemtrail planes completely disappear from the sky and their trails vanished with them. Want to know how? This news is greater than any place having completely chem-free air. I welcome even those who doubt now to listen to this, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I have told you greater news than any on the internet regarding where they are not spraying, that there are places you can go, but I tell you there is greater news. I have life changing testimonies for anyone who is serious about not breathing chemtrails, whether you are moving or not. Email me, and be prepared to receive more than you knew you came here for.


    • Jake says:

      I sure would like to see that, I want them to stop, it has noticeabley gotten worse in the last two years. I wish that I knew what to do about it.

  25. Amanda Thompson says:

    I havent been ill in 30 years! The recent constant chemtrail spraying in our remote area of NM, has left both my husband and I experiencing deadly flu- like symptoms for nearly 30 days now. We are both normally robustly healthy. Please stop!

  26. Dorothy says:

    I moved from Los Angeles to the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia 2 months ago. Wow, I can finally breath normal air! There are blue skies and real God made puffy white clouds. I have only seen a few scattered Chem trails on occasion (I’ll take that over Ca.). I think where it is less populated they don’t bother with bombardment of chem trails. I dread the day I have to move back to L.A. (in 2 years). I went home for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks only one day without chem trails in LA. Even on Thanksgiving Day the Goverment was paying the chem pilots Holiday pay for killing us. They spare no cost I guess.

  27. Peace Keeper says:

    Hi Everyone. I am just a natural “dumb” kid from the cornfields of Wisconsin. When I was a kid, skies were blue, unless they were gray from the clouds, or dark gray from rain. I live in Northern California now, and over the course of 20 years, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the weather, and only as related to the jets that fly overhead. The jet contrails do not disappear as we used to marvel at in our youth, but remain in the air, floating, spreading and covering the sky, mountains, valleys and west coast of the Pacific Ocean. The only thing that I know, is that the air tastes polluted like metals, like aerosol sprays, bug sprays and pesticides and fertilizers, common to the nose growing up around peoples’ places, farms, homes. I have lived, worked and observed the natural environment for over 40 years, and have a great respect and understanding of the natural order of things. I can assure anyone that would ask this simpleton, that what is coming out of those jet planes are NOT natural, and NOT regular exhaust contrails. I question what our rights to this planet really are, as if we can not breathe fresh, clean air, then we really have nothing at all, save the Creator, who has made me and endowed me with reason and a conscience. People, we must all become grateful of clean air and pure rain water, and dark blue skies again. We must all trust that this is a calling of our Creator to become Peace Keepers, right now.

  28. Ron Paré says:

    Our governments have no trouble experimenting on their own people without them knowing it, and sometimes sacrifice them so they can go to war (Pearl Harbour and 911) Don’t be surprised to find out they are killing us slowly. Check out the ( GEORGIA GUIDE STONES ). Did you know that there are only 3 countries left in this world that does not have the Central Banking System. They are North Korea, Iran and Cuba. Which countries are they talking about going to war with these days? Cuba is a push over, but the other two are possible. People should be seriously getting back to GOD the Father, and asking His Son Jesus into their lives and ask for forgiveness. We have to trust in Him and let Him take care of the Bad guys. People just have to look up to see that something is wrong and be ready for Jesus return. A spiritual warfare is going on.

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