Reports Of Heavy Aerosol Spraying Over A Number of Parts of NZ On May 31

Members of Chemtrails Over NZ on Facebook reported seeing heavy aerosol spraying over a number of parts of New Zealand on May 31st, 2012.

Residents of Nelson and Motueka Valley saw particularly heavy aerosol spraying occurring and according to Ngaire Small of the Nelson suburb of Tahunanui, the spraying was constant throughout the day.   According to Julian Crawford, who took the first photo shown near Nelson below at about 2pm today, a plane was seen flying the same path multiple times over the region.  Jo Cook, who was in Nelson North, with a very wide view of Nelson Bays saw planes going right over her. She wrote: “I can see some short trails heading west – east – one of these has no flight number and is apparently at 38,000 feet – the trail is apparent. The most intense trails are usually North/South & vice versa – these flights all seem to be over 30,000 feet.”

Photo by Julian Crawford taken near Nelson, Upper South Island of NZ at about 2pm on May 31, 2012

Chemtrail Soup Over the Motueka Valley. Photo taken by Barb Le Long on May the 31st, 2012

According to anti-chemtrail activist Marian Sutherland of North Canterbury,  planes were flying back and forth leaving trails from the north to the south and back again close to, and parallel to the Southern Alps to the west of Waikari, North Canterbury today.   She wrote on Facebook: “I have just seen a jet perfectly overlaying a chemtrail parallel with a slightly earlier one. There have also been some nasty looking big trails over the village and now there are more of those very fine filaments/fibres visible on the power wires and tree branches. …I have just looked out my window to the north, and there’s a fresh trail being sprayed heading north over the Amuri Plains.”

Likewise, Aaron Duncan saw chemtrails being sprayed today over Linwood in Christchurch.  The region was bombarded.  He mentioned that his photos of this evening’s sunset revealed “straight thin streams/whisps” all over the sky here and that: “I have never seen this before…very odd.”

Donna Hawkins Keil reports her husband saw a plane flying over Tuturau, Southland and the kids and teachers at the school there thought it was a rocket and rushed out to see it fly over.   He told her the chemtrail it left behind looked exactly like the one shown in Julian’s picture above.

Not surprisingly, the conspicuous aerosol spraying was not confined to the South Island.  Justin Butler reported on Facebook today that New Plymouth skies were “riddled with trails” on May the 31st also.  He stated that it was the worst day he had ever seen for aerosols over the region.  Offers Carol Noyes of New Plymouth on Facebook: “…I think they were spraying all night as I woke up dizzy and nauseous. The haze is totally blocking what could otherwise be a very nice day. Guess I won’t be hanging out my laundry.

Furthermore Megan Fletcher of Hawera reported: “They sprayed us hard out today…”

Photo taken by Ngaire Small of Nelson, who reported that the aerosol spraying was constant throughout May the 31st, 2012.

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University.
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8 Responses to Reports Of Heavy Aerosol Spraying Over A Number of Parts of NZ On May 31

  1. horrible spraying my friend

  2. rose says:

    Just had report from West coast (Greymouth) of an ALL DAY RAINBOW
    Wikipedia says, ‘They can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air.’
    it’s 15 degrees in Greymouth so that rules that out. Best someone come up with a new load of bullshit/ oops reason for all day rainbows.

  3. Graeme says:

    Ken-Maybe it was Vineyard Spraying-Botritus maybe?
    We are agreed Aerosol Spraying is happening

