Where In The World Are They NOT Spraying?

Published on 10 May 2012 by

The purpose of this presentation was to highlight the extent & reach of the Chemtrail or Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Program that has been in full operational mode since the late 1990’s. Personal searches of many locations yielded little to no footage and made it very difficult to put together an accurate big picture of the problem.

Certain maps & lists would do the rounds of various websites & Chemtrail groups but there was rarely any evidence to support these claims & what may have been correct in the past seemed to be cast in stone & repeated ad nauseam.

95% of the pictures presented are general photographic shots of places, scenery & people taken without the specific intent of capturing any nefarious activities occurring in the skies. In many cases they are less dramatic than pictures targeting planes in the act of spraying or of Chemtrails that have been freshly laid but they do have the advantage in most cases of being verifiable due to identifiable landmarks in the subject matter.

To find suitable shots was not difficult if one knows what to look for but it was extremely time consuming. A conservative estimate to obtain the hundreds of pictures included in this presentation is in excess of 100,000 thumbnails that had to be scrolled through, with many qualifying images not being useable due to resolution, size or watermark issues.

Shots range from visible trails to semi & fully dispersed trails. Some mixed with natural cloud cover & some shots depict skies that are 100% Chemical clouds &/or Chemical haze.

Still photo evidence does not allow us to ascertain the frequency & intensity of the spraying in many of the locations deemed to be previously chemtrail free, but it does allow the evidence to be placed in the public domain that they are being affected.

Areas without access to internet or limited connections at modest speeds are not able to provide the volume of still shots & Youtube video uploads that we see in abundance coming from Western Europe, North America & other places.

General awareness of Chemtrails may also be affected by the lack of internet availability, & in some countries censorship of content, so it is a distinct possibility that many affected people are less aware of the existence of the Chemtrail Operations occurring in their skies.

Please spread this information far & wide in an effort to not only inform those who were previously unaware of this crime but also to those who are already awake to the situation but not aware of the extent of the problem.

For 15 years we have endured this insane assault on humanity & the Earth. We will not get through another 15 years without suffering the most dire of outcomes.

If we do not stop this very soon then nothing else will matter…

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10 Responses to Where In The World Are They NOT Spraying?

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  2. Clare Swinney says:

    Where In The World Are They NOT Spraying ReMix
    Here is the attention deficit remix that covers the entire planet in 14 minutes.

  3. Kinguru says:

    Hey guys, all these clips were removed by scumbags at youtube. Post them on a different website, like rutube.ru

  4. eve says:

    Seriously…all day near Detroit chemtrails chemtrails.i feel like crap today. :/ pure evil people will get their due reward

  5. Joaquin says:

    Skies over Ireland, brilliantly blue just about last summer, are permanently white now and white smog does not let you see further than about 20 meters… And some still think nothing is happening… Can’t go out any more without breathing in the omnipresent dense toxic dust…
    Beijing, here I come…

  6. ria says:

    now they`re spraying over the south coast of Spain …every day and every night !!! all day and all night long ! I mean , come ON ! Give us a break ! I can`t believe that we haven`t stopped that yet. We the people are the power ! We literally pay for all this !!! We are sponsoring the spreading of death . We can do better that that I am certain of it ! So what are we waiting for?Lets Come Together and stop this!

  7. Geoengineering is contaminating the soil and destroying organic farming .
    Bill gates and Rockefeller build the norway seed bank = all the worlds non GMO seeds.
    Bill Gates is a major Monsanto share holder .
    Bill gates has invested heavily into geoengineering and has several Geoengineering patents.
    Bill Gates says he loves vaccines to control population .
    Bill Gates talks of a vaccine to be sprayed on earth from geoengineering planes .
    Bill Gates is insane.

  8. just sayin says:

    They are killing us softly. They are going to stop spraying the trails we can see soon and begin the culling by releasing a toxic chemical that we cannot see. this is new recently released info from an insider

    • If the powers-that-be wanted to reduce the population, releasing bioweapons at ground levels, perhaps via vaccines would make more sense. Spraying from planes would be very inefficient for that purpose.
      It sounds like disinformation.

  9. james says:

    I live on the east coast. is it possible the spraying is an attempt to alter weather patterns. where I live we experienced drought conditions in the early 90`s like I ve never seen in my life. I`m 56 and then the spraying starts. I never paid attention to it. I started gardening and realized after several years how our weather was becoming very unstable. no rain for weeks ,then violent down pours extreme changes in temperature . too many cloudy days .you need sun to grow your veggies . I became suspicious and decided to look into why no more sunny days. keeping my eyes on the skys and following forecasts I noticed the spray job happening. it was easy to spot the artificial clouds . it worried me, I went online and wow! every possible thing from mind control to being eradicated. really? I started tuning into the troubles out west since most of our weather starts there. I was surprised to find out they`ve got real problems with drought for sure. it dawned on me maybe our government was stepping in hoping they could ease or solve this problem. we re getting rain here like never before on east coast with the exception of florida. I understand they are experiencing drought conditions. I could only imagine the total chaos that would ensue once people realized this. all the doom and gloom survivalists bottled water fights . maybe we re better off not knowing . it still doesn`t change the facts. spraying is happening . so are the lies and or efforts to deny it. my garden is suffering and so am I . I need sunshine we all until California gets it`s desperately needed water we are all going to suffer in some peculiar fashion. just look at what new e. is going through now . since when do we get a foot or two of snow in our cities here .new York and philly last winter 2014. how about Alabama . I guess you could add this notion to the ten million other possibilities of what`s really going on. question is are any of us qualified to handle this mess and if so who `s in? thankyou, j.a.dianna from pa.

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