  4. Matt Crawford says:

    OK people since my mother insists on posting this on my FB page I’ll bite, what do you really beleive is being sprayed and who do you think is spraying it ,commercial jets, a secret alien airforce.
    I work as an Airline pilot and I can tell you there are no secret spay tanks on our planes.And as far as the Airforce doing it goes well im sorry but its nonsence, the kiwis dont have enough planes to patrol their own boarders let alone spray the whole country, PM helen seen to that.
    So who is doing it you say well I tell you NOBODY.
    Looking at the photos and coments above its obvious thats there is a lack of understanding and basic knowlege.
    If any one has bothered to look at an IFR aeronautical high level chart (you can get them from Jeppersens online or at any aero club) you will see that 90% of NZ’s high level IFR routes run north and south they cross over each other and some times aircraft will fly offset to a track for various reasons and sometime they will get direct tracking and these ones could look random from the ground.
    The reason you see a lot of them now is because since someone told you a story about chemtrails you have actually started to look up in the sky and since there are 5 x as many jets flying around NZ now compared to 20 years ago there are a lot more contrails.
    One lady above stated that all the aircraft are above 30 000 ft in laymans terms thats about 10 km high now looking at the highlevel airflow charts across NZ you will see that the high level winds are prodonimantly from the south west and below 5000 ft they can be from any direction depending on local affects, seabreeze, storms, ect now basicaly with those winds from that height any so called spraying would be well disapated, so Carol Noyes of New Plymoth you will need to find a better excuss for not hanging the washing.
    Now Rose from Greymouth you are correct that all day rainbows can occour in cold weather then you stated that its unlikly because its a balmy 15 degrees, now the fact is that the standard atmospheric tempreture lapes rate is 2 degrees per 1000 ft so by 7500ft is is 0 degrees and now its cold enough for the ice crystals to form.

    In regards to chemtrails without going too deep all you are seeing is a simple reaction of hydrogen (H) which is a byprduct of Jet A1 being burn’t mixing with oxygen (o)and with the extream cold tempreture at altitude its causing condensing and making a trail of cloud mostly water(H2O) there are some traces of other elements from the fuel but its not as dirty as the exhaust from your car.
    Now some of you hardcore chemtrail believers will get hot under the collar but tough because this is the truth from someone who the sky is there workplace, so tear yourselves away from the bullshit you read on the net, forget about this henny penny rubbish and enjoy life.

    Matt Crawford

    Oh yes how many of you are sitting there right now sucking on a cigarette reading this, if so get your priorities straight!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Matt, Thank-you for your comment. It is interesting to get people’s perspectives and I can understand your reticence in looking into this issue in depth if you have been an airline pilot for most of your life.
      I was advised by a now retired pilot, Geoff McColl of Whangarei, that many lingering trails being seen are obviously not condensation trails, as they have undulations or puffs at regular intervals along the bottom edge, indicating piston pumps are being used to eject the aerosol matter. Here are examples of such trails:
      You wrote: “… I can tell you there are no secret spay tanks on our planes…”
      If they were “secret” would you know about them? It is believed the aerosol delivery devices on passenger planes are being controlled remotely, so pilots may well not be aware.
      This alleged account from a supposed airline engineer may provide you with an idea of how it could occur without pilots knowing about it:
      You ask which aircraft are spraying. Advanced technology is being used to disseminate a lot of the aerosol material, plus military and passenger planes are being used also. There was an interesting report in February from Graeme Bull, an Auckland skydiver, who states he has seen aircraft from a vantage point at about 10,000 feet that do not have wings,. He advised these spray a lot of material in a short period of time. Refer:
      Finally, I must say how lucky you are to have a mother who is well-informed and trying to open your eyes to what is occurring globally. I trust your mother will share the excellent documentaries ‘Aerosol Crimes’ and ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ the next time she visits you.

  5. Graeme says:

    First of all I don’t think by your spelling and Vocabulary you are an Airline Pilot or I don’t think I’d want to be Flying with you
    I was in Nelson on the 31st at Richmond and I observed what clearly constituted an orchestrated deliberate and coordinated parallel Aerosol Grid Spray pattern that was clearly targeting the Nelson Marborough Region
    And taking advantage of the prevailing North West Wind
    Whether in Fact these “runs” took in the Wellington Region I don’t know for sure
    The trails were starting and finishing in the same place
    Back and Forth
    At one time there were two planes
    Don’t insult our Intelligence

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you for your input Graeme. It is hard to dispute the fact that covert “geo-engineering operations” or whatever one wants to call them, are taking place when one sees a grid pattern of aerosol trails in the sky.

  6. a.v.keppel says:

    Well this is exactly why l don’t get on the “bus” (Plane). Excellent example of “mind control”. Or government product. Sloppy quality control b4 public display of arrogance. Required under new health an safety act. Interact at yr own risk. And break another law. Rub the pilot’s face in the 3d evidence. Warning may combust.

